No Such Thing(4) Good Morning Sunshine, Hell Says Hello
Author: Animelove24
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-03-21 02:42:59
Tags: vampire

You've arrived in your new surroundings, how will react to the news that you're stuck here possibly forever?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Is it shorter? I hope so! It was going to be longer but I wanted to leave what you did a secret and also the distinguish between the fact that this all happens in the morning and the next one will be all at night. Enjoy!
Chapter 5
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"Hey Elise! Elise! Wake up!"someone yells in your ear as they shake you by your shoulder.
"Avril fuck off, it's a holiday! And why the hell are you speaking in English?"you mumble in English as well, without opening your eye's. You could feel that it was still morning and for some reason you felt extremely tired. Usually you were tired, for obvious reasons, though you didn't mind getting up in the morning it's just that this morning you felt like your whole entire being was drained. You attempt to curl back up in your blanket like a caterpillar and start to drift back into Dreamland.
"Who's Avril?"that same person asks though no longer shakes you. You bring your eyebrows together in confusion.
"You are dumbass. Now screw off and let me sleep..."
"I'm not Avril silly. I'm Tsuki remember; you met me last night with Ai."the voice says happily.
^Tsuki and Ai...?^you wonder and finally open your eyes up. They stung a little but you were used to that; crying all night always made them feel that way so you saw nothing weird about it.
"Avie,"you shove the covers off the top half of your body and sit up."What the hell are-ahh!"turning to the person who had been speaking to you, you shriek as you realize it really wasen't Avril but some girl with black hair. You back off a bit and stare at her with wide eyes while slowly curling your right hand into a fist in case she tried to come at you."Who-who are you!? And where am I!? WHAT IS THIS PLACE!?"You get increasingly freaked out as your eye's start adjusting to being awake. Looking around, you come to the realization that this place was not in-fact your bedroom as you had thought, but instead some room built with wood except to the right of you where the strange girl was kneeling beside you which was a rice paper, sliding door.
"Shh! Be quiet or you'll wake Master Gabriel."she covers your mouth with her hand. As a reaction you punch her in her in the face which causes her to fall backwards. She holds her hand to her hurt cheek in shock. You sit there and just stare at her in surprise."Ow! That hurt! What was that for!?"she whines."I mean really Downy Downerpants, you could have said something about you being cranky in the morning!"She rubs her cheek and sits back up and when she does she gives you a pout and a glare.
"Downy Downerpan-wait a minute." The events of the night before start coming back to you in waves. The fight with Gerard, Drake being nice to you, your father and Mitchell and finally Gabriel kidnapping you and taking you here; the last thing you remember is crying yourself to sleep."Oh...oh God...OH GOD! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!"you scream in distress. Pushing yourself off of the floor, you try making a run for the door; no way were you staying around here; you figure you can find your way through the woods in the daylight. However you don't even make it two steps before something latches onto your ankle and trips you so that your chin slams hard against the wood floor. "OW!"
"Oops! Sorry! But you can't just leave!" You turn your head and see that Tsuki had grabbed your ankle and was now looking at you with wide, nervous, green eyes."You'll get in trouble!"
"Let me go!!!"you turn yourself so that you're sitting up on your elbows and get a rush of coppery taste in your mouth."You can't keep me here!"You yell at her as flecks of red fly out of your mouth. You kick at her hand and her face with your free leg to get her off of you. She grabs your other ankle with her free hand and then launches herself so that she grabs you by the shoulders and smashes you back down."Get off of me! Get off now!" Droplets of blood fly onto her porcelain face and drip onto yours.
"Calm down and listen to me!"she yells at you."You. Can't. Leave. There's. No way. Out."Tsuki's eyes narrow in her seriousness.
"What do mean "no way out"? I'll take the freaking woods or I'll go through the parking lot; it's got to lead to a road somewhere! At least I would take those if you'd get off of me!"
"You can't go through the woods-"
"Why the hell not!?"
"Because there are things in there and they'll kill you that's why!!!"she explains to you with a frightened look on her face. She releases your shoulders and leans back on her heels while wiping blood off of her face with her sleeve. You narrow your eyes at her and push yourself back up onto your elbows. You turn your head and spit some blood out to the side; feeling that the fall had knocked one of your front, bottom teeth a bit loose.
"What things?"you ask her as you calm down a bit seeing that Tsuki wasen't going to let you leave easily anyway.
"Evil things! Things that will eat you!"Tsuki exclaims feverishly.
"What, did Gabriel tell you that?"you scoff.
"Yes he did. But it's true, sometimes you can see them at night."
"Those are called deer."You stand up and brush yourself off; then spit out more bloodied spit.
"They're not deer! They're evil, demonic things! One time we found a girl who had her insides all ripped out; it was so gross."states Tsuki standing up as well. She then grabs you by the wrists and looks you straight in the eye."You can't take the woods; you just can't."It seems like she is pleading at you with extreme urgency and something along the lines of fear so you sigh in defeat.
^Well I suppose if people can fly...^
"Fine I'll take the damn driveway out-"
"You can't do that ether."she interrupts. You were starting to get irked by this point and pull roughly, away from her.
"Why? Are there "evil" things in the driveway?"you retort with sarcasm as you cross your arms over your chest.
"Noooo."she replies, speaking as though you were being ridiculous."It's because the driveway just leads into the forest; it doesn't go anywhere."You look at her completely confused.
"How-how does it not go anywhere! It's a driveway, it's gotta lead somewhere!"you yell at her in disbelief.
"Well it doesn't. You see, the-"Tsuki stops and thinks for a second."..."people", have to fly in here."You raise and eyebrow."You know, wings, animals, carriage; all that good stuff."
^This place is so freaking WEIRD!^
"It's so no humans find us out; we're not very good with prostitution you know."she giggles which puts a sickly sweet smile on her heart-shaped face which was still slight red streaked with your blood.
^Well at least she's human too.^You had been worried that you would be stuck in a place filled with vampires and God only know what else.
"Oh no, 'cause I wouldn't want anyone else to know I've been KIDNAPPED!!!"Tsuki instantly covers your mouth again.
"Shh! I told you to be quiet! Master Gabriel will wake up; trust me, you don't want that."Glaring at her, you yank her hands off of your mouth.
"Yes, because I wouldn't want to wake him up."You say with an eye-roll.
"Good, we're on the same page."she smiles at you, not noticing your sarcasm; ether that or ignoring it."Now come on we've got to get dressed and have shower; it's already 9 o'clock."She grabs you by your wrist and pulls you out of the room and down the roka.
"Where the hell are we going?"You ask as you let her drag towards the back of the house.
"To go shower silly!"You were confused by that statement as you figured there was no way to fit all those bathrooms in the back of the house, but regardless you let her drag you along until you reached a double sliding door with cherry blossom branch designs on them and you could hear girl's voices coming from the other side.
"What the hell?"Tsuki opens a small closet type thing with towels and such in it, beside one of the doors and passes you a couple.
"Oh sorry. I forgot to tell you that we have to share a bathroom here; I hope you don't mind."
"We wha-!"Tsuki proceeds to slam the doors open and to reveal many half-naked girls standing around chatting amongst themselves. Your eyes open as wide as they could in utter shock.
^Oh. My. God.^Your face turns a bright shade of red as you can't help but just stare. You had never even used the girl's change room at school; let alone bathe in front of people since you were six years old and needed help in order to do so. A part of you wanted to slam your hands over your eyes and turn around and the other half wanted to die of embarrassment for staring; all in all, you were having a bad start to the day.
"C'mon goof! You wanna shower or not?"Tsuki once again grabs you by the wrist and starts to literally drag you into the room; which in fact looked like your high school change room. Blue-gray tiling on the floor and what you guessed were toilet and shower stalls in the back as well as some cubbies on the walls in the front, where you spotted many pieces of gold-somethings and brightly coloured fabric.
"No, not really!"You try digging your feet in, but that didn't really work on tile flooring so Tsuki just ended up basically water-skiing you across the wet floor. Oddly enough none of the girls really looked at you for more than a a couple seconds at the most before turning back to what they were doing.
^Oh God, they're used to this! That's so freaking creepy!!!^Tsuki finally gets you to the back of the room. You look around and it seems like the shower stalls went down the entire back of the house; sadly you also noticed there were no curtains for privacy ether.^I don't want to get naked in front of bunch of girls! Hell I don't want to do it in front of boys!^
"Look, here are two empty ones right here!"She points directly to your left and pulls you to the first two, three sided shower stalls. You stare at it somewhat nervous and the give Tsuki an 'are you serious' look."What?"She asks, completely innocent.
"Umm, it's kind of missing a side...or a door...or something!"You use your arms to emphasize what you were saying.
"Oh c'mon! We're all girls here! Just pretend it's like...ummm...."She thinks for a moment."What's that thing called where you learn to be smart and junk?"
"You mean school!?"
^Which you obviously should have stayed in for a bit longer!^
"Ya that's it! School! Wow, I haven't been there for so long I've forgotten what it's called!"Tsuki covers her mouth with her hand and giggles. You give her another look.
"How long have you been here!?"
"Oh about...four years. Hehe! It's actually not that long if you think about it; maybe I'm just dumb or something."She giggles once again and you stare at her in exasperation.
"Four years! You've been here for four years! Do you not see something WRONG WITH THAT!!!???"
"Shhh! Get over it already! It's no big deal once you get used to it. Now come on, we need to get all squeaky clean."Tsuki starts untying her kimono.
"I'm not getting undressed here! Are you insane!"you shout at her while averting your eyes.
"Only on days that end in 'Y'."she jokes and to your thankfulness, stopped getting undressed. She puts her hands on her hips, gives a sigh and looks at you."Why not?"
"Well-well...because..."Your embarrassment making your words fumble which makes your face turn red.
"Ooohhhh. I get it."She smirks.
^Good. 'Cause this is ridiculous.^
"You're embarrassed because your boobs are small aren't you!"Tsuki gives you an understanding smile and nods; all you can do is stare in disbelief with you mouth hanging wide open."It's okay! No one really minds here; we're all equal in this place; well except Ai and Master Gabriel, but that's okay. Who knows, maybe we can even get you a boobjo-"
"What!? NO!"You make fists at your sides."I don't need a God damn boob-job! I don't wanna shower where people can see me dammit!"Feeling your face starting to burn with embarrassment, you then notice that all the girls in the room are staring at you with the 'what the hell is her problem' look."Quit staring!"You scream at them; they all look away mumbling.
"Oh because of the no door thing. Ummm....well if you want I could hold a towel up or something...."she shrugs.
"Great! 'Cause that's so much better!"you say sarcastically.
"Well you have to shower somehow."
"Why!? I don't want to! I want to go home!"
"I can't help you there. But you have to shower or else Master Gabriel will make you do it outside with a hose."
"Trust me he's done it before; it was completely embarrassing for all of us. Plus, you smell like puke."You then remember getting vomit in your hair from the night before."So are you going to shower and I'll hold a towel up or are you going to go naked outside with freezing hose water?"You think for a few minutes and bite your lip. Eventually you heave a huge sigh and look at Tsuki with your arms crossed.
"You promise you'll the towel up the whole time?"You raise an eyebrow at her.
"Uh huh."She gives you a huge smile.
"And you won't look?"
"Cross my heart and hope to be a vampire."Tsuki giggles.
"Uck!"You roll your eyes and walk into the shower stall. Surprisingly it have a modern, stainless steel, shower head with matching knobs for hot and cold as well a shampoo and soap holder.
^Oh gross! I have to use the same soap as all those other girls!^You think about all the other girls who must have used the same soap. As you had your own bathroom at home, you found it disgusting that you had to use the same soap as others. Tsuki unfolds a dark green towel behind you and holds up the corners so that it covers the entire front of the stall except for about a foot near your feet.
"Is that good!?"asks Tsuki from behind the towel.
"It's fine!"you shout back from your side.
^Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck-fuck.^You look up at the ceiling as though it would delay you having to do this. Eventually you give in and start taking off your clothes.
"Just throw your clothes over on the other side 'kay?"As an answer you toss your t-shit over the towel, hoping that it lands on her head.
^IIII hate my life.^You think in a sing-song way to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas and you pull your pants off and toss them over too.
"C'mon! Hurry up! I need to shower too!"
"I'm hurrying okay! J-just give me a minute..."You look all around making absolutely sure no one was watching and quickly stripped off what was left of you clothing and threw it more 'at' Tsuki than 'to' her."Holy fuck this sucks."You mumble. You reach for the knob for cold and turned it on; and it was freezing."Ahhh! Jesus Christ, that's frigging COOOLD!"
"You okay in there?"Tsuki asks. You quickly turn the hot water knob until the water becomes warm, then it gets warmer, and warmer, and warmer until-
"Burns! It burns! Ow! Mother of all God! Ow!!!"As fast as you can you turn the hot water back down until it finally reaches luke-warm and you stick with that.
"Whats wrong?"
"Nothing! Just...please shut up, okay?"You close your eyes and rub between your brows; feeling a headache coming on.
"All right...I' quiet I guess..."
"Thanks..."With a sigh you lean your forehead against the back of the shower and take in a few deep breaths as the warm water runs over you. You stand there quietly for a few moments and then start to sob. Loud, raucous sobs that you were sure everyone in the room could here but and that point you didn't give a damn. You feel tears coming out of your eyes and soon start crying like a child. Oddly you have no thoughts going through your mind as you cry; you just do it. You felt like the whole world had just crashed down on you in an instant. After a few moments you decide to continue showering though you still cry, but are no longer sobbing and you turn your head up with your eyes closed and let the water get the rest of your hair and body wet mixing tears with water. You run your hands through your hair making sure it was completely soaked in order to get the vomit out good and then grab a bottle of some shampoo you've never heard of. Taking a deep, ragged breath you wipe the remaining tears out of your eyes."Okay. Stop crying. It's not gonna fix things, it's not going to keep your friends alive and it's not doing you any good so cut it out."You breathe in again, your breath a bit shaky and take a few seconds to make sure you weren't going to cry anymore. You huff and then squirt a palm full of the yellowish-pink shampoo into your hand and start to wash your hair.
^Hmm...smells like...apples...and roses? It's nice.^Quickly washing your hair as you figure Tsuki's arms must be tired from holding up the towel for so long, you then move onto the soap.^Oh gross!^Delicately you pick the cream coloured soap up and quickly rub some off between your hands as though that would get less germs on you. You rub it all over your body but when you reach your neck it felt oddly bumpy and stung a little.^Ouch. What the 'H' is that?^You try to get a good look in the shower head and the knobs but it was too distorted to get a good one. Deciding to check it out later you rinse yourself off and turn off the shower. ^Now what?^
"Um Tsuki...?" you tentatively ask; your voice is a bit husky from sobbing.
"Ya? Are you done?" she answers as you clear your throat a bit.
"Uh huh. Can you throw my clothes back over somehow?"
"Oh sorry! I gave them to Yasuo to be washed." She answers sheepishly and the towel moves a bit so you suppose she shrugged too.
"Then what the hell am I supposed to wear!?"
"Well Master Gabriel doesn't let us where regular clothes so you were going to have to find a kimono anyway."
^Another point added to Why This Place Is Awful. What's that like 50,000 now?^
"Just walk foreword and I'll wrap the towel around you."
"Ya great."you answer back sarcastically. However you comply and raise your arms up so Tsuki can see where you are and when you get closer she lowers the towel.
"Well hello again."She gives you a toothy grin; you glare back.
"Just give me the towel."Tsuki rolls her eyes and holds the towel foreword for you step into. Raising your arms again, you step into the towel and Tsuki wraps it around your tiny body. She then gets an little too close for comfort as she tucks it in between your breasts in order for it to stay up without you having to hold it making you blush.
"There we go. Now I'm gonna shower and you just sit there 'kay?"she says to you as she drops her kimono to the floor and you turn away and hold your hands over your eyes until you hear the water running. Dropping your hands you look around for a bench to sit on but since there was none you are forced to sit on the water covered, blue-grey tiled floor. You pull your knees up to your chin, not worrying about showing anything since the towel you were wearing went down past your knees. Suddenly really bad singing starts coming out of Tsuki's stall. it sounded somewhat like Walking On Sunshine remixed with dying cat.
"Tsuki! Shuuut up!"you roll your eyes and cover your ears, she then pops her head around the corner.
"You're mean!"
"I never said I wasen't."She frowns at you and then sticks her tongue out before going back to her shower; thankfully she actual 'shut up' and there was no more singing. A few moments later you are still sitting there alone and in the quiet since the rest of the girls had left the room since you had been sitting there."Psssshhhh. Well this is boring. At least at home I had frigging cable."You then start poking at your loose tooth with your tongue to see how bad it was. You push on it a bit and it didn't feel like it was going to pop out anytime soon.
^Well at least I've got one thing going for me. I can die happy knowing I'll have all my teeth...^ Over near the cubby holes you spot a few sinks with mirrors over them and decide to check out that weird spot on your neck you had felt in the shower. Grabbing onto the towel you stand up and realize that it almost reaches your ankles. You roll your eyes at it and then proceed to walk over to one of the sinks. Brushing your new nice smelling hair out of the way you poke around with your free hand until you felt the bumps on your neck. You leave your hand there and try turning your neck so that you could see what it was. You can't get a very good look from where you are and you are too short to lean close enough into the mirror.
"Oh God dammit."You huff and pull yourself up onto the sink counter. Finding the bumpy spot with your hand again you take the towel off of your head and then lean into the mirror and turn your head to get a good look. All of a suddenly a head popped up beside yours in the reflection.
"Whatcha doing?"
"Ahh!"You shriek and fall backwards onto the floor landing on on your butt. "OW! GOD DAMMIT TSUKI WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"
"Sorry, I didn't think you'd fall off."she laughs and reaches a hand down to pull you up."It was just a bit of fun." Slapping her hand away you push yourself back up and glare at her.
"Ya well I did and it freaking hurt!"
"Sorry! I didn't mean it!"Tsuki looks upset.
"Ugh! Fine! Whatever! Just don't do it again..."You poke at your loose tooth to see if it had gotten looser which thankfully it hadn't; though you did feel a massive bruise starting to form on your right butt cheek.
^Seriously!? What next!?^you grumble in your head.
"I pinky promise that I won't scare you again."Tsuki's frown disappears and is replaced with a bubbly smile."So what were you doing?"
"I was trying to see what the hell was on my neck."
"What'dya mean?"She looks perplexed.
"My necks all bumpy and it stings."
"Chicken blox?"
"No, I've already had that twice! And it's 'chicken pox' Dumbo!"Tsuki rolls her eyes at you.
"Potato, potahto."You cross your arms and and raise an eyebrow at her.
"You're a real idiot aren't you?"
"Oh hush."She walks up to you and grabs you by the shoulders then leans in so much that your noses almost touch."Here let me look at it." You take a step back in surprise at the sudden intrusion of personal space.
"You seriously have to learn about people's personal space Tsuki."You chastise.
"No such thing here. Now let me look."
"Oh fine."You huff and then move your wet hair behind your ear in order for her to see better. Feeling out the bumps for the third time you point to it and crane your neck to the side."It's right there; whatever it is."She leans down and takes a long look at your neck."Well what is it?"You were getting impatient.
"Well it'''s...."Tsuki stops leaning over you and bites her naturally dark pink lip looking a little worried.
"WHAT!?"She was making you nervous about what exactly it was; for all you knew it could be wood-ticks or something.
"It's two holes-well healed holes."
"HOLES!"Your jaw drops and your eye's go wide."What do you mean "holes"!"
"Shh! Be quiet!"She puts a finger to her lips in the universal 'shh' gesture. She then looks down at your right arm."Hmm..."
"What is it now!?"You screech looking down at your arm. What you saw made your eye's go impossibly wider."Why is there a needle mark in my arm!?"Tsuki ignores you and continues to stare off into space with a quizzical look. Now it was your turn to grab her shoulders."Tsuki! What the hell is this!?"You start to shake her back and forth."Tsuki!"
"Oh my gosh you're so lucky."She exclaims suddenly as a huge smile spreads across her face.
"I-wha-what are you talking about!? What is this!?"
"Duh! Master Gabriel bit you!"
"He WHAT!!!!???"You are both shocked and pissed off.
"He bit you! You're so lucky! Most girls would kill for a vampire to bite them."Tsuki looks extremely happy at the fact that you were bitten by a kidnapping-douche-bag-pirate-vampire.
"How is getting bit by a vampire a good thing?"
"Like duh! It's every girls fantasy to get bit by a vampire! Plus it totally means he likes you, the only other person he's ever bitten and lived is Ai and obviously she's totally "in" with him."She suddenly glomps you."You're so lucky!!!"
"I am not! This is a bad thing! A very, very bad thing!"You shove her off of you. Then some more memories of last night start coming back to you and you then remember the parts where you were up in the air looking extremely inappropriate with Gabriel."Oh. My. God. That bastard DID bite me! And he knocked me out! And he dropped me! Tsuki get me a pointy object, I'm gonna stab this son of a bitch!"Putting your hands into fists you turn on your heel and attempt to storm out of there and repeatedly stab Gabriel but Tsuki latches onto your wrist."WHAT!? What in God's name is it now!?"
"Just calm down. You can talk to him later, if you kill him the things in the woods will come and kill all of us."
"UGH! Are you freaking kidding me!?"You turn around and snap at her. "This place is bullshit!"
"C'mon let's get you some breakfast; you'll feel a lot better."She gives an extremely happy-go-lucky smile to you which only managed to piss you off more. You felt your face heat up and your jaw clenched tightly. However Tsuki just keeps on smiling; ether ignoring or not noticing your anger. She walks over to one of the cubbies and tosses a bundle of fabric your way."Here. It's one of mine. It'll probably be a little big on you but it's all I got."You walk stiffly over to where the bundle had landed and pick it up. It unfolds and you see that it's a very basic looking white kimono with alternating large and small black dots. You frown and glare at it like you were trying to will it into bursting into flames. Hearing the sound of fabric moving behind you, you figure Tsuki is getting redressed so you stay turned around and continue to glare at everything in your line of sight. Deciding you might as well do the same while see can't watch you, and not wanting to spend all day in a wet towel, you rip it off and fats as you can and shrug Tsuki's kimono; tying it at the waist. As soon as you do, you realize that it was about two sizes too big for you; the bottom folding up on the floor and the right side almost wrapping around you body back to the front. You breathe heavily through your nose and return to glaring at it.
"Wow! That thing is MASSIVE on you!"comes Tsuki's voice from behind you. You turn to only glare at her in her light pink and black checkered kimono.
"No shit! Why can't I just wear my clothes!?"you snap at her. She in return rolls her eyes and pulls out large fabric scissors from her cubby.
"I told you already. Besides, that's what these are for."She smiles and opens and closes the scissors while walking over to you."Now hold still."
"I thought you said this was yours?"you ask; raising an eyebrow.
"Oh I have tons! It's all good!"
Starting with cutting off about a foot off of the bottom, Tsuki the pulls out some pins and a needle and thread from the breast region of her outfit. She then starts on fixing the rest of your kimono and after around 15 minutes she announces that she's finished; you look down at yourself.
"I am NOT wearing this. No way in freaking hell!"You scream at her. What you thought had been fixing it, was apparently cutting a huge slit up the side of your right leg, pulling the top way down so that it showed off almost all the cleavage you did have and pulling the rest of the top so tight across your chest and hips that you were surprised she hadn't just made you go naked; basically you looked like a slut.
"Why not?"Tsuki cocks her head to the side; looking genuinely perplexed. A tidal wave of rage builds up inside you and you're about to scream at her so loudly that would probably wake up your parents back in Japan.
"Just-just...URGH! Just forget it okay!?"you scream at her and then storm out. You end up back at "your room" and slam you butt down on your mattress. You glare at the door for a few moments, daring Tsuki to walk through, knowing that if she did you would punch her in the face. After the glaring was over and most of the rage had simmered down, you noticed a couple paints and some sewing material in the corner of the room.
"Good, maybe I can use a needle to jab Gabriel's god-DAMN EYES OUT!". While contemplating this a different thought runs through your head, on you knew would help you satisfy your rage and make you feel less naked. Smirking, you crawl across your mattress and grab what was in the corner. Setting it out in front of you, you also grab your pillow-case and start cutting.
^This...this is going to be goooodddd...^

Many Hours Later
After you had done what you needed to do, of which when Tsuki saw you she greatly disapproved, basically all you had done all day was walk around with her as she pointed things out. You were shown the oddly modern kitchen, the dining area, basically what was a living room and you had walked around the ground for a bit. She had also introduced you to some of the girls. There were about 50 of them in all at...wherever this place was, and they all seemed pretty okay. Apparently they all also had the same story as you. They thought their lives sucked, got a note, Gabriel picked them up and then they were here. What was really strange though is that none of them seemed to mind; at all. They weren't angry or sad or anything. They just seemed to accept their fate and be content with it. You knew in your heart you could never be like that. You could never accept the fact that someone had complete control over you and be happy about it; it just wasen't you. No matter what you were going to fight this as best you could; figuring that even if you died it would better than this hell-hole. However at this very moment you had no choice but to chill out and eat dinner with the rest of the girl's; dinner consisted of pepperoni pizza and some Coca-Cola. While you were staring lazily at the TV with a big slice in your mouth, the doors to the outside suddenly slammed open. You turn your head over your shoulder to see the big man himself; Gabriel.
"Good morning ladies!"he announces in a booming voice with a smile.
"Hi Master Gabriel!"every single girl replies; well except you of course. You opt for a different approach.
"Douche-bag."you mumble through your pizza f which you take a small bite of and then put back down on a plate sitting next to you on a table. Gabriel, being a vampire of course hears you and turns in your direction. His smile gets wider and fixing the collar of his leather jacket a bit, he walks towards.
"And a good morning to you too Christa. Or is it Elise now?"he asks lightheartedly.
"A)It's nighttime. B)None of you business."you reply still staring at the TV which was tuned to some game show called Silent Library; although the host insisted it wasen't a game show. You hear him snort.
"Actually my dear, everything you do is my business since, I don't know, I OWN you."he grabs your chin and turns your head so your looking directly into his impossibly blue eyes."Now why don't we just..."he trails off as he looks down at your chest area and his smirk quickly turns into fury."WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!???"His hand tightens on your chin.
"What you don't like it?"you reply innocently.
^Elise: 1. Mona the Vampire: 0.^ 
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