Lonely Cynicism
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Published: 2012-03-16 21:58:35
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A piece about being a loner and a cynical,mistrusting curmudgeon

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:

What is it to be alone?Is it to be isolated from others in a voluntary exile or
isolation?Is it to be shunned by others due to a difference in opinion or lifestyle?
Why is it considered no way to live?A state of being which makes one a social outlaw to the world?
Just because so many people have decided to cling to each other for support,
Why does standing in the crowd make you "normal" to the rest of the world?
I believe that,if anything,it is more natural to be alone than to try to give
yourself the illusion that you can do with people around.Think on it.Why do so many
relationships end in divorce,hate or even violence?It's because when we spend
a significant amount of time around people we begin to get tired and bored 
of their simplistic,worn out company and either tell them straight up we've had enough or 
go out looking for excitement in other places?If we truly,deep down enjoyed 
the company of everyone around us,or even only some of them,would we ever
move away from home?We seem to be forgetting that the only difference between us
and the animal kingdom is that we are more intelligent and sentient,
otherwise it's all there.The instinct to fuck,feed,rest,repeat.Do we
really care about what's on the inside of people?Of ourselves?Let me answer those with
another question:
Do you walk up to someone you fancy in a club and start a conversation with them
because you suspect they may have a nice personality?Of course not.
No-one cares about what's on the inside.It's all about the outside.The looks.
What we,as individuals,find attractive.We'd be better off sticking to the instincts.
The selfish impulses and urges.We'd be better off dumping the stupid,pretentious
concepts of morality,good and evil.We ain't gonna go to Heaven or Hell.
But at least we won't hurt or deceive ourselves.
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