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Number of Chapters: 30
Book Summary: A Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction. Yusuke Urameshi gave up being Spirit Detective after the first Demon World tournament. Now three years later the next tournament to determine who shall rule Demon World is slated to begin and a new Spirit Detective has been sent to observe. Something is awakening that endangers the very existence of all three worlds. Old friends must reunite and team up with new faces to save everything they hold dear. Or die trying.
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Author: OneAmahira
Content Rating: GA
Summary: Apartment managers employed by giant building management companies are all cut from the same cloth in my book, and it is a filthy dirty cloth, saturated with the scum of the universe. This quiz is for entertainment, and probably isn't accurate, but making it made me feel a whole lot better. Don't come complaining to me about picking on them or being unfair to them because I don't care. Now then... do you think you have what it takes to be the soulless and heartless kind of person it takes to be a true corporate apartment manager?
Tags: apartment, rent, managers, apartments, apartment manager, quizilla
Published: 2010-11-01 19:38:16
Count: 9
User Score: 5 from 2 reader(s)

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