Silent Hill: Chapter 9
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-07-20 01:02:47
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Hiei, Mukuro, Kuronue, Yukina

Enter Pyramid Head once again.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Fuck, what's wrong with you people? Y U SEPARATE? I also was solely tempted to write "and the cat gave the lever kitty affection." Kind of what I say when cats rub against things.
Chapter 9
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When Mukuro came to, she was engulfed in the brightness of the fluorescent lights. She cringed, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the light. After a moment, she realized that her feet weren't even touching the ground. She started to panic and she realized that she was hanging from one of the pipes on the ceiling, her arms constricted by handcuffs. She must have been sweating because she felt the chill of the air conditioner on her body.

Across the room was the cat sitting next to a lever that was pulled down halfway. The cat seemed to glance between Mukuro and the lever. Mukuro pleaded to the cat not to move the lever so it went down all the way, fearing the consequence of it. (Look at me though. I'm acting like my life is in the hands of a small cat that can't be any older than a kitten! Okay maybe my life IS in the hands of a kitten but still! This is kind of pathetic!) The cat rubbed against the lever and the sprinklers of the ceiling went off. The cat ran out but before it left the room completely it turned around and gave a somewhat smug look. (That face... It looks somehow familiar...)

She groaned and stared at the tiles below her that were dirty with what looked like blood. Okay... Maybe I should never have questioned the "authority of the kitten". But if the world ran on never-should-haves then both World Wars, the Civil War and the American Revolution would never had happened and women would have been equals and the world would all be filled with the shiny-happy-rainbowy world everyone wants. Let's forget that. If I just sit here long enough, I'll probably end up freezing to death. She struggled to free her wrists from the handcuffs. Damn it! Everything in this damn hospital is in the worst condition and of course they have the best handcuffs. How fucking convenient.

The cat came back with a key. Mukuro called it over and it took a couple of steps toward her before dropping the key beneath her feet. "Oh you fucking cat!"

The cat turned around before it left the room. It was a voice or some sort of imagined sound rooting from desperation, "That's what you get. You whore! You'll never get to him now! Cunt!"

It felt like hours passed. It was hard to tell when there was nothing to do but pray that someone is coming to your rescue and will be arriving at any moment. She guessed it was at least half an hour before she gave up struggling to free herself. She could have sworn that she felt every vein in her body, every cell expanding until they were about to explode.

"Mukuro?!" The voice was distant, but familiar.

She looked up. God, every part of her was so cold that she felt like she was on fire! After seeing that flash of red through her blurring vision, she already knew who it was. (She remembered thinking when she first saw him, Is that his natural color?)

Kurama picked up the key. "Okay. When I let you out of this thing, you're going to fall but I'll try to catch you if I can. Get ready. On the count of three... One... Two... Three!"

She felt her shins hit the ground. She assumed Kurama caught her and was moving her out of the cold. She only knew that she was immediately swallowed by what felt like intense heat. She couldn't tell if she was only feeling his body heat or if she was moved out of the room.

She meant to say "Speak to me" but it came out more like, "Seee-k t' mn..."

"I was waiting for you to come but when you didn't I started to get worried. Here, take my coat." There was more of that painful heat, that feeling of knowing exactly where your blood is flowing. "You look white as a ghost... For a lack of a better phrase. I wish there was something I could do to help you right now. I can see you're in pain because you're suddenly so hot... I wish I could find Hiei too. He just left because when I got to the room, the light was on and he wasn't there. That thing in the room... It was a girl... I remember her picture. It was Yukina."

"Nn't worry... 'S fine..." After half an hour she sat up. "I'm good enough. If Hiei's gone, he can't waste any time waiting for me to get better. He has a broken leg and no weapon. That's almost asking for it. We didn't take that long, did we? Then again... Even Pandora couldn't keep her curiosity from biting her on the ass."

"So you knew?"

"Of course I did. Otherwise I wouldn't have said anything to him. I couldn't tell you because it would be just as bad to tell you. How long have we been gone?"

"...I dunno. I haven't been keeping track of time. Maybe you should wait a little longer."

"You said yourself that you wanted to find him. Let's go before he breaks something else."

They went down the stairs. As they went down, Mukuro added, "We should start looking on the first floor. I doubt he would want to go up the stairs. But there's stranger things going on here. Here's the first floor."

"Wait. The stairs go down further." Kurama stared at the stairs going down.

"I don't remember there being a basement floor. And the elevator said the lowest floor was the first. They have all the floors there too... I wonder..."

"So we'll be going...?"

"After you..."

"I was afraid you would say something like that." He went down the stairs anyway. "I wonder where this could be taking us. I think I might really start losing it if this stairway seems to go on forever and then it turns out this is the stairway to he- Ah!" He slipped on an unseen liquid and fell down the stairs. "Never mind. I found the exit... In a rather painful fashion."

"And there's a 'Watch your step' sign right here. They might as well put a picture of Cardcrusher with the card in one hand and flipping you off in the other with a huge caption, 'You fucking fail' under it." Mukuro helped him up. "Your nose is bleeding. You didn't spring your ankle did you? I have a feeling that having your legs screwed up in any way might be the end of you right now."

"Isn't that what this whole place is? Let's worry about that later and open this door." Kurama opened the door and waved the flashlight around a few times. He stopped to pinch his nose. "I think I hear..."

"Dammit! There you are!" Kurama jumped at the sound of Hiei's voice and struggled to keep the flashlight in his hand. (He probably only accomplished smearing blood all over it, making it even more slippery.) "What the hell is wrong with you, keeping a cripple waiting like this? And do something about your nose! You're getting blood all over the damn place!"

"There's your dumb ass alright..." Mukuro sighed. "Don't get all pissy at us. So were you crying? Can't hide it. I hear it in your voice. I told you not to turn on the damn light. And what'd you do? Don't you think I would have a reason for saying that?"

"Why the hell didn't you just tell me that Yukina's dead? Why didn't you just tell me they hanged her up with her clothes? You just want me to say in the same room with her body just sitting there in some nasty ass place like this?"

"So you want me to tell you that your search was all for nothing?"

"I'd prefer to know. And what, did you find Kurama's mom's body laying around in a gutter and did you tell him not to look there either? Why the hell are you still here? What're you here for?"

"You know... We saved your ass so many times you shouldn't even start saying anything to us. I didn't want to say anything to you because I didn't want you to end up like me."

"What, screwed up in the head?" Suddenly there was static and it started getting louder. "Dammit, Kurama turn off that damn radio."

"It was fine earlier. I wasn't even touching it." Kurama replied. "I have both my hands on my nose trying to stop the bleeding. Let's just get out of here. I don't like it when the static comes on when there's something around."

"You didn't find what we were looking for, did you?"

"Take this and shut the hell up. It was my painkiller when I still lived here. It's called a Health Drink or a Nutrition drink. They changed the name from one to the other at one point," Mukuro handed the bottle to Hiei.

He growled at her but still took it anyway. He found no reason to let a perfectly good drink like that go to waste. He took a big gulp but immediately spit it out. "This stuff is gross! What the hell is this?"

"Let's just go. Mukuro, you're going to have to carry Hiei since my hands are kind of full. Unless Hiei likes having blood all over him," Kurama broke in. He quickly added, "Which he doesn't."

"You should be done with it by now. I can finish mine in less than ten minutes."

"I wish I could do that..."

Mukuro slung Hiei over her shoulder. "You should eat more. You weight less than I do. And that makes me feel bad." After a slight pause she said, "You know, I still don't remember this floor being here. It makes me feel uneasy that even the elevator doesn't even have it on there. And the static too." There was a sound of something hitting the floor, a scraping sound. The sound of metal and a grunting. She twisted around and saw the vague outline of Pyramid Head. Her blood went cold. "Kurama! Run! Don't think about it or turn around! Run like hell! Don't worry about us!"

"Don't tell me..." Kurama sprinted before he could see if Mukuro was catching up to him. All that ran through his mind was the nervous look on his mother's face (When was that? What memory did that come from? Did he just suddenly form a false image of her?) and two bodies laying on a bloodied floor with Mukuro and Hiei's names pasted on each one as the murderer stood over them with a smile on his(?) shapeless face. He nearly crashed into a wall and found he was in an elevator. He looked out to see that Mukuro wasn't that far behind but just before she made it in she slipped on some kind of slime on the ground. (The liquid he slipped on not too long ago? But that wasn't there when I came here! I would have slipped to if...) His blood went cold when he saw Pyramid Head was closing in on them. (This bastard sure can move.) "Take my hand! Hurry!"

She grabbed his hand and reached for Hiei. "Take my hand! Hiei!"

He was frozen. He looked like he was barely able to blink. All that was really moving was his chest choking on rapid breaths. Mukuro grabbed his arms and started struggling to move toward the elevator. She was starting to freeze up too.

"The door's closing... Oh god..."

She was just about done. "Try and keep it open..."

He started slamming on the button to open the doors. There was no response. She was in and Hiei was halfway in when the door closed on him. Then he felt the Great Knife stab into him. He went limp as the blood began to run down his lips and he only managed to moan what sounded like, "Heeelp..." He was pulled out with the Knife still in him. And then everything was black...

Kurama was suddenly aware that he was still hitting the button and that his nose bleed stopped. He started pounding on the button with hot tears pouring. Mukuro was vomiting in the corner and that odor mixed with the stench of urine. But it didn't matter. Time was only lagging. It went too fast then but now it was dragging along cruelly. There was just a chill in his blood. A never ending chill in his blood...

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Chapter 9
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