Chapter 15: Ibiki's Written Test
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Ibiki's test!

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This is a Naruto fanfiction I started on Quizilla. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and all his character's and original storyline belong to him, my character(s) and plot belong to the author me.
Chapter 16
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~--Sasuke's P.O.V.--~

Sasuke fell onto Sakura who caught him on time. 'Embarrassing.. I... lost..'

"Are you alright Sasuke?"  He didn't answer, he just glared off at Rock Lee. 'Kasumi must've known.. but why didn't she stay to protect me..'

"But I wasn't planning on using the other one.." Rock Lee spoke to the turtle who had suddenly appeared. The conversation was getting weird.

"Hey! Hey!" Naruto came running up.

"That's a turtle right? Right?!"

"Isn't that obvious?"

"Can a turtle become a ninja sensei?"

"How would I know?!" 'Naruto is so stupid.. how could lose to someone like that..'

"You fool! You think you can get away with an excuse like that?! You already know what it means for a shinobi to reveal his special techniques!"

"Yes!" 'They're just a couple of weirdo's.. and I lost..'

"Are you prepared to pay?"


"Then here comes Gai sensei!" Then he appeared, the sensei in a green jump suit, and looked exactly what you'd expect an older Rock Lee would look like, with a huge nose, and bigger eyebrows. Sasuke went into shock. 'I.. I lost.. to.. this ..'


The team reached Kasumi and Kakashi waiting by the door. Kakashi smiled.

"Good you all made it. Now we can properly take the exam."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke saw Kasumi perk up in interest. 'So he didn't tell her yet... I have some questions to ask her..'

"The truth is that this test can only be taken if the whole squad agrees to take it. Normally it would be required that it be a squad of three, but this team is a rare case."

"But you said taking the test was an individual choice. You lied to us?"

"If I told the truth, Kasumi, Naruto, or Sasuke would have pressured you to take the exam. Even if you didn't want to if Sasuke asked you.. you would, even though it wasn't in your heart. For the sake of Sasuke.. and well.. Naruto and Kasumi too..."

"So if only Sasuke, Naruto, and Kasumi had shown up?"

"The exam would have ended here, they would not get to go any further. But you cam of your own will, you guys are my proud team. Now go!" Kakashi smiled as the team walked passed him to the door.

"Yeah! Let's go!"

~--Kasumi's P.O.V.--~

Behind the doors were tons of ninja, all looking back to see who had entered.

"Sasuke! You're late!" Sasuke got trapped by a headlock from behind by Ino. Kasumi remembered her fondly.

"Careful Sasuke, some STD's can be caught just by touch..."

"Yeah! Get away from Sasuke! Ino pig!"

"Why if it isn't Sakura.. and Kasumi.. my you've come out of your shell."

"Only for you Ino skank." She winked and mockingly blew a kiss.

"How dare you!"

"You guys are taking this stupid test too? Don't die.." Shikamru said walking in with Choji.

"Oh! The idiot trio!"

"Don't call us that! Man this sucks.." Shikamaru groaned as usual. Choji just continued eating.

"Yahoo! Found you!" Kiba walked in with his team.

"He.. Hello.." Hinata spoke quietly.

"Well well, everyone is assembled." Shino stood not speaking, as usual. 'Is my team the only one that changed?..' Then Kasumi could sense it. An excited hurt beat, a thirst for blood. 'No.. two.. there's two in here I need to worry about...' Kasumi quietly walked towards Sasuke ignoring the get together of her past classmates. 'No one will touch Sasuke..' Eventually a ninja stood up, as Kasumi could almost smell the anger of the other ninja rise.

"Hey you guys, you should be more quiet." Kasumi looked the ninja over. Glasses, grey hair tied up low. 'He seems innocent but.. something about him.. I don't trust..' She could sense his thirst for violence, but it wasn't directed at Sasuke so she remained calm.

"You guys are rookies just out of the academy right? Screaming like school girls geez.. This isn't a picnic."

"Who do you thin you are?" Ino asked irritated.

"I'm Kabuto, but instead of that, look behind you."

"Behind?" Sakura and everyone looked. The saw the angry faces of ninja, particularly a group of foreign ninja. Kasumi glanced but kept her focus on Kabuto.

"Those guys behind you are from the hidden rain, they have short tempers. Everyone is nervous about the exam, quiet down before you cause a scene." Seeing everyone was well shook up Kabuto sighed.

"Well, I can't blame you. You're clueless rookies. You remind me of how I used to be."

"Kabuto right?" Sakura asked quietly.


"So this is your second time?"

"Nope.. My seventh time. This exam is held twice a year so this is my fourth year."

"Wow so you know a lot about the exam."

"That's right."

"Wow impressive.." Naruto spoke awed.

"Hehe.. Then I'll share some info with you cute rookies. With these nin-info cards..."

"Nin-info cards?"

"They are basically cards which have info burned on to them with chakra. I have four years worth of info on here. Over 200 cards... They look blank but to open the info on these cards.. " Kabuto picked a card off his deck and placed it on the ground, placing a finger on the card.

"What are you doing?" Ino asked interested, all the rookies began to crowd around Kabuto, Kasumi joined staying by Sasuke's side glancing at Kabuto. 'These chuunin exams are going to drive me to paranoia.. but still, his ambitions, his thirst for violence rival Sasuke's constant search..'

"You can't view them unless I use my chakra, for example... " Kabuto released a small amount of chakra, and on the card there was a map with bar graphs.

"What kind of info is this?"

"This is the number of those taking the exam and the breakdown of what country they are from."

"Do you have cards with info on individuals?" Sasuke asked.

"Hehe.. There are guys your worried about? Of course the info on all of this exams participants isn't perfect but I do have it. even of you guys. Say something about these guys and I'll take a look."

"Gaara of the hidden sand and Rock Lee from leaf."

"Oh you know their names, should be easy then." Kabuto pulled two cards out of his deck.

"Show me." Kabuto input chakra into the first card, bringing up Rock Lee.

"Ok, first is Rock Lee. He's a year older than you guys. Mission history: D rank- 20 completed C rank- 12 completed. His sensie is Gai. His taijutsu have improved greatly in this year. The rest is nothing impressive. Last year he gained attention as a talented new genin but he did not participate in the exam. Like you guys this is his first time. On his team are Hyuga Neji and Ten Ten... " Kabuto input a small amount of chakra in the second card.

"Next is Gaara of the desert. Mission history: C rank- 8, B rank- 1, wow B rank mission as a genin... Since he's a new comer from a foreign country I don't have much info.. but it seems he returned from all of his missions without even a scratch." Kabuto smirked at Sasuke's determined expression.

"Leaf, sand, rain, grass, waterfall, sound... many outstanding genins from the various hidden villages are here to take the exam. Well... the hidden sound village is a small village just created last year so there isn't much info but... the rest of the hidden villages are filled with talented with youngsters."

"M.. Makes you lose your confidence.." stuttered Hinata quietly.

"So basically... all the people here are.." Sakura piped up smartly but still with lost confidence

"Yup! Like Lee and Gaara, they are the top elite genins from the various countries."

"This isn't going to be easy." Even Naruto was discouraged. He began to shake. 'Wait.. he's not discouraged..' Sakura saw him and tried to cheer him up.

"Hey Naruto don't get so down..." Kasumi smirked when Sakura noticed the look on Naruto's face.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto! I won't lose to you!" Naruto shouted pointing at all the ninja.

"You got that!?"

"Hey! What is he!?" Ino shouted at Sakura. With all the commotion Kasumi walked to Kabuto.

"I have a request, to find someone with your ninja cards, can you pin point someone with a trait?"

"..That depends, what- er excuse me, who are you looking for?"

".. Who is the most blood thirsty genin in the exams?" Sasuke glanced at Kasumi curiously as she questioned Kabuto but she ignored him.

"..Wouldn't it be smarter to know who the strongest genin is?"

"Strength can differ in too many different areas, but someone who has strength and will put it to dangerous use, regardless of the others around them is worse than someone who is particularly strong, one way or another." 'This way I no who to keep Sasuke away from. I'm not dieing here. I'll kill anyone who dares hurt Sasuke.'

"... I'm sorry it's still too hard to pin point someone directly." '..why do I feel like he's lying? oh well.. I can't force him.. and I don't trust him anyways.' Kasumi thought as she nodded thanking him for trying and walking back next to Sasuke. As Sakura yelled at Naruto for being an idiot Sasuke nudged Kasumi.

"..What are you trying to figure out?"

"..I can tell there are some dangerous people here.. but also.. I don't particularly trust that guy." Sasuke nodded.

"I trust your judgement, but it's okay. I want a challenge.." Sasuke shivered in excitement.

"..Okay, but remember whatever Kakashi told you about me, and I have a new approach with dealing with my issue.." Sasuke nodded but didn't say anything. Suddenly Kasumi saw quick movement flash amongst the ninja. 'To get Naruto?' She walked near him ready to block but the ninja attacked at Kabuto started with a mid air kunai attack, with another teammate getting close. The ninja brought up a fist and swiped at Kabuto who dodged the attack. but Kasumi could hear it and it was painful in her ears. She dropped to her knees as the noise rang in her noise. She wasn't aware of anything but the pain.

"Kasumi! Can you hear me?" Sakura's voice suddenly rang out clear to her.

"Y- yeah.." Kasumi reached and grabbed Sakura's hand who helped her up.

"You okay?"

"..Yeah you didn't hear the noise?"

"..Noise?" Kasumi noticed Kabuto gave her a curious glance but before she could think anything of it there was a crash, and an explosion of smoke along with the voice of a man.

"Quiet down you worthless scum!"

"What's this?!" shouted some confused ninja up front where the explosion happened. The smoke cleared away revealing a ninja team all wearing the same except for the obvious team leader.

"Thanks for waiting... I am Morino Ibiki, the examiner for the chuunin selection exam's first test." A shudder went through most of the ninja in the room. Ibiki raised a pointed finger towards the back at the sound ninja.

"Hidden sound-" He went on to lecture but Sakura tugged on Kasumi's shirt.

"Are you sure you're okay? I mean we are taking the chuunin exams now so.."

"Don't worry Sakura, I'm fine now, plus, if we are in this room we can't be doing too much of physical exertion.."

"Do I make myself clear?" Ibiki glared at the silenced room.

"We will now start the first test in the chuunin exam. Instead of your current seating arrangements, you will pick one of these tabs and sit in the seat assigned to you. We will then hand out the exams." Sakura smiled and sighed in relief for a second.

"What?! A paper test!?" Naruto shouted. 'Oh crap I totally forgot Naruto is a dumb ass..' Kasumi face palmed. Kasumi found herself next to Gaara. 'Crap.. can this get any worse?' She glanced at him, he continuously radiated a thirst for death and violence. 'He dare hurt Sasuke and I will kill him..' She gripped hard onto a pencil handed out to her. Gaara glanced back at her, so she looked away, but not before catching a creepy intense smile. It was the smile of a lunatic.

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Chapter 16
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