Chapter 3: Hana's first mission!
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If Hana is learning ninja abilities, going on missions for the village will be good for her as well!

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This is a Naruto fanfiction. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and all his character's and original storyline belong to him, my character(s) and plot belong to the author me. If you see this on Quizilla it is mine, my name on there is ziviorxlovesozivi
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[Shikamaru] Not bad Hana, want to take a break?

[Me]*Shakes head* No I want to improve faster, I didn't learn these things as a child so I'm way behind.

Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders, but before he began to spar with Hana and older man cam by, he had a beard and cigarette in his mouth. Behind him followed, Ino, and someone that looked to be the same age as me and the others. He was slightly chubby.

[Shikamaru] Asuma sensei? Are we going on a mission?

[Asuma] Yep, but we're taking Princess Hana. *Looks at Hana* I'm Asuma by the way, you've met Ino and Shikamaru, and this is other team member, Akimichi Choji.

Choji bowed. I bowed in turn.

[Me]Nice to meet you all. *Smiles politely*

[Shikamaru] Are you sure that's a safe idea?

[Asuma] Don't worry, we will just be doing some D rank missions today. Since the Hokage has everyone else on C and B she kind of needs some people D anyways.

Shikamaru sighed.

[Shikamaru] So bothersome...

I giggled. He said that a lot, it was funny. Ino game me a look raising her eyebrows. I blushed and waved my hands.

[Me] {I love her as a sister, but she's always teasing me about Shikamaru!}

[Asuma] Alright let's go.

We all headed off to a building where a lot of ninja's were running in and out. Inside a few higher ranking ninja sat at a table handing slips of paper or pointing to clients.

[Me] Do you ever give out missions Shikamaru?

[Shikamaru] Sometimes, it's kind of a hassle...

[Me] Hmmm

The system in which it worked was really marvelous, D ranked missions were easy missions, accepted by mostly new genin, these missions were like finding a lost pet, taking animals for walks, helping with gardening. Then it went up the alphabet to A which could be a really intense mission like assassination.

[Me] {I wonder if such a system would work well in my country, I guess that would mean ninja's only got B or A ranked missions then...}

[Asuma] Alright, easy, we will just be walking some dogs.

[Me] A dog?

[Shikamaru] What?

[Me] I've actually never been around a dog.. my father is actually allergic to them..

[Ino] Really?!

[Asuma] Do you want a different mission?

[Me] No! No! I'm excited! Let's go walk the dogs!


The dog I walk was a husky with pretty blue eyes. It was a very hyper active dog and pulled me a lot, but it was fun. The rest of the team seemed bored.

[Me] I'm sorry... you guys seem bored.

[Shikamaru] Not your fau- ow!

Ino looked at Shikamaru funny.

[Ino] We're not bored we're just relaxing we don't do nice leisurely missions like this often.

[Me] {Ino is so sweet} Oh well okay... we should race!

[Whole team] Wha?

[Me] Ready! Set! Go! *Dashes forward*

[Ino] Ah! You started too fast! *Follows after giggling*

*---Shikamaru's P.O.V.---*

I watched the girls run off.

[Me] {So weird..}

[Asuma] So, how is her training going?

[Me] Alright I guess..

[Asuma] Well she might be tested to be a leaf ninja..

[Me] What? Why? How long is she staying here for?

[Asuma] *Shrugs* Tsunade seems to think quite a while, she thinks she might have the ability and time to reach chuunin level.

[Me] {That will be years! I wonder if something is wrong in her country..?} *Shakes head* {Nah, plus.. it's not really my problem.. I shouldn't worry}


After the team finished a few missions Hana walked around sluggishly yawning.

[Asuma] Alright I think it's time to call it a day.

[Hana] No N- *Yawns* Let's keep going!

[Ino] Don't overstress your body Hana you need rest!

[Me] She's right Hana, if you over work your body you'll get sick and lose time on training.

[Hana] Oh okay, thanks for worrying for me..

[Ino] No problem! See you next time!

[Hana] Bye!

The team all left while I took Hana home. I looked at her, I remembered how she was crying by herself yesterday.

[Me] {I wonder if she realizes she won't be going home for a real long time..} Hey, Hana?

[Hana] Yes?

[Me] ... Would you like to go over ninjutsu tomorrow? I can teach you an easy one..

[Hana] *Grabs on to Shikamaru* I'd love too! Thank you so- so... *Starts to slide*

I caught her before she fell.

[Me] {She really over worked herself after all how bothersome..} *Picks her up*

I walked home with her sleeping in my arms. Once I reached the door, I put her over my shoulder, so I could unlock it and open it. I looked down. Neither of my parent's shoes were there.

[Me] {Thank god.. I could just hear my mom screeching at me..}

I carried her to her room and laid her down on the bed. It was kind of weird. A girl my age is living in my house, and she's not my family.

[Me] {She's actually kind of cute..} *Shakes head* {Ah geez what am I thinking?-}

[Hana] Daddy?... I miss you.. when.. when will I see you?...

Hana muttered quietly in her sleep. Her expression on her face was a gentle sadness. A tear slid from her closed eyes. I walked out and closed the door.

[Me] {Why Tsunade making this poor girl be a ninja.. She couldn't possibly hurt someone, I don't think she could defend herself even if she knew how.. she's just a little girl.. Never even gone through ninja training before..}

I sighed and walked downstairs.

[Me] {I need to train her as best as I can.. maybe I should ask someone for help...}

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Chapter 4
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