Normality is a Democracy
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Published: 2012-01-18 15:05:26
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A look at Normality from an opinionated,philosophical corner.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:

After a rather refreshing discussion I’ve had with someone,I realized something about Normality;
It’s a Democracy.We’ve already established that while Normal is supposed to be a single,set 
definition of the current state of affairs,it isn’t,but I’ve discovered that the one,universal
 definition of the word “normal” is decided by so-called “popular vote” which in this case is
 whatever the most popular course of action in life seems to be at the moment.In this case,
the “popular vote” at this point in time is growing up,getting a job,getting a place of your own,
meeting someone,getting married and having kids then getting old.The lives of so many people
 over so long a time can be summed up in that one sentence.It seems to me that humanity has forgotten that,
despite all we’ve created,despite our fairly incredible intelligence,we are still just another 
species of animals and like all animals,we have the natural instinct that contradicts the status quo
 we have come to refer to as “normal”.This brings me to a conclusion:Either everything is normal,or nothing is.
That’s why I say;Fuck normal.I say either abolish normal or have your own personal version of it.
Don’t go with the popular vote because it’s the popular vote,vote your own way even if you know that it won’t 
be acknowledged in the long term,but it doesn’t need to be.You don’t need to be acknowledged by others.
You don’t need other people’s attention to know you’re alive.If you do,then you basically need someone’s 
approval to feel alive,and if we lived in a world like that,there would be a lot of dead people walking around.
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