Chapter 14: Entering The Exams
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Alright I will start with a preface since it has been a while! Here we go Chuunin exams!

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This is a Naruto fanfiction I started on Quizilla. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and all his character's and original storyline belong to him, my character(s) and plot belong to the author me.
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~--Sasuke's P.O.V.--~

Sasuke watcher Kasumi walk away before he stood up. He turned and saw Kakashi was standing behind him.

"Well at least I don't have to look for you.." Kakashi sighed and walked towards him.

"Sasuke, I'm only telling you this because, it's like she said your obviously involved." Sasuke nodded.

"..Kasumi..well what we have deduced, is that she's gone through some sort of deep brainwashing."

"..Seriously? What do you mean brainwashing?"

".. I can't say exactly, she's obeying orders she can't remember, she doesn't know who gave them to her, but obviously she was sent here by someone at a very young age, she's probably experienced a lot of trauma, she's had memories wiped too obviously, although some of it might be her own mind protecting itself. Her orders, are to protect you."


"She can't control it either, or she couldn't, she now has a bit more ability to control it, as long as she still tries to protect you, but she has to on her own mind for her to stay in control. And there's more.."


"She has a very unusual kekkei genkai... but that's sealed away as well, she can only tap into it, when she, or you, are in great danger. The kekkei genkai is very unstable although, and can be dangerous."

"Why are you letting her be in the chuunin exams then?"

"..She'll be okay as long as she tries to protect you, but you have to try to protect her too." Sasuke looked down and nodded.

"Good, take care of your team members." Kakashi patted his shoulder and then disappeared leaving him to think.

~--Kakashi's P.O.V.--~

'Still.. one thing is certain.. she is terrified of the sharingan.. I hope he isn't the one who brainwashed her.. Sasuke might be in danger.. I hope the Hokage knows what he's doing.'

~--End Preface--~

~--Kasumi's P.O.V.--~

Kasumi stretched, petting her cat who had finally warmed back up to her enough to cuddle up next to her and sleep next to her last night. She scratched underneath her neck as her cat purred. Kasumi pulled back the covers swinging her legs over the bed yawning. 'Oh that's right I can't dilly dally, I'm not meeting Kakashi today..' She grabbed her black mini shorts on at the same time doing parts of her morning routine. 'I even forgot to set an alarm.. stupid Kakashi..' She pulled on her red and black lacy long sleeved hooded shirt, and her black ninja shoes. She chomped a way an apple in a couple bites nearly choking on it, then rushed out with her exam papers.


Kasumi reached the exam center where Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto stood waiting.

"Your late as Kakashi!" Naruto shouted pointing at her.

"I'm sorry I forgot to set an alarm. Let's get going." They walked into the building and soon walked into a crowd of ninja. Kasumi looked through the ninja and spotted up in front of the doors were two Konoha ninja blocking the entrance to the exam room. 'What? This can't be the third floor.. is it?' A ninja lay on the ground, it looked like he had took a beating.

"Hah! You plan to take the chuunin exam with that?! You should quit now." Said one of the ninja blocking the door.

"You're just a little kid."

"Yeah Yeah."

"Please let us through..." said a kunoichi with two buns on her head. She walked up to plead, but the ninja knocked her aside like a rag doll. 'That's pretty cold.. what's with these guys?'

"The chuunin exam isn't easy.. even we have failed it 3 straight times. Those that take this exam and end up quitting as shinobis', those that die during th exam, we've seen it all."

"And chuunins often become captains of military teams. The failure of a mission. The death of a comrade. .. That is all the captain's responsibility. Yet, kids like you think you can pass? We are just thinning out those that will fail anyway. What's wrong with that?" Sasuke stepped up.

"I agree.. but.. You will let me pass through... An also remove this surrounding created with genjutsu. I'm going to the third floor." 'Oh! Genjutsu! That would explain it..' Kasumi thought. Some of the ninja's seemed confused.

"Ah.. So you noticed.." said one of the ninja blocking the door.

"Sakura, you must have noticed first, right?"

"Huh..?" '... Is Sasuke trying to cheer up Sakura?.. She was acting weird earlier..'

"Your analytical ability and genjutsu know how is the most improved on our team." She paused a second but smiled confidently.

"Of course, I noticed a while ago because this the second floor."

"Yup!" Naruto agreed blindly and Kasumi smirked. The genjustu removed, revealing the room as 201.

"Hmm... not bad,, but all you did was see through it!" As the ninja said that he fell sideways, kicking out his foot with strength and momentum. Kasumi reacted immediately as Sasuke moved to kick his foot out as a round house kick, but slightly lower to meet the other ninja's foot. Kasumi wasn't the only one who moved, and she smacked into another ninja who had grabbed both Sasuke's and the door blocking ninja's foot.

"Oof!" The ninja she bumped into had a sturdy lean body, and his muscles were clenched from impact. Kasumi fell back. She saw it was the ninja who was beaten up. 'He's not as weak as he played to be,' she thought looking up at him. He let go of both ninja, letting the one in front of the door too fall, he looked a bit irritated.

"Hey." A ninja with clear eyes and long brown hair spoke.

"What happened to the plan? You're the one who said we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves," he scolded. 'Oh team mates?'

"Well.." The ninja who had quickly blocked the kicks glanced at Sakura. The ninja with the two buns shook her head knowingly.

"Oh no...." The ninja grew a determined look and walked to Sakura. Up close Kasumi saw that his eyebrows were giant.

"Hi.. My name is Rock Lee. So yours is Sakura... Let's go out together! I'll protect you til I die!" Kasumi burst into laughter.

"My love is not a joke!" he shouted at Kasumi.

"No. Way. Your lame..." Sakura said coldly. Kasumi banged against the wall with tears in her eyes.

"It's a joke now!" The so named Rock Lee pouted with his head down. Kasumi wiped away a tear and patted his shoulder.

"Aw I'm sorry, I'll go on a date with you lat- BWAHAHAHAH!" Kasumi couldn't hold it in.

"Alright guys let's just go.." Sakura said dragging Kasumi and a mopey Naruto as Sasuke followed behind.


As the team headed off, a voice called out to them.

"Hey you with the dark eyes." It was unmistakably Rock Lee's voice.

"Ack!" Sakura wasn't pleased, Kasumi smirked.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked not all that curious.

"Will you.. fight me right here?" Rock Lee stared determined at Sasuke.

"A fight? Right now?"

"Yes." Rock Lee flung himself over  the ledge he stood on landing in front of the team.

"My name is Rock Lee. When you want to learn a person's name you introduce yourself first, right?"

"Uchiha Sasuke... heh so you know?"

"I want to fight you, I want to test my techniques against the offspring if the genius ninja clan. Plus..." Although as Rock Lee said this he got in a fighting position, he also began to blush. He glanced at Sakura. She froze. He winked at her. Kasumi burst into laughter again.

"Ewwww! Those lower eyelashes are ewww!" Sakura began to shake in revulsion. Kasumi fell over laughing holding her sides.

"Hairstyle is lame... and those thick eyebrows..." Naruto and Sasuke just stared the strange scene of Sakura shaking with disgust, and Kasumi laughing with tears in her eyes.

"You are an angel! Muah!" Rock Lee blew a kiss towards Sakura. She bent over backwards in a desperate attempt to dodge it like it were an actual attack. Sakura stood up angrily.

"Hey, don't throw weird things! I barely escaped with my life."

"You don't have to be that mean..."

"Challenging me knowing the Uchiha name.. frankly, you're a fool. You're about to learn.. what this name means, thick brows." Kasumi looked at Sasuke. She knew she wouldn't have to step in, this kid obviously wasn't out to kill. 'Even if he's not out to kill.. if this kid can move so fast early.. he's obviously not as weak as he looks... I guess it's time to let him get knocked off his high horse.'

"Well I'm obviously not needed here, I'm going up ahead to the exam room."

"Ah! Kasumi.." Sakura stepped forward but Kasumi already left. 'Let Sasuke think whatever he will.'


Kakashi was leaning against the wall by the door.


"Where's the rest of the team?"

"Oh they're coming, just some hold up with some ninja, why you here?"

"..Well I'll explain when the rest get here, did Naruto get into a fight?"

"No actually, it was Sasuke. Some hilarious kid in a green jump suit."

"..oh.. sounds like one of his students.."

"You know him?"

"Not him specifically, his sensei."



"Do you think we'll be okay during the chuunin exams?"

"... I wouldn't sign you guys up if I didn't believe in your abilities." Kasumi sighed in relief.

"Thanks Kakashi."

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