Author: Teamplaya101
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-05-19 05:17:45
Tags: Final Fantasy X, New Beginnings, Rhys Lone, Ryou Hatsu, Zane Redoka, Elegance, Whisper, Eclipse

Sucked into the world of Spira, Rhys Lone will have fight to the end to defeat Sin and Yevon and return home. But will he want to return at the end?

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Hey Hey Hey!!! Teamplaya101 here, Yes I’m still working on the new chapter for A Hero in Our Eyes so don’t over react I’m not abandoning that. This is a new fanfic I thought of. Yes it may be similar to Nightstar04’s Fanfic but I assure you it is not. I came up with this Idea before I read his story.


I do not own SquareEnix or any of the Final Fantasy’s. I do however own Rhys Lone and this fanfic


“Why… Is this LINE SO BIG?” I shouted. I was standing in line waiting to buy the new Final Fantasy 10 game “Quit whining man it won’t be long now” My good friend Ryou stated.

Two hours later

“I hate you…” I remarked, narrowing my eyes at Ryou who was currently buying the game for himself. “Alright man see you later” He said walking out of the store “Pfft whatever” I said in return, If I guessed correctly he would turn his mobile off for the whole week end and get stuck into the game. “        Next please” The man at the counter said “Alright!” I retort, Making my way towards the counter and slamming down a 100 dollar bill “Final Fantasy 10 please!” I said, Smiling since I was so excited “Here you… Go, that’ll be $69.95” He said, placing the PlayStation 2 game onto the counter. I pointed towards the hundred dollar bill with a smart ass smirk on my face “Keep the change!” I said, running out of the store with the game in hand and right towards home.

Bursting into my home I made my way up the stairs and towards my room, there was one itty bitty problem. My Sister Mika short for Mikayla “STOP!” she screamed, Hands in front of my door “Mika go away its game time for me” She shook her head and crossed her arms “Nuh uh! You have to play tea party with me!” She firmly ordered “No way! I don’t want to play stupid tea party with you! I’ve been waiting in line at the game store for Three hours to buy and play this game!” She growled at me and did the one thing I was hoping she wouldn’t do “MUUUUM!!!” I quickly stepped into action, My Mum kept telling me to spend time with my sister which I hated to do and if she found that I wasn’t she would punish me…. Yeah I know it sucks. “SHHH!! SHHHHHH!!!” I waved my hands in front of me in an attempt to calm her down “FINE! I’ll have the stupid tea party with you…”

“Mr Pennyworth are you enjoying your tea?” My little sister asked me “No…” She growled and prepared to open her mouth and call out for Mum “Yes! Yes I am!!!” I quickly said making her close her mouth and smile. I groaned while pretending to sip a bit of tea and I swear I could hear my Mum lightly chuckle from behind the door “Look Mika, if you let me go I’ll…. I’ll buy you a new doll-“She pointed towards her massive Doll collection with a bored face “Oh…” I started to get desperate so I fell onto my knee’s begging “PLEASE MIKA PLEEEEEASE HAVE MERCY!!!!” She sighed in utter annoyance until finally giving in “FINE! Go play your stupid Final Whatever” As soon as I heard her say fine I ran right out of her room and into mine, Taking my game out of my Hoodie pocket and opening the cover “Ha ha!!! Final fantasy X here I come!!!”

I placed the game disc into the disc drive and pushed it into the PS2. After a few minutes that weird futuristic Smokey dashboard thing popped up, then the screen went black and I saw the PlayStation Logo “ALRIGHT!” I shouted in a fit of excitement. Suddenly screen went to static “W-What the hell!” I yelled. My Fit of joy and happiness soon went to a fit of Furry and rage. I walked up towards the Television and banged on the side of it “Come on work you piece of Sh” the last word was soon interrupted by a flash of light “Ah!” I stated, covering my eyes with my forearm.

My body started to feel weird all of a sudden, Memories that weren’t mine but kind of were zoomed into my brain and Believe me it hurt “AH!” I screamed but no one came to my aid. Then it all stopped, My eyes were shut tight so I had no idea what had happened, The only thing I could think of were a few random names and images of people.

“Tidus… Yuna… Rikku… Wakka….Lulu…Kimahri…Auron…” a few weird voices began to speak to me in a kind of whispery creepy way. Then I started to see visions of people. A blonde haired boy, A Brown haired girl in a sort of robe, A Blonde haired girl wearing a few revealing clothes, A taller but a bit more fatter red haired man, A Goth looking woman who wore a robe that seemed to be made out of belts, A weird looking man-loin thing and finally an older man who wore some kind of red coat.

“Ugh that was weird” I stated, shaking my head at the sudden names and images wurling through my head that’s when I realized that I wasn’t in my bedroom anymore. I was in a massive futuristic city of some sort “What the hell?” I asked no one in-particular. I walked out onto what seemed to be a street and accidently found myself in a small crowd “Ugh Hey!” Some one said “Uh sorry” I replied “Hey watch it!” Another person growled “Sorry!” I answered.

I soon found myself falling onto the ground, Looking up I noticed that everyone didn’t even acknowledge my existence. I quickly got up and ran back through the crowd with less complaints

I took a small breather at a nearby building side for a few minutes trying to figure out what had happened to me. It was like I was transported to another universe… Or even another reality!

Things went even more down hill when I heard and saw screaming and people running all over the place, I took a few steps onto the street to see what the commotion was all about until something or to be more exact some one landed on me “Oof” I stated when I hit the floor “Ow…” I retorted rubbing my head “Hey are you alright?” A voice from above said “God?” I asked “Uh… no my name is Tidus...” I quickly shoved him off of me and looked around at the falling buildings off in the distance “Introductions later, I kind of want to stay alive!” I said, running off down the high above street. I could hear his footsteps from behind so I guess he wanted to live a little longer too.

We both came to a stop in front of a somewhat familiar Red coat wearing man “I was not expecting another…” He quietly said “What was that Coat guy?” I asked in a taunting way “Hmp” He replied.

“Look” The mysterious man said, Me and Tidus turned our heads towards what he had asked us to look at, Me and Tidus were both shocked to see what it was. It looked like a big ball of water hovering above the city “What is that thing?” I asked, turning my head towards the red coat wearing man “We called it Sin…” He quietly answered.

“Sin?” Tidus asked in confusion. Our little chat was soon interrupted when an explosion came from a nearby building, When the smoke in the distance cleared it looked like a huge black tentacle had smashed into the building, The front of it opened up and began shooting little black specks into the air, Until I noticed they weren’t little specks, they were Scales that jabbed into the ground in front of us, I took a step back in fear since the scales startled me when they cracked open and turned out to be weird bug looking creatures. They began to surround Tidus while the Mysterious red coat wearing man just stood idly “HEY LEAVE HIM ALONE!” I shouted. Bad idea… They all turned their attention to me, Luckily from all the violent video games I had played on numerous occasions I picked up a few good hand to hand combat moves, I walked over towards the bug like creatures and slammed my fist into my palm “Time to nut up or shut up” I retorted before leaping into battle, I hit my fist across what I thought was a face and shot the unlucky creature up into the sky I then made an 90 degree turn and soccer kicked one right off the edge of the high up walkway.

 “These ones don’t matter! We cut through them!” The man requested, I decided to listen and ignore any of them on the sides only going for the ones in front of me. We kept running and fighting until we ran into a massive tentacle poking out of the walkway surrounded by what I recently started calling Sin Scales. “It just doesn’t end does it?” I said to no one In-particular, setting myself into a fighting stance, suddenly my body felt full of strength and speed. I felt like I could do anything, that’s when I realized it was time for an Overdrive, “SHADOW STING!” I shouted, the words came naturally to me until my eyes began to glow red


my eyes glowed red and hair gently floated around the top of my head, I clenched my hands into fists and started to sprint towards the Giant tentacle and with one powerful punch I literally shattered the huge tentacle which soon dissolved into Phyreflies, I shook my head and my eyes changed back to its normal blue colour.  “Lets keep moving!” The mysterious man ordered, running off down the walkway with me and Tidus close behind.


After a while we stop for a small break “Auron lets get out of here!” Tidus said “Were expected” Auron quietly replies while running off down the long walkway “Give us a break man!” Tidus shouted while running after him “Wait up!” I yelled following behind.

I slid around the corner I last saw the other two run around and came across them battling a whole bunch of sin scales, I quickly ran over towards them then leapt up into the air “Need any help?!” I recite before crushing an Unlucky Sin Scale with both of my feet. Jumping back off of the dissipating creature and hitting another bunch with my hand to hand fighting.

We became surrounded much sooner than we thought until Auron came up with a brilliant plan that involved a large tanker which was spread out on the battlefield slightly hanging over the edge. Me and Tidus both nodded our heads in agreement as we both attacked the tanker until if fell right off of the edge of the walkway, after a few seconds the tanker exploded and completely obliterated the Sin Scales, I jumped up into the air with my fist high up above my head and shouted “YEAH!”

“Go…” Auron ordered us while looking over at the falling section of the walkway, with out any hesitation we all jumped down and ran across the burning section. Until we were all forced to jump at the end Auron and I made it across but Tidus had jumped to soon and I could notice that he wasn’t going to make it. I reached my hand out to him which he caught at the last second “Gotcha!” I stated holding onto his hand as tightly as I could “Auron a little help please?!” I asked while trying to pull him up by myself “Ugh!!!” I groaned pulling as hard as I could “You are sure?” Auron asks “Your damn right I’m sure!” I replied, not knowing that he wasn’t talking to me “I’M SLIPPING!” Tidus cried out “AURON!!!” I shouted before he amazingly picked up both of us by the scruff of our shirts, “This is it… This is your story” He said to both of us until a white light engulfed us.









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