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Published: 2012-07-20 01:15:30
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The first answer.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This is based on the Leave ending. (SPOILER: James leaves with Laura.) I can't remember how you get this one... It's actually not my favorite.
Chapter 15
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She turned around, carrying Hiei's body. She gave him a long hard stare as if she was trying to remember where she saw his face but then gave him a blank look. "Oh... It's You... Kurama."

"What are you doing up there? Come down!" He coughed, choking on the smokey air. As he struggled to breathe, he watched the flames slowly climb up the stairs with his tearing eyes.



"I can't... Why should I?"

"Why're you doing this to yourself! Please! Just come down!"

"Why? Why?! I can't fucking escape this! No matter what we do we'll still have to face judgement!" She squeezed the corpse closer to her. She looked down and saw that the lids were still wide open and the eyes were staring straight up at her with some strange fear. She held him up awkwardly and slid his eyes shut with one hand. "Don't look at me like that. Don't pity me. I'm just not worth that, you know. I never was. I was just one useless thing everywhere I went."

"Don't say that. That's not true."

"Liar. You wouldn't miss me."

"Yes I will. The thought of you not being to come home... It's... The thought's torture. I mean, yes, I'll come home but I won't be happy because... At what cost did I go home on my own for? You can come home with me and we'll forget all about this as much as you can. Don't you remember what we said? We'll go eat lunch and... And what Hiei said, too. That we'll all get out and eat that giant ice cream thing. Go play videogames and stuff. 'So then we'll be so far from this fucking place that we won't even remember we were here and it'll all be a bad memory.'"

"What, without him? Why don't we dance on their graves while we're at it? And his sister's?"

"But they would still want us to be out of here and live on without them. Don't you think so?"

"What... Would that take away all the pain too?" Silence. She held the body tighter and groaned. She mumbled, "Yeah, that's what I thought." Without looking up, she continued. "I'm just a step away from just jumping into the flames right now. But it probably won't work. But are they real? I can't tell the difference anymore." Silence. "You're not going to tell me why I shouldn't, are you?"

"...It's... hot as hell out here."

"So you see it, too? Everywhere I look now, this is all I see." She turned around, but paused and waited for his reaction before she went up the stairs, the flames climbing after her.

He could only say in an inaudible whisper, "No. Come back." He started choking on the smoke. He stepped out of the room to get some fresh air, intending on going up the stairs and pulling Mukuro down with him. When he shoved the door open, he saw that there was nothing in there anymore. It was just an empty closet.

He dropped to his knees. "God, no... No! No!" He curled in the corner of the closet and cried.

He walked down the hall and just kept walking. He bumped into someone but he didn't look up, already knowing who it was. "So I'm the last one left." There was no reply. "I guess that's a yes. And now I know that... So this is my punishment. I see that now. I'll go home and take everything that will come get me without a fight."

"You know the way out is the same way in. And it's not blocked anymore. If you knew that it was in the first place," Kuronue replied without emotion.

"Oh. Thanks. I..." He started walking away. "Wait. Isn't there a way around here? I'll take that way instead." His foot went into a hole in the floorboards and he fell on his face. Cursing under his breath, he rolled onto his back. Kuronue towered over him, the sickle in his hands. "What are you...?"

"Did I tell you that you could leave? Didn't you say that you're accepting punishment and that you'll accept more without a fight? So what's the problem?" He held the sickle up, ready to strike him. Kurama got up and ran away. "You can't run!" He flung the sickle at him and tore the back of Kurama's shirt.

Kurama shoved the door open and slammed it shut. Holding it shut with one hand, he reached over and grabbed a chair to put under the handle so it wouldn't open. I can't keep running. But this can't hold the door for too long. The point of the sickle cut through the door. Come to think of it... Why am I running? What am I thinking...? I'll ask that later. He turned around to get a head start. Hey, wait, doesn't he have wings? So he can fly and then he could... Oh shut up! God dammit! He froze when he saw Pyramid head walking to the fountain. It's over.

But Pyramid Head didn't make any attempt to attack him. Instead it just stopped at the fountain and left its Great Knife leaning against the fountain. Kurama stared at the knife curiously but then turned when he heard the window next to the door shatter. Kuronue started coming closer. Kurama ran to the side of the fountain farthest away from Kuronue, and stared at the knife. Does he really think I can lift this thing? I can drag it but I can't pick it up enough to do any damage... But even then I probably can't even move fast enough to... The top of the fountain was sliced off and blood shot out of the exposed pipes. He tried to get up, but he slipped on the blood. He rolled out of the way before the sickle could have stabbed through his head.

"Why are you running? There's nowhere you can go to. This is the only way you can be rightly judged. What makes you think that you'll find justice in your home?"

"Is this really the best way?" There's a chance it still might work. I just have to get him away from it. If I let him know that I'm thinking about using that knife on him, it's game over. "Just killing every one of us without a chance to redeem ourselves?"

"Redemption? Don't make me laugh! You've displayed to me again and again that you don't deserve it! You've had plenty of time to find it but you never did! You all couldn't just walk away because you didn't really WANT to leave. You can't just suddenly turn back and say that you're sorry when you're on the electric chair!"

Kurama rolled back to where he was and grabbed hold of the fountain, trying his best to ignore the blood that was dropping on him. He unconsciously licked his lips, regretting it when he tasted the saltiness on them. "And why are you the one to punish me then? What about the gods that live here?"

"Haven't you heard...?" Kuronue closed in on him and stabbed the blade into Kurama's left shoulder. He whispered in Kurama's ear. "God can't save you anymore. You're too deep in hell for that."

Kurama reached over for the handle of the Great Knife and with all the strength he had, he pulled it over, turning the blade to cut through Kuronue. It sliced him in half, and at the same time, Kuronue tried to do the same to Kurama. The cut was too shallow to get to Kurama's heart. Kurama tried his hardest to swallow the vomit that leapt up his throat but it still came up. He slid away from the dead body and tried to get as far away from the range of the blood from the fountain.

God, I hope he didn't get to any arteries or anything important like that. I'm not a doctor but... He put pressure on the wound with a hand just to be sure. He watched the fountain for a few moments. "That would be so beautiful if it were water. Whoever designed that thing is really fucked up in the head." He thought of one summer when he was eight years old. It was a hundred degrees out and the pool ended up with a hole so he couldn't go in it with his mother. "...Heh, and then she took out the sprinkler from the garden and then he ran around in there. In our clothes. We came in dripping wet. We didn't think to grab any towels so the floor had to be mopped..." He felt tears dropping. "It looked just like that. I wonder if it ran like this when she came. I wonder if she thought about that when we ran in the sprinklers... I wish there was someone that was listening... In the end, none of them could be saved. We didn't come in time to save Yukina... Or Hiei... And now Mukuro."

He heard footsteps and looked over. It was Pyramid Head. I feel so stupid for saying this but might as well... "Um, thanks I guess. For your help just now, I mean."

"I'm giving you another chance."

"What? That voice... Is it? What?"

Pyramid Head removed his helmet with some difficulty. It was Shuichi. "You need another chance. Get out here. Push that car off Nathan Avenue while you're at it. We don't want it here."

"Oh... Okay..." He tried to hide his confusion. What, I've seen weirder. This probably isn't what it REALLY looks like anyway.

"I guess I'll just call you Cain now?" And that was all he said. He turned around and walked away.

Kurama sighed as he watched Pyramid Head go. And what's that supposed to mean? He sat there for a few more moments and then returned Nathan Avenue. He saw Hiei's car was still there and he went in the front seat, imagining what could have been...

He got out and started pushing the car down the road. He kept pushing it until he saw a knocked down sign that read "Silent Hill City Limits." He pushed it a little more. When he passed the stump that once held the sign, the car suddenly turned on. Of course you turn on now.

He went back in the driver's seat and turned the car off again. He ran his hands through his hair and smacked the wheel a few times. He laid back and sighed again. He looked in the back seat and saw a couple of dog-eared novels and a few magazines. He saw there was a phone on the passengers seat. He dialed the number, knowing it would have to be his last.

"Hey, dad. Is this you?" He remembered the last phone call he made. "...I know that you can't hear me but if you could hold on to the phone long enough for me to tell you everything. I know that... I don't know my intentions anymore. What was I thinking? Why was I so stupid that... I can't believe it at all. I'm a horrible person for just giving up like that. I... I can't put what I want to say in words. I'm sorry. It can't take the pain away but... I'm sorry. I love you, Dad. You and Shuichi both. I'll miss you..." He hung up. He turned on the radio.

"And she's buying the stairway to heaven..."

"Yeah, you look like someone who'd love Led Zeppelin."


"Hey, Dad. Who was it? You didn't say anything to them," Shuichi asked, looking up from his homework. "Was it another telemarketer again? Those guys have been calling a lot."

"I don't know, Shuichi. But it felt like..." He sighed. "Never mind."

"I wonder when Shuichi's gonna call. He hasn't been home in a while. I hope he's alright. Or that he didn't forget his cell like he always does."

"Yeah." He stared out the window. "Yeah..." He found himself staring at the street again.

"She was always waiting for you... why... why..." (Laura, Silent Hill 2)

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Chapter 15
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