Silent Hill: Chapter 13
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-07-20 01:10:29
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Hiei, Mukuro, Kuronue, Yukina

Find the key.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
For the record, Hiei coming back wasn't supposed to be something out of my ass. It actually happens in the game. But he's dead for real this time.
Chapter 13
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"We passed a bunch of halls, didn't we? I didn't notice if there were. We just kept going forward and there's more to this place than that. There has to be," Mukuro said.

"Therewere a bunch of doors we passed before we reached that one. I guess it was a good thing we went straight forward then," Kurama replied.

"Okay. There's a door on each side. I'll take the left, you take the right. We'll go one at a time. Search the room and wait for the other to come out if we don't come at the same time. Same if the door's locked or the lock's broken since the locks somehow keep getting like that for some reason. That way we end at the same time. If we see a possibility then call the other one forward. Okay?"

"That'll work. You got your weapon? I've got the shotgun."

"...You know. I think I left it at the hospital. I'll grab a pole or something. Just because I might need it later. I still doubt there's going to be any monsters."

"Won't hurt to be careful." They began their search.

"Lock's broken."

"Same here."

"Lock's broken."


"Lock's broken."

"Got one!"

Kurama ran in and saw a long hallway lined with empty cells dripping deep red drops. He walked to the end of the hall and came back. Nothing. Maybe I should be glad it came out this way. He glanced at one of the cells and saw the delicate hands from his memory reaching out to him. "Ha ha ha! Shuichi likes to watch! Shuichi likes to watch! Shuichi..." On and on and on...

He shot it in where he assumed was the head. "Shut up!"

The delicate hand reached out and he saw the outline of the chin and the lower lip with blood running down their cheek, "You're going to hell. You know it. And you want to know why since you refuse to see the truth?"

He stomped on the outreached hand. "Don't you touch me!" He walked out as the figure sang a song with indistinguishable lyrics.

"You have blood on your shoes now."

"Yeah, it's gross," Kurama replied.

Mukuro looked puzzled at the comment but still answered him. "You mean the room?" I thought so."

"No, you said that I had blood on my shoes. So I..."

"But I did n't say anything. Oh... Maybe I shouldn't 've said that..."

"Not again."

"This one's open."

"Broken lock. Good."

Mukuro ran into the room. "Oh, it's a bathroom. If I wasn't sure that this place was abandoned before." She mumbled to herself as she eyed a brown liquid on the ground which was spotted with drops of red. It turned her stomach because it looked so much like chocolate ice cream with strawberry syrup. And it's definitely not ice cream. She shuttered at the thought and looked in the mirror. There were pictures of young girls taped around the edges.

That's weird. Maybe the staff had a janitor who loved his family a lot. But wait a second... None of these girls look like they could be related. Unless they were adopted but even so that's a lot of girls. Even if they were nieces... Come to think of it, is this the Men or the Women's room? And this one looks familiar... Why...?

She felt something crawling on her leg. She shook it off and crushed it. Damn roaches. Then she smelled something like a dead rat. There was a shaking, crashing sound coming from one of the stalls and then there was a groan. She turned around and saw all of the stalls were shaking, the screws that held each of them to the ground started getting thrown across the room.. She took a pole from under the sink and clutched it. I really should get the hell out of here...

But the door was locked. Damn... She glanced at the mirror and saw the girls in the pictures were all covering their eyes and their mouths were opened wide, screaming. And in the mirror she saw herself with hands surrounding her. The image of herself began to turn younger as she watched someone appearing behind her. "Oh the hell you are! Get out of there if you're not going to let me leave!"

And it did. It was chained to the toilet, dragging it with it. Its body was bent at a strange angle with the head bent so it was still able to looks forward. Its legs were bent so the feet were pointed towards her and there was a tail wagging... Oh, god. Though I'm pretty sure that's not really a tail. "I remember you. You sick son of a bitch. You had too much trouble finding someone to fuck you so any girl would do. Anyone. I know what you did..."

The janitor growled and started crawling to her, grunting like a pig. His face was painted with a lecherous grin. She saw then everything he touch started to rot away- the metal pipes he touched rusted, the tile was covered with black dirt, the walls crackled and some pieces fell off... "Hey, girlie. Why're ya here? Ya here for yer little BOYFRIEND? Ya know he don't love ya no more. Since they lock him in the slammer he don't love ya no more. But ya got me. I love you... I'll give ya that and so much more..." His tail wagged in tune to his laughter. "Come on, girlie. I'm gonna make you sweat..." He reached for her chest.

"Don't fucking touch me!" She swung with so much strength that she tore the janitor's arm right out of its socket.

"Ya bitch! Ya little bitch! Little whore! So ya'll let everyone else just jump on ya and yer not gonna complain!"

"Oh shut up!" She stabbed him through the tail, causing him to howl in more pain. She removed the pole from his tail and then stabbed the pole through the top of his head so it came out of his chin. The janitor stopped screaming and went limp. "So long, NEIGHBOR." She walked out.

"I wasn't sure if I should have come in. I heard some crashes. I probably should have since you can't fall and make that much noise."

"No. I'm okay. Let's move on. Here's one."

"Same here."

Kurama walked in and saw it was a shower room. It was filled with a heavy mist but he was still able to see the woman. She turned around and stared at Kurama for a moment and turned back to the shower. There's nothing interesting in here. He walked to the door but the door shifted away. What the...?! He followed it but it kept shifting away. "Damn."

He heard the woman turn the knobs. The shower stopped and the woman walked to him. "Oh don't go... I need you."

"For... For what...?" Isn't that the stupidest statement of the year?

"Oh you know..." She came closer and he recognized the voice. It was the woman from the phone call. She looked exactly like his mother just as he suspected when he heard her voice. Why... The hell... "Please... I need you so BAD..."

"Don't do this again." He fired and blew her head into pieces, Hundreds of cockroaches came through the walls and devoured her whole body within seconds. He saw something shining at the bottom of the drain. I think... I think this is it. He ran out of the room and waited for Mukuro.

In the other room, Mukuro flicked the lights on and saw an enlarged version of Kurama's head, the large eyes watching her every move. "Hey, better hurry, lady. Because if you don't... Not that you deserve it anyway. I thought you'd like to hear it from me since I'm such a nice boy. Heh... Or so you think..."

She turned around and saw there were four graves by the door. They were marked Hiei, Yukina, Mukuro and Shuichi. She saw that Hiei and Yukina's graves were filled and that there were shovels sitting by her grave and Kurama's.

"Time's wasting, lady. Hurry it up or yours'll be filled too..." She ran out at that point feeling the fear crawl up her spine and her heart pounding in her ears.

"I think I found the key in this room I was just in. It was in the drain." They both walked in the room. "My finger probably won't fit in there. They're kind of thicker than yours I think. And my nails are short so even if I can fit my finger in, I can't reach it."

"Yeah, I guess my fingers are kind of boney. It's hard to tell when no one else tells you... My fingernails are longer so I could probably..." She reached in. "I really hope this is mostly hair from people's heads. It'd be really gross for it to be one hundred percent hair from everywhere else..." She fished it out. "Great, this must be to that back door. Now we just need to find the way to it."

"Let's keep going together. This place is starting to get weird."

"You said it." They took the left door. Broken lock. The right was open. It was another bathroom but there was a stall missing. Mukuro walked up to the lone toilet cautiously. "Hey I think I see something shining in here, too."

"Another key? ...In the toilet?" He reached in but paused. "What the hell am I doing?"

"Well, one of us has to touch it."

"Well it won't be me!"

"You too, Kurama?" She paused. "Rock paper scissors. Since we're trapped in a stalemate." Kurama lost that one. "It's okay. You can get revenge by letting me get bit by a monster or something."

"That's horrible!" He shut his eyes tightly, swallowed a lump of what he suspected was vomit, and reached in. "What the..." A key. "We don't have to find the way to that door! This is the key to his cell!"

"Great!" She took it and eagerly ran out. "Let's go then!"

Kurama saw a TV in the corner with a tape in the VCR. I wonder... He pushed the tape in and played it. There was blood and scattered lumps of flesh. (What is this... A horrible butcher... Do I even need to ask?) The camera zoomed out and the bits of flesh slowly came together and attached to red stained bones. They were two figures and he saw they were running from Pyramid Head. Then he saw that it was Mukuro and him that were running. The video continued and he watched himself running from the room... (THIS room.) Then he saw that he was watching the tape. And that was the end. Oh shit!

He ran out. "Mukuro! Run! Hurry!"

"What? Why?" She was practically being dragged away by him then she felt something slice across her back. Then she understood. "No!"

Pyramid Head was after them, grunting. He swung again and they saw that he wasn't carrying the Great Knife anymore but was carrying a spear. The spear barely pierced through his left arm. The door! Just a little further!

Pyramid Head was closing in on them This bastard can run fast! Why couldn't he just grab his knife! It's a lot quicker. (What, do I want to die?!) Kurama was still practically dragging Mukuro with him. He crashed into a wall and he grabbed the knob. There!

They swung the door open and practically leapt in. Mukuro slammed it shut behind them aa Kurama dragged a chair and put it in front of the door to prevent it from opening. (He probably can't open the door. He didn't look like he had fingers but it won't hurt to be careful....) Pyramid Head started to spear the door but then it came to an abrupt stop. The two sighed with relief.

Mukuro shoved the key in and unlocked the door. "Hiei, we've... Hiei...?" He was laying down on the cot with his arms crossed as if in prayer. Their initial thought was that he was sleeping but when Mukuro shook him to wake him up, his face turned showing his face had been smashed in. "So... That's how it is... Don't wait until we come back to... I'll find the bastard who did this to you..." She turned to the door and swung it open once she confirmed that it wasn't locked. She then picked up his body and carried him out the door.

"Wait, what're you planning to do with him...?" She didn't answer. She just walked out. He took the key out of his pocket and was about to drop it on the ground when he saw there was a number on the key. 302. What...?

He shook his head and put it back in his pocket. He walked out and saw there was a dock with four boats (one of them was missing). This is it. This is how we can leave... He got in one and started rowing away. About fifteen minutes later he was at another dock. He looked at the fallen sign framed by rusted metal. "Lakeview Hotel". So that key I found. It must be.. But why? What could this mean? What was it that Mother said...? Oh yeah...

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Chapter 13
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