Silent Hill: Chapter 8
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-07-20 01:01:07
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Hiei, Mukuro, Kuronue, Yukina

Search the hospital.

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In a tape, a girl gives a speech. Um, lady, he's not here so he can't hear you... Just saying. I hope these guys aren't stupid enough to sep-
Chapter 8
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"So where should we go first?" Kurama asked. "But I don't like the idea of leaving him alone like that..."

"I don't either but as long as he's quiet and doesn't turn on the light nothing should find him. Didn't you give him your knife?" Mukuro replied.


"Don't worry about it. I don't think he's in trouble. I think all of those nurses are gone."

"Even so, I'm still uneasy about this place. It makes me think of the hospital my mother stayed at. Gives me the creeps..." He shuttered at the thought.

"Say what?"

"Never mind that."

"I think there's a room somewhere up here. I know this sounds crazy but I think it would be easier if we split up. It's not safe but we both have weapons so we can try and defend ourselves," Mukuro replied the last statement more to herself than to Kurama.

"Okay. That works. If that's the plan how are we going to meet if we find what we came for?"

Mukuro reached into her pocket and took out her cell phone. "Do you have yours with you?"

"I think I forgot it at home. I figured I wouldn't need it. No one really calls me anymore and my mother doesn't have a cell phone. Unless this thing in my pocket..." He reached into his pocket and pulled said object out. He felt the texture as soon as he took it out. "No. This is too big and too rough. This is just that stupid radio. It must have gotten turned down when I put it in my pocket when I found it. All this moving I've been doing must've turned the volume knob around."

"So that static was this thing? Is it broken? Why do you have a broken radio in your pocket?"

"I found it when I went into the fire station. See, I was looking for someone to help me find my mother. I think I put this in my pocket when a dog-monster-thing attacked me there. There aren't stations on it. I only get static. It's weird. I don't hear anything from it now but I heard it whenever a monster came over."

"Thought they didn't make these anymore. That's saying a lot since I'm kind of old in comparison to you." She glanced at her wrist. "Tell you what. We'll meet in an hour in the room we left Hiei in. I have a clock on my phone so you can have my watch. If we have no luck then we'll just leave and then we'll find a way to preoccupy ourselves until we find a way out. My eyes are used to the darkness now but if I really need a light I have my phone. You can keep the flashlight." She put the watch in Kurama's hand. "You're shaking. Don't worry. You know stress can cause depression and diabetes? We don't want an emo kid do we? And I'm sure you don't want to be diabetic. It also bleaches your hair white or grey. That's what happened to me."

"But your hair is..."

"It's not my natural color for all you know. But that's not the point. If I had an ipod I would let you listen to it so you can take your mind off everything but apparently no one likes to listen to classics. Just play something in your head. No matter how stupid or how much you hate the song just play it in your head and then you might feel better. I'll see you later..." She walked into the closest room.

Kurama sighed. "I guess I'll go to the next floor..." He went up the stairs to the third floor and struggled to open the door with no success. He was about to go down the stairs when he saw the stairs went even farther up. A fourth floor? I don't remember seeing how many floors there were when we were outside. How many floors do hospitals usually have? Aren't there usually six or seven? I'm overthinking this. Play a song in my head...? Somehow it doesn't help that I've had that song from those Alltel commercials stuck in my head.

He continued up the stairs. It stops right here. This might be the roof. He opened the door. Yeah, it is. Wait... Is that a TV? Why is there a TV here? Then he noticed a VCR stacked on top of it with a tape sticking out of it waiting to be played. He knew the TV was working because the screen was blue the way it is when it's on standby mode. How it was working he wasn't sure. (There were no outlets anywhere nor were there any cords.) Having been through all this, I'm not even sure I should be surprised. How many tapes did Kuronue say there were? I can't remember.

Nothing else to do but... Her pushed the tape in and it started to play.


While this was happening, Mukuro just finished searching the second floor and unlocked the door to the third floor. She started searching after killing all of the nurses. She opened the door to the first room she searched and something ran out. Mukuro cocked the shotgun, ready to fight but then saw the creature was only a small gray tabby.

Just a cat... She called out to it. It ran to her with a small high pitched mew and rubbed against he legs, purring loudly. It's just a regular cat. I wonder how it got here... I haven't seen any real animals here. Not even a pigeon. Those goddamn things are everywhere.

She picked it up. Actually, I was never too fond of cats. They usually start growling at me and hissing or they glow their eyes at me. But I feel kind of imprisoned here. It's kind of nice to have at least a cat here. Might as well savor the moment.

The struggled out of her arms and once it hit the ground it started to run up and down the halls. Mukuro twisted around to see if anyone or anything was coming. The cat stopped by her legs and rubbed against her again then continued running. Weird cat.

She shrugged and continued to search the rooms (a majority of which had broken locks) once the cat stopped running. The cat suddenly walked up to her and started clawing her leg. On reflex she kicked it away from her. When she realized what she had done, she called it back to her. Damn, cat. If it didn't want to get kicked why did it start clawing me?

The cat started scratching on something. Through the dim blue light the cell phone gave her, she saw that it was the elevator. Hesitantly she walked over to the elevator and started pushing the buttons- both the one with the arrow pointing upwards and the one with the arrow going down. "I'm pushing these buttons but nothing's happening. It must be broken. Either way I'm scared to go in. But hell, why does what I think matter anyway?" The door opened. "Never mind then."

The cat ran in and plopped on its side as it gave her a welcoming smile. She shuddered and took careful steps in as if trying to keep from stepping on a piece of glass. Just as she came in the doors quickly shut, faster than she ever saw elevator doors close.

"Shit!" She pounded on the door.

A voice- a male's voice along with the cheering of a crowd, as one in the audience of a game show- came from the vent. "Hello! Hello! Hello! And welcome to (static sound)! The game show where if you win you get a fabulous prize! If you lose... Heh heh heh... Here are the questions...

"Merry-go-round, haunted house, roller coaster, Ferris wheel and tea cups. Silent Hill is home to a thrilling amusement park that people of all ages love. The question is: What is the name of the park? One- Fantasy Land. Two- Silent Hill Amusement Park. Or three- Lakeside Amusement Park.

"Next question! Silent Hill witnessed a gruesome murder in the year 1998. A brother and his twin sister were playing in the road when they were attacked and hacked into pieces with an axe. Torn flesh, splattered blood, and finally... What a terrible tragedy... What a gruesome end to such innocent lives. Absolutely heartbreaking. What is the name of the murderer who committed this vile act? One- Walter Sullivan. Two- Norman Bates. Or three- Edward Gein.

"Our final question! South of the lake is a deserted old neighborhood called South Vale. From there Paleville, the central resort area northwest of the lake, there's only one road you can take. The third and final question is: What is the name of that road? One- Bachman road. Two-Rendall Street. Three- Nathan Avenue.

"That's all the time we have! Thank-you for playing (static sound)! Remember- get the answer right or..." The transmission ended with an eerie, animal like growl. The elevator door opened and the cat lead Mukuro to a room marked 2-F. There Mukuro saw a box with nine buttons- three in three rows. It was marked alongside the buttons.

(Q1 ooo

Q2 ooo

Q3 ooo)

The cat jumped on the table the box was laid on and started to rub against the corner of the box. So this must be where I answer the questions. Oh well. Looks like I need to kill some time right now. And I have nothing to lose by answering it... As far as I know. And there's nothing happening to the cat right now. I guess it's somewhat inviting... She stared at the box and imagined the scenery from that one trip to the amusement park with her father. (He didn't really let her on the rides. He said she could get hurt on them. The really reason what the obvious problem of his morbid obesity.) She remembered the sign with the name of the amusement park because she stared at it so many times after waiting for him to catch his breath.

"That's Lakeside Amusement Park. That was number three." The second question. I remember that thing about the murders. It was all over the news when it happened. No one really knew what Silent Hill was back then. I know that guy's name and face by heart. That was Walter Sullivan. I remember thinking he looked like a pervert. And the last one. I know that by heart. That's Nathan Avenue. Oh... Dammit. I forgot which one that was. I think it was two. It was two or three...

She punched the buttons in for the first two questions and started at the last row hesitantly. After a moment she pushed the second button in that row. The box opened. Oh, I guess it was-

Acid shot out of it and went all over her face. Mukuro dropped to the ground screaming. I should have gone with three!

Before she knew it, everything was black. All she heard was the cackling of a witch-like voice coming from the direction of the cat.


The picture quality of the tape was awful. The picture was nearly completely covered up by static and where the static wasn't showing up, there was nothing but darkness. The sound made up for the bad quality though...

Footsteps. "Hello? Oh please be in here... Please be in here..." She started to plead to God or whoever else was listening. "Hiei... Big brother! Please! Come out if you're here! I'm scared. I feel like I'm going to be sick again. I saw some terrible things when I came here. Please, if you're here, come out! I've been having nightmares since I was here..."

Something fell. "Oh my God! That man... Is he here...? I wish I took my phone with me. I wonder if he has his with him too... But not even 911 answered when I called for help. I hope he isn't hurt too bad. I can't stand the thought of him crawling around with anything broken or torn... Or... Oh God!" She burst into tears.

"HIEI! If you're playing it's okay. I'm not mad. Let's just get out of here! I'm scared! I want to go home..." There was a gunshot heard and the sound of the gurgling bubblehead nurse. The girl hid in a room. "That was one of them..."

It sounded like she sat down where she hid. She began to whisper to herself. "I want to see you again, big brother. You were never mean to me. You weren't such a bad guy and in fact, you were perfect. You didn't need to use prison as an excuse for you being the way you are. You're fine the way you are. I want to go home and hear that joke about the cow sleeping and then I'll let you have all the rocky road ice cream with all that chocolate syrup so you can tell me that I should have saved it for chocolate milk or something. And then we can see Kazuma and Yusuke too. And you can get mad every time Kazuma says he wants to marry me... Hiei, you don't have to smile and be sunny all the time. You don't have to regret going to jail or regret making even the smallest mistake just so you can be good enough for me. You don't have to try. I think you're great the way you are. I love you, big brother... Al-"

There was a scream and then the sound of the girl being strangled. It was over with a long painful groan.

"Too bad... Unconditional love doesn't exist, you foolish whore." A man's voice laughed. There was no sound indicating his entrance nor was there any sound of his exit. In fact, there wasn't even any sound indicating the girl had even noticed the killer. (Was she too engrossed in her speech?)

The only sound left was the sound of a girl crying. Though there was a vague sound of the girl mumbling, "I love you, Hiei, my older brother..." (An imagined sound?)

The video ended.


Kurama stared at the TV long after the tape was over. Wait... That room... Hiei said it sounded like there was a girl crying... Oh God... I think I'm going to...

He vomited as soon as he stood up, the acid stinging his throat and mouth. He had to hold on to the TV for support though he toppled it over once he tried regaining his balance. I can't... I won't even dare touching this again. I swear, if it was Kuronue... I'll kill him. If he can do it to me, I can do it to him. What time is it?

He glanced at the watch. It's past noon. I hope Mukuro's not worried... And I hope I don't fall down the stairs.

Mother, wait for me!

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Chapter 8
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