Horror Movie Ch 5 Going Your Way
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2012-07-09 17:02:10
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Humor, Yusuke, Keiko, Kurama, Kuwabara, Yukina, Hiei, Mukuro

So, did Mukuro hit someone? Let's find out.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Sorry about this being dark. I had this planned when originally writing it six years ago. But... Yeah. So needless to say, this chapter's brought to you by the letter W for Wangst.
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: Going Your Way

"We hit someone," Mukuro said. She paused when Keiko cocked a brow at her. She sighed, clutched at the steering wheel. "I hit Yusuke."

"No you didn't," Kuwabara quickly replied. "How could you hit Yusuke?"

Hiei got up and walked out to investigate. He crouched to look under the car and stared. "Holy shit." He walked to the driver's window. "…So what the hell do we do?" Keiko started to get out. "Don't get out. You shouldn't see this."

She sighed and opened the door. She looked under the car and then behind it. There she saw Yusuke's smashed corpse. She leaned back on the car, clapping a hand to her mouth, trying to hold back vomit and tears. Kuwabara started to get out so he can help her walk in but she walked to the driver's window.

"Get out," Keiko said. Mukuro looked up at her, started to move her hand towards the door handle, but paused for a moment before touching it. "Get out!"

Mukuro put her hand on the handle, and hesitated long enough for Keiko to order her to get out again. She stayed, back against the door, waiting for Keiko's reaction. Keiko raised her hand and slapped her. As Mukuro straightened her stance, her expression not changing, she did it again and again until it started to turn hysterical. Kurama grabbed Keiko's hand.

"Okay, okay… We need to figure this out. We can't just stand like this forever," he said.

"We got room in the back, right?" Mukuro asked.

"No, we're not putting him in the trunk," Keiko replied.

"Well, we can't just bury him here. I think we'll find a better place and putting him there. I'm not saying we should keep him with us for any sick pleasure or anything like that."

"Don't make it worse…" Kurama sighed. "Look, Keiko, I'll put this in your hands. I don't want this to get into an argument. What do you want us to do with Yusuke?"

"Do we have a shovel?" Keiko asked. She looked around the garage.

"I could find one. I'll go get the whole burial, done myself too."

"I… I want to bury him. I don't want any help. And if you don't wanna wait for me, then that's fine. You can go without me."

"We're not going without you, Keiko. We can't afford to lose you- or any of us for that matter. We all know that we're all we've got at this point." She sighed and walked into the house. Kurama turned back to everyone else. "So what's the plan now? Anyone know of anywhere safe?"

"Demon World," Hiei replied.

"How about somewhere that won't kill us?" Kuwabara asked.

"Well, that rules out Australia."

"What the hell do you have against Australia? I went there last year and it was awesome. I adopted a-"

"Anyone else have something important to say?"

"Look, I'll drive for a while and stop somewhere that looks safe and then we'll plan everything out. I don't think it's gonna do us much good trying to figure out a specific plan off hand like we are. As far as we know it's all pick and choose based on appearance," Mukuro said. "We need to come to a decision quick about… you know."

"I'm burying Yusuke!" Keiko said and she took the body and dragged it out. Kuwabara started to follow her and she turned around, "I'm doing this by myself. You guys decide what you wanna do. I don't wanna be part of it."

Hiei groaned. "Look… We need to have an end point."

"Hiei, we won't have one. I'm just going to drive us out and then we'll see what happens. And as for me…" she stopped.

"What do you mean, as for me?"

It was silent. They sat in the car, trying not to think about Keiko digging away at the dirt behind them. It had to be several hours before Keiko returned covered in mud and looking like she was about to faint from exhaustion. She reluctantly got in the car and tried to go to sleep. Mukuro started the car and then went onto the road. She heard a loud smack on the hood of the car, but when she looked she saw nothing. She looked in the mirror to see if anyone else heard the noise and shrugged. Then it happened again. And again. Then something came to the window, blocking their view. Hiei stared back at it, and started to say something tio Mukuro, but he knew she saw it too.

It was Yusuke's ghost. He looked at Mukuro and said, "Going my way?"

She slammed on the brake and the ghost disappeared. She turned to Hiei. "Hey. There's a bottle in the glove box. Take it out."

He shrugged and opened it up. "Uh… It's a bottle of vodka."

"I don't care, hand it over."

She stepped on the gas as she turned the cap. The ghost came back and asked again, "Going my way?" She took the bottle and raised it to her lips and then gulped the whole thing down.

"What the hell are you doing? You're drinking and driving!" Kuwabara screamed. "You trying to kill us!"

"Is it still there?"

"What the heck? Yeah!" And she slammed on the breaks so everyone was pushed forward. Mukuro got out of the car but turned around to say, "Hiei, you take the wheel."

Hiei got out and followed after her until they walked far enough out of earshot. "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I need to go. I know where I'm not wanted. Besides, I should be the only one who has to live with Yusuke's ghost for the rest of this life…" Mukuro said.

"Don't you go…"

"I'm not planning on killing myself, you idiot. I'm just going on alone."

"I'm going with you."

"Hiei, I'm not a child. I'm not some helpless princess. You know I can get along fine without you or anyone. And frankly as punishment, that's what I need." She turned around and kept walking on.

"Dammit, wait a second. I didn't mean any of those things. I don't think you need to be alone or… Damn it all. Just… Look, just let me come with you."

"What, because you need me?"

"What if I said I did?"

"You think that's gonna stop me? You keep telling yourself that. Maybe you do. Maybe I do. But I really need to go on alone." She stopped when Yusuke's ghost came back in front of her asking the same question- going my way… "They need you more than they need me and if I continue to travel with you guys then I'm just going to drag you all down because as far as they're concerned I'm just Yusuke's murderer and will always just be Yusuke's murderer."

"Then I'll just be the murderer's accomplice. You're not going alone."

"Hiei. Go fuck yourself."

"Mukuro, how did you even run him over?"

"I'm going to kill you the next time you speak."

"Try me."

She groaned and walked on.

"You know what? Fine. Then just go on without us and wallow in your pity since you obviously love playing the part of the martyr. You can stay a murderer for all I care." He stood and watched as she went further and further away from him, plagued by the ghost's questions. He sighed and shook his head. It always got her to turn around and at least come to smack him. If she had only done that, he could have found a way to manipulate her enough to get her to come with him- even if it meant just dragging a fight in the direction back to the others. He came back and saw Kurama standing outside the car, arms crossed.

"Futile effort," Kurama mumbled.

"Shut up and start driving. I can't really see the damn road." And he took his place in the passenger's seat.

Kurama shrugged and went back in, pausing once to toss the vodka bottle away from the driver's seat and into Hiei's lap. "Everyone buckled up and ready to go?"

"But what about Mukuro?" Yukina asked. "Where'd she go?"

"Away," Hiei said.

"But she's coming back, right?"

"You heard her, she said I needed to drive. She decided to take off so she can… Look, she just went far away and she's not coming back so that's the end of that." He grabbed the bottle and put it back in the glove box, slamming it closed.

Yukina shifted uncomfortably. "Well, I think…"

"Yukina, it doesn't matter what you think. Nothing's going to change for a single damn thing. We're just a…!" He stopped when he realized he was yelled. "We're just one man short now and we're just going to have to deal with it. If you ask me, that's just fine because if we ever have to scavenge for supplies then we have one less way to divide it up. This conversation's over."

"But I still…"


It was silent for ten minutes- so he calculated even though the radio clock seemed to be eternally trapped on thirteen hundred hours- and Kuwabara finally said, "So someone say something. This silence is killing me."

Kurama turned on the radio and what came on was Michael Jackson's "Thriller." He groaned. "Why is it always Thriller?"

"Someone tell a joke."

"I'm changing…" He stopped when he heard Justin Bieber's voice. Before he wondered why there were American songs playing on a Japanese radio station, he shut it off and let them stay in silence.

"Man, we really have been left behind…." But no one answered him. That whole thing went over everyone's head. Yukina turned to him and started a hushed conversation with him, trying to bring Keiko in, but she stared out the window. Trying to forget.

"Oh look… Is that… a gas station?" Yukina asked.

Kurama glanced at the gas gauge. "Looks like it's a save."

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Chapter 5
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