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Published: 2012-08-04 00:48:56
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A continuation from last chapter as you delve deeper into the mystery that surrounds what you were led to believe was a simple, everyday household key.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
So I'm back and publishing the next chapter just 'cos. There's no guarantee I'll continue publishing here, as I'm busy elsewhere... but that doesn't necessarily mean I can't be persuaded otherwise! A quick recap for you all : You found a mysterious golden key at school one day, and then all of a sudden, all hell simply breaks loose. In the chaos, you are separated away by a figure in a black cloak, and what he leads you to is something you simply can't believe.
Chapter 2
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You had to be dreaming. This was something out of nightmares. It was at least twenty metres tall, writhing and squirming over what used to be the school hall. A huge insect larva, complete with a gaping hole of a mouth rimmed with four sets of wickedly sharp teeth.
You tremble in his arms, unable to look away. You feel faint. That... thing...
You scream. You try madly to pull out of his grip, and run away. He only tightens his grasp on you, until it begins to hurt.
“I knew we had a pest problem, but wow...” You manage to squeak out feebly. He doesn’t laugh at your joke.
You frown. How the heck does a worm get that big? That should be biologically impossible! Insect bodies should not be able to cope at that size!
“What... is that?” You ask him, eyes transfixed on the monster.
“Don’t run.” He says gruffly. You look up at him. “I’m serious. Go over behind that wall over there and stay hidden.” You can tell from the strain in his voice that he was desperate. “If you run, you’ll kill us all.”
“Uh... huh.” You nod dumbly. What else is there to do?
You cock an eyebrow. You know as soon as he turns his back on you, you’re outta there!
“W-what?” You stutter. “How does my not being here suddenly equal instant death?”
“Yeah, because I can totally help you beat that thing.” Your voice drips with sarcasm.
You barely even hear him. You’re still staring at that giant worm, in a state of complete disbelief...
He ignores your reply, and frog marches you over to behind the stray rubble of a wall. “Stay here.” He commands, tensing his grip on your wrist to emphasise. Then, swiftly, he lets go and leaves you to run off towards the giant larva. What now?
Stay put. You’re not going out there with a giant monster worm on the loose!
Make a run for it! Now’s your chance! Go go go!
Curl up in a little ball and pinch yourself awake. Because you know you’re dreaming – this is insane!
Cautiously peer over the side of the wall and take a peek at what’s going on. You want to know what’s happening!
Follow him! Seeing as you’re apparently so special, you could help out!
Your muscles tense. You swallow hard as your mouth dries out. But before you get a chance to react another explosion throws you off your feet and into the sodden ground. You struggle back up to see the monster screech dementedly and hurtle down upon you.

Suddenly, a figure in a black hooded robe blurs across your vision, and crimson blood from the worm sprays into the air. It’s the guy from before, except now he’s brandishing a golden-hilted sword.

The worm screams, and you shrink in terror. Then, before your very eyes, four more hooded men appear.
You claw yourself through the mud, away from the monster. You don’t want to be eaten!
Wait, so was he the guy from before after all? Because you’re pretty sure he didn’t have a sword...
“What's going on here?!” You cry. Silently, you pleaded for someone to please answer you!
You curl up and try to make yourself invisible. With these five here, at least it’ll go for them first...
You gape at them. That. Was. Awesome.
“Corvis!” The one with the sword calls. “Now!” One of the robed men throws back his hood to reveal a shock of white hair and vivid blue eyes. He pulls out a flawlessly-white staff, and drives the end into the earth with a heavy thump. His eyes flutter close and he begins to utter something under his breath. Suddenly, the storm becomes worse.

One by one, the other hooded men reveal themselves: a redhead, two with black hair – one with brilliant red eyes and the other with a set of animal ears – and, finally, the warrior crowned with a head of brown locks. They all couldn’t have been much older than you, if any.
Your purse your lips. So how were a bunch of school kids supposed to kill that thing?
You couldn't stop staring at guy with the ears. Seriously... what the hell? Actually, did he have a tail?
“Who are you?!” You yelp.
You marvel in silence. Wow. Just wow. You had to be dreaming! Not only have you been attacked by giant worms, but you'd been saved by gorgeous superfreaks!
You kinda wanted to get out of the storm now. It was getting really bad.

(...And, you know, away from the giant killer worm, too.)
In a flash, they all begin to herd the creature away from you. Except the white-haired one; he remained motionless with his eyes closed in concentration. Who are you watching?
The one with those freakish ears and that tail. There was just something... entrancing about the way he moved. With an almost... animal grace?
The one with the sword. He was so brave! Running out there with no other weapon– that took guts!
The redhead one. He just commanded attention!
The dark-haired one with the red eyes. The way he hung back, watching, waiting... He was planning something.
The white-haired one. Was he... casting a spell? Seriously?
The white-haired one’s voice begins to rise. You couldn't make out what he’s saying, but the sound of his voice made your skin prickle. It didn't even sound human. The wind suddenly begins to pick up, buffeting around your body and drowning out all other noise, screaming at you in a fearful rage. Thunder roars with every syllable he utters. The sheer power in the air made you gasp.

He screams the last word; it echoes around in your head like the clang of a bell. Lightning pierces the ground all around you, and in a deafening roar the world turns white.
You start to panic. Oh god, you died. You’re dead. They had killed you!!
You close your eyes and curl up into a ball. You’ll wake up, and you’ll be okay. You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay!
After a brief maddening silence, you start laughing. Surely, you’re going insane! This is crazy!
The glare slackens, and you realise you’re lying on your back, staring at the midday sun, somewhere in a grassy path near a forest. Rubbing your eyes, you sit up.

And the monster is sitting there, staring straight at you with its dark, little beady pinpricks for eyes.
“Oh, sh-” You scramble to your feet and get out of there!
You choke, frozen trembling on the spot. No...
“H-help!” You cry out. Maybe those guys from before are still around?
After a splutter of panic, you find your courage. You pick up the nearest rock and hurl it at it. “Leave me alone!!” You screech.
You’re shaking, watching it edge towards you. You swallow hard and force yourself to calm down, scanning the area for something -- anything -- to use against it...
“Hey, Raolf!” A voice hollers. Jerking your head back, you spy the redhead from before. “Get your head in the game! It’s gonna eat her!” And on cue, an enormous black wolf barrels into the worm from the right, sinking his heavy fangs into its flesh. It squeals hideously , and the wolf snarls as he attacks again, the redhead cheering him on wholeheartedly. You get to your feet and edge away, starting to feel sick.

Suddenly, you feel your leg begin to tingle again, just like it had before...

“Are you okay?” A voice asks concernedly. It’s the stranger with the red eyes.
You say nothing. He could be a serial killer for all you know!
“U-uh...” You stutter under his unnerving gaze. “My leg...”
“Nothing, I’m fine.” You reply. You had more important things to worry about -- giant worms, for example.
“I-it’s my leg...” You grimace. “And now I’m starting to feel a little nauseous...”
“What the hell is going on?!” You bark. Seriously, it was about time someone gave you answers!
He frowns. You can’t help but to groan as the pain kicks back in. It was as if your leg was being cut open and burned with a hot iron at the same time. The red-eyed stranger lunges forward to catch you as you slump down. “Mal!” He yells. As he slowly lowers you to the ground you faintly hear the retreat of the gruesome larva as it burrows into the ground.

The five once again crowd around you. You’re beginning to feel faint. “It’s the key,” You hear the one with the sword, Mal, say. “She’s absorbing it.” An uneasy mutter passes through them. Suddenly, he unsheathes his sword. “We’re going to have to cut it out before it gets too deep.” His voice is flat, cold.

“Are you insane?” The white-haired one shrieks. “You’re not a surgeon! You’ll cut an artery – she’ll bleed to death!”
“Y-yeah!” You manage to choke out. “Femoral artery! Major blood supply to leg! Don’t cut it, please!”
You can only manage a squeak of terror. You’re too busy watching the sharp edge of the sword hover above your thigh.
Don't you dare touch me with that!!” You screech, struggling. The guys wince as your voice pierces their ears.
You throw your hands over your leg. “Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down! Surely there’s got to be another way?” You plead.
You wince. “No, it’s okay. Let him.” Strangely, you find yourself calm. “If it’s the only option....”
The group flies into a disorderly argument. Clearly, not all of them agree. But you find you can’t keep your focus anymore. Your vision is blurring, your hearing slowly fading...

Vaguely, you hear one of their voices yelp a concern as you lose consciousness...

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Chapter 2
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