Pup land
Author: Catparade
Content Rating: GA
Published: 2012-03-22 16:33:41

Lili vs Casey in an amusements battle!

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:

Lili had 2 dogs and 10 puppies. Barkley, Leah, Sugar, Rufus,… you get the point. They all live in a fabulous mansion in Hollywood. One day, Leah had 10 more puppies! A few months later.. another litter of 10 puppies. Now Lili has 2 dogs, 30 puppies. Wow. Later, Lili was with a friend in her backyard.

“I need to get rid of some of these puppies.” Lili said to her friend Emily.

“Yeah. But how? You need to find good homes for the pups and get a good price. And you need a good way to advertise.” said Emily.

“I have a great idea! Why don’t we open a carnival!? I mean, look at this gigantic yard! We could have free rides, and sell $10 puppies to only the children. We’ll interview them and their parents to make sure they are good owners!” suggested Lili.

“I love your idea, Lili. I really do. But how on earth will you ever get carnival rides?” said Emily.

“We’ll have a tire swing, a pool, fun and easy games, snacks like homemade cotton candy, snow cones, and other fun stuff.” said Lili. “And I do have website design experience. How ’bout a website displaying our times, prices, and puppies. We’ll call our park Pup Land!”

Funny thing, but people who were walking in front of Lili’s mansion, actually heard them talking about Pup Land. One of them was a TV producer! The girls heard the man ring the doorbell, and they greeted him.

“Good afternoon, girls. I’d like to make Pup Land a TV show on the Animals International channel. You and the dogs will soon be stars! How do like it?” said the producer, Kevin Mim.

“We love it!!” said both girls.

“Okay! Meet me at the Animals International, studio 3 tomorrow. Bye!” said Kevin

A week later, the girls had Pup Land set up. It was a lot better then they thought it would be. Their show would be a huge success. Another week later, Pup Land had their series premiere. It was a great show. Then a new show aired on television. Meow Man was its name. It was about a man with 30 kittens. He started a magic show. Tickets cost $20, and the kids get cats if they pay for tickets. Copy cat. Meow Man was just like Pup Land!  Lili was upset. So was Emily.  Meow Man was more popular. Soon Pup Land had 5 more rides and 8 more games. Then Meow Man upgraded to a solid gold magician’s hat. Pup Land had a really intricate website. But Meow Man had a huge billboard in the city. Then Lili, owner  of Pup Land Park met Casey, owner of Meow Man Magic.

“My rides are a lot more fun than magic. Magic isn’t real. It’s an evil trick.” said Lili.

“Come on. How many kids at Pup Land get hurt? Lots. Magic is safer.” bragged Casey.

Casey and Lili argued so much, that they started screaming and pushing.

“STOP IT!” yelled Emily. “You guys are acting so childish! You both have good ideas. Casey, you can have your kitten magic show at Lili’s park. Work together. Competition turned you two into monsters! You guys used to be friends.” explained Emily.

“You’re right, Emily. I’m sorry Lili. ” said Casey.

“I’m sorry too.” said Lili.

The girls then included the cast of Meow Man Magic. Pup Land had 10 times as many people. Casey also starred in Pup Land on TV. The girls learned that being a good friend is better than winning all of the competition’s fans. And working together can improve a business a lot. The End
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