Everything You Ever
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2012-05-11 08:43:22
Tags: Blue, Red, Professor Oak, Daisy

Blue has always been inferior to Red. Red has always had everything Blue's ever wanted. Now Blue's had enough.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:

Warning: May contain angst.

Seriously, though, this was supposed to be creepypasta, but I doubt this will creep anyone out. It's more... an assessment of everything wrong with Blue's life. Also, I wanted to show everyone I'm not dead, just not working on Crystal. I'm sorry, but a lot of other stories are fighting for my attention, some Pokemon stories, others original works. Anyway I like the first ending, but the idea of an alternate ending was too tempting. Possible Original Shipping in the Alt. Ending, but I think it depends on what you like to view their relationship as.

Oh, and, I wonder if anyone else has thought of this: a while ago someone on memebase raised the issue of how Bill got himself into that predicament in the first place if he needed your help to activate the machine. I was like 'Yeah, how the heck did he do that?!' But then I thought... 'Wait... Blue is on his way back from Bill's when you run into him in Cerulean. Maybe he helped Bill with the transporter!' Well? Huh? You just hated Blue a bit for leaving Bill like that, didn't you?

Title inspired by Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog song Everything You Ever. Surprisingly did not listen to it at all when writing this. Did listen to a lot of Kelly Clarkson, though... Okay. Enough notes, go read. Enjoy.

He had everything.
He had talent.
"A prodigy."
"Just like his father!"
"Shoe in for the league title."
He had parents.
"I wonder where Dad is all the time?"
'At least you have a dad…'
He had Gramps.
"Wait your turn, Blue. Go ahead, Red, choose your Pokémon."
He had Daisy.
"I thought I told you not to give him a map!"
"Blue, he'd get lost without one. And he's such a sweet kid, I couldn't say no! You could learn a thing or two from him."
He had strong Pokémon.
"No! Raticate…"
"Blue, I'm sorr-"
"Get away from me!"
He himself had strength.
"What're you doing here, Red? What, did you lose a Pokémon or somethin'?"
"… Yeah. I did."
He had victory.
"No… that can't be! After all that training! My reign can't be over…"
"Say you're not sorry. Say you did this all just to spite me! Say something I can hate you for, dammit!"
"Blue, that's enough. You've lost. Accept it with good sport."
He had everything.
And what did I have?
I had nothing.
I didn't even have hate.
'He's taken everything from me! He has everything I've ever wanted! I can never beat him! So why don't I hate him?!'
I wonder… were Dad alive, would he have preferred Red over me too?
"It's just too bad he died before taking down that bastard Giovanni."
"John, watch your language. Blue might catch your foul tongue."
Red took down Team Rocket. Red destroyed Giovanni. He did it all single-handedly.
Wait… I did have something…
I had Dad's gun.
It was so simple. Why didn't I think of it before?
Red can't have everything if he goes away.
"B-Blue, what are you-"
"Shut up."
"Blue, stop this! You don't realize what you're doing!"
"Quiet, Gramps. I know exactly what I'm doing."
"Blue… do you really hate me this much?"
Don't sound so sad.
"I don't hate you, Red. I just want you to disappear."
Usually I don't like the color red. 
But I love seeing you covered in your namesake.

[Alternate Ending]

I don't hate the color red. 
But I hate seeing you covered in your namesake.
"What did you…" 
"I'm sorry, Blue. I'm so sorry I made you come to this."
"Dumbass, why are you apologizing?!"
"Must be the blood loss…"
"Don't laugh about something like that! You just got shot in the shoulder!"
"I'll be fine; Officer Jenny's calling an ambulance as we speak."
"Why would you do that?! I was going to shoot you! Why would you protect me like that…?"
"Because I know you didn't mean it. I know how confused and hurt you are, Blue, and I'm sorry that I made you feel that way."
"Shut up, idiot."
"Are you crying?"
I was wrong.
I don't have nothing.
I have Red.
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