Don't Forget
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Published: 2012-05-18 01:06:35
Tags: dualrival, cheren, bianca, glasses

A goofy, slightly sappy story about Cheren and Bianca preparing to part ways after the events of Pokémon Black and White.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
...Okay, it's pretty sappy. Will probably write an epilogue about their reunion once B2W2 come out in America. Anyway I like the idea of Bianca stealing Cheren's glasses. But in the Anime-style trailer I noticed that it didn't look like her glasses had lenses. And so this happened! I'm planning on putting in a pic when I hear back from someone on DA, but I wanted to get this out sooner rather than later. P.S. I'm working on Crystal, but on the new Chapter 1, not 19, sorry! I will be implementing a new format, though, so that's something. Enough talk. Enjoy the DualRival Shipping! P.S.S. Title was supposed to be "Don't Forget" but the title thing doesn't like it for some reason.

"You're going to apprentice at the Nacrene Gym?" Bianca blinked at Cheren, stunned by the news. "I didn't think you were interested in being a Gym Leader." 

"I wasn't. But… I still haven't figured out what it means to be strong. I still don't know why I wanted to be the champion so badly. But I think if I train under a Gym Leader and meet all of her challengers… maybe I'll figure it out someday." Cheren showed one of his rare smiles.

"I'm so proud of you, Cheren!" Bianca hugged him with enough force to topple them both, and the hard landing knocked Cheren's glasses off.

"Bianca!" Cheren complained. "You made my glasses fall off!"

"Oh. Sorry."

"Could you get off me and help find my glasses?" he sighed, exasperated.

"Oh! Sure thing." Bianca got up and started shuffling across the floor, looking for Cheren's glasses.



"Bianca, what did you do?"

"I'm so sorry Cheren." Bianca said, holding up Cheren's glasses. The frame was fine, but the lenses were completely ruined.

"Ugh… do you have any idea how much these cost?" Cheren sighed, taking the frame from her. Bianca frowned at him. "… What?"

"You're not getting new glasses." she announced.


"You can see fine without them, Cheren. I know you can. They're just so you can see a little farther, right? Get contacts if you have to. Just… stop wearing glasses." She snatched the glasses out of his hands. "You've got really pretty eyes, Cheren. And a really cute face. You shouldn't hide behind your glasses."

"… Okay." Cheren relented, blushing. "What are you going to do with those?" he asked, nodding to the broken glasses.

"I'll clean out all the broken glass and wear them!"


"'Cause I'm gonna miss you! I know you're only gonna be two towns away, but… Our paths aren't going to cross anymore, are they?"

"Probably not." Cheren admitted.

"Besides!" Bianca continued, trying to lighten the mood, "These'll make me look smart! And I gotta look smart if I'm gonna be the Professor's assistant!" She put on the glasses to demonstrate. Cheren let out a laugh.

"I'm gonna miss you, too, Bianca." Cheren told her softly.

"You'd better visit at least once a week." Bianca sniffed, taking off the glasses and rubbing her eyes. "And call every day or I'll kill you."

"Ah… don't cry, Bianca… I… I never know what to do when you cry…" Cheren fretted, reaching out to touch her then hesitating.

"Shut up you stupid idiot and just hold me!" Bianca sobbed, hugging him. "I'm honestly gonna kill you if you forget me."

"I know." Cheren chuckled. "Like I could forget you…"

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