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Book Summary: All Nihatsu's ever wanted to be is a blacksmith, unlike her brother, whose heart is set on being a tamer like the rest of the world. But it seems fate has other plans. Now Nihatsu has to deal with moving to a new school, finding a dragon to call her own, learning that her best friends have been lying to her all this time, and worst of all; boy drama. A magical tale set in the year 2010 in the world of Py'lar, 'Dragons, why is it always Dragons?' will take you on a journey through not only Py'lar's many countries, but also the all but forgotten and misunderstood Untamables.
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Chapter 1
Author: RavenNTheNevermores
Content Rating: T-16
Summary: For Nihatsu Flame, life is not so good. The annual Watching has started, and Nihatsu is finally old enough to be Tagged. Distracting her from the impending possibility of her whole world changing is a new boy transferring to her school. The charming Zalah Pun is kindhearted and good looking to boot, but the secret he's keeping could spell out trouble for Nihatsu. (Rated T-16 for some strong language) {Can also be found on Wattpad}
Tags: dragon, dragons, spark, Nihatsu, Zalah, Sonatsi
Published: 2012-01-01 00:57:18
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