Silent Hill: Chapter 14
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-07-20 01:12:14
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Hiei, Mukuro, Kuronue, Yukina

The answer. And leaving for the final answer...

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This is the last chapter. The next chapters will be the endings. They all revolve around the circumstance between meeting Mukuro again. There's no real ending, when it comes down to it. It just depends on whichever one you prefer the most.
Chapter 14
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"When I was seven years old-" Seven. That's what she was. Seven. "-my parents and my older cousin went to the Lakeside Amusement Park in Silent Hill. We went to the Ferris wheel twice and went on all the roller coasters and all the other rides. I loved the teacups one but your grandfather got sick on it so he couldn't go on anymore rides the rest of the day. They closed it down ten years ago I think. Might've been more but that was when the rest of the town started going downhill. I think you would have loved it. You do love those upside-down loops and all that, don't you, Shuichi? In fact, I have a picture of the hotel we stayed in. It was across the lake from the park so at night you could still kind of see the lights on the Ferris wheel and on the roller coasters..."

It was desolate now. The green hedges had been replaced by wooden skeletons and the grass was so dry that it looked like an addition to the cement pavement. The fountain's pipes were rusted over and the water that once flowed through left a green stain of algae and now browned moss. The bench had broken into pieces with several screws scattered around. Even the window frames and the brass(?) doorknob looked rusted. The windows were cracked and saw through the water stains that the creme colored (or were they supposed to be white?) were covered with a layer of dusty cobwebs.

He turned the knob and walked in cautiously, anticipating a monster's attack. But there was no sign of anything else in there from what he could see. He flicked the light switch but it still didn't turn on. He grabbed a curtain to open it but the whole thing slid right off the window. He continued down the hall, tugging away at the curtains, most of them falling down like the first one. He saw there was a reception desk. I could probably get a map from there and then I could see if there's anything else here. I could see if there's anywhere Mukuro could be hiding in too. I can't leave without her...

He approached the counter and was shocked, he nearly stopped mid-step. There was Kuronue sitting comfortably in his desk, reading a newspaper, his feet on the desk.

"Oh, Garfield, you're so outrageous and unpredictable like today's weather!" he said sarcastically before crumpling up the paper. He looked up at Kurama. "Took you long enough. I've been waiting... You better not give me another hug. I don't think a million showers will ever clean me. Well, not that I ever get the chance to get a decent bath anyway..."

"Great. It's you."

"Yeah, that's a perfectly reasonable response. That's fair."

"Hey, you didn't happen to see Mukuro, did you?"

"Oh, HER. Wouldn't touch her with a forty and a half foot pole. Lady's insane in the membrane."

"I thought she would have gone through here at some point and you would have at least seen her go by or something. Unless I passed her... Or she found her own way home. I'd be so glad if..." He noticed Kuronue pulled out a bottle in the shape of the pink rabbit Peeps candy and started blowing bubbles. "Would you stop doing that?!"

"What? You're just going on and on and this is more amusing. It smells better too."

"Well I've been in a prison. How do you think I'd smell? Like a botanical garden?!"

"Speaking of prisons, did you find the key with 302 on it? And more importantly did you take it with you?"

"Yes and yes."

"Good because I'd have you go back if you didn't, Killer. Though it's no skin off my nose."

"So we're back to that again."

"Oh, there's a reason for that." He took a tape out from a drawer and pushed it to him. "Everything you need to know and wanted to know about yourself and your situation is on there."

"Tell me now. Is it because I just went and watched my mother get murdered?"

"Tape." He tapped a nail on it twice. Somehow it reminded him of the nurse in the hospital and the woman who called him on the phone making no attempt to sound concerned at all.

"Just tell me up front! Right now!"

"Oh well.. You're gone a long way from just thinking your little mommy dearest was just out missing in this place. Even though she had to be unplugged from the IV and all that... Now you're close to the truth. Maybe then you'll understand why you all had to come here. And why everything happened like it did. Of course, that's what I think. I still don't know this place like the back of my hand. That's sad. But this place always seems to change. Like the poor people here and all..."

"So what... You're saying that we deserved all this? We might have done horrible stuff but that can't justify this torture? What did Mukuro do? She's a nice person."

"Her father."

"But she was the victim."

"Yes, she was a victim but killing one's parent is a greater sin than killing or doing anything else to their child. Why do you think they made that commandment Thou shalt honor thy father and mother? Though she had a better way to escape what she was dealing with but of course she decided to take the easy way. Murder. What a bitch."

"And Hiei?"

"Murdered a child and never confessed to it." He paused. "What, no sermon?"

He still didn't answer. So that means that in a way I've committed the same crime as Mukuro. I guess I did kill her if I think about it. He took the tape. "So you want me to bring this one back since it's the be-all-end-all of the tapes? It must be... DEAR to you. Ick."

"They're all great tapes, really. If I didn't want the first one back, why would I want this one back? In fact, you even BROKE one of my tapes. You're an ass for that by the way. The acting in that one was horrible but...!" He shook his head and sighed. "I'd hate to see how you treat your library books. Horrible, nasty little boy."

Kurama sighed irritably. "Right. But it won't mater. Where's room 302?"

"This floor down here has no rooms. It's the third and final floor when you go up the stairs." He stood up and leapt over the counter. "I think I'm out of here." He flung the bubbles away. "I'll be back in... Whenever." He walked away.

Kurama tucked the tape under his arm and started up the stairs. This place is so disturbing. Just how it feels. It's like you can come in but you can leave... Except maybe in a body bag or something. Sounds like an episode of The Twilight Zone... Or a Stephen King novel. I hope Mukuro got home. I really do. Whatever's happening right now. I don't want her to go through it...

Why are the floorboards creaking? He stepped on the steps, going back up and down. They all creaked screaming under his weight. They look like they're brand new. That's weird because the curtains... He looked at the curtains. They were all in perfect condition as if they were never touched. What the hell but they...? God, first the voices and now THIS? Shu, if you ever get out of here alive, check yourself into the psych ward and get your head on straight.

Someone grabbed his arm. He nearly fell down the stairs in fright. Once he got good footing and a tight hold on the rail, he turned around to see Kuronue, who had another tape in his hand. "I almost forgot. There's the REAL last tape. Yeah, really. I might've forgotten but I'm serious this time. You probably won't watch it. I assume that you would be so shocked from the first tape that you wouldn't want a second dose of shock. Wouldn't do you any good. Actually I watched it more than three times in a row but I still don't understand it. Take it anyway. You might if you watched it. Now this time I'll be going for real." He walked down the stairs. "Well, quit staring and go to that room!"

Kurama shook his head at him and continued up the stairs. It smelled like mold or old rooting wood... Actually this whole place reeks of it. This place it probably falling apart and I don't even see it for some reason. But why...? He was at the fourth floor before he knew it. 300. 301. 302. There it is... He took the key out of his pocket with a shaking hand. He felt tears growing heavy in his eyes. His throat pitted open trying to fit the thick stone down. He stared at the key for a moment. This is it. This is the end. I'll... A voice in the back of his head shouted Oh hurry up and quit Bsing! He shoved the key in the lock.

"You have delicate hands, you know." Kuronue's voice said in head mind. Why am I remembering that? He opened the door. His heart pounded harder in his chest and he felt like he was sweating so much he looked like he just jumped into the pool. He finally walked in and immediately saw the VCR on the TV, its mouth wide open, welcoming him. He practically ran to it. He dropped the second tape on the bed and shoved the first tape into the VCR.

It was blurry at first but then it came into focus. There was his mother lying on the hospital bed. Her hair was messy as if she had been tossing and turning in her sleep. The nurse came in and gruffly said to her, "Hey, Mrs. Minamino, your son has come to see you. Now you best behave yourself, you hear? He's awfully worried about you. Tell him to call me or the doctor if you start needing something." He hear her grumble under her breath, "Old crow."

Kurama entered the room with a slight smile, though obviously distressed over his mother's state. "Um... Mother, I brought you some flowers. I thought you would need something to brighten up the room and this was one of the few things the nurse said was okay to bring in. I would bring you a card but you know what they say- Hallmark cards are always too specific. So I think I'll just put them right here..." He started walking to the table by the window but then he stopped. "Oh, you know what, I think you'll want to hold them, just to get the scent. That's the closest they'll let you get to sitting outside."

"...I don't want them."


"I don't want any damn flowers!" She swatted the vase out of his hands and the vase fell the ground. Kurama shook the drops of water off his shoes and stepped out of the puddle. The look of shock never left his face. "No... No, I'm sorry. I-it... I... IT's this place... I'm so miserable here I can't even be nice to my own..." Tears came to her eyes.

"I know... I know, Mother... I know a way to save you too..." He placed his hands around her neck. No, that's no good.

"Shuichi? Wha-" She couldn't say anymore. He flipped the pillow over her face and smothered her. Her arms flailed around but after a few moments she relaxed. He took a piece of the shattered vase and cut her wrist, dipping a stem from the golden tulip and wrote on the wall "I'M GOING TO SILENT HILL."

And then he..

He couldn't take another second of it. He kicked the TV down and shattered the screen. He took the VCR and continued to smash it into bits. He ripped the tape from the VCR's gaping throat and crushed it under his feet. Before he knew it, there were millions of little pieces scattered around him and a large crack in the window. Those hands... They were mine. I did it! But she couldn't stand it any longer! It was the best thing to do! ...But that was still no reason to kill her! His mind was splitting into two and the conflicting voices screamed at each other slowly growing intensity.

"No!" Kurama turned around to see Shuichi there, eyes wide with shock. Shuichi started looking as if he were about to be sick. "Why... Why did you do this, Shuichi! If you so much as glance in the direction of where we are or if I see you anywhere near our home... I'd...!"

"You're not real! Go away!" He flung a piece of the TV at him. "Shuichi" turned around and ran out, sobbing.

So this is it. This is my punishment... He remembered moving the body by... No! I don't... He stood up. I'll get out... He walked out of the room and was shocked to see everything drenched in a salty clear liquid. (They're tears...) Blood began to drop from the walls and the whole building began to look as if it were about to fall apart. (It's like I'm looking at reality again..) He continued down the stairs, not wanting to see anything else. He smelled something when he reached the last step. It was gasoline. Is that... Smoke I'm seeing? Where is it coming from?

He flowed the smell and slight mist of smoke down the hall and saw a door there. What is this...? As he turned the knob, his fear of what happened to Mukuro returned. Oh god...

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Chapter 14
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