Are You Corporate Apartment Manager Material?
Author: OneAmahira
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Published: 2010-11-01 19:38:16
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Apartment managers employed by giant building management companies are all cut from the same cloth in my book, and it is a filthy dirty cloth, saturated with the scum of the universe. This quiz is for entertainment, and probably isn't accurate, but making it made me feel a whole lot better. Don't come complaining to me about picking on them or being unfair to them because I don't care. Now then... do you think you have what it takes to be the soulless and heartless kind of person it takes to be a true corporate apartment manager?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
LOL, this is a quiz I made back on Quizilla when I was pissed at my the apartment manager of my old apartment. My new apartment has is much better! At any rate, most of the answers for are pretty obvious. More portions than you think were inspired or based off true events in my old apartment... many answers are things that were said to or actually happened to me.
How much do you know about housing laws?
Next to nothing.
Enough to quote them blindly.
A lot, actually.
A tenant comes to you because their heater functions only part of the time and it is the dead of winter. What do you do?
Get maintenance to look at it and fight the corporation to get it replaced if need be.
Explain to the tenant that your heater does that as well, and it's to expensive to replace. Suggest a portable heater like yours.
Get maintenance to look at only at times it is functioning, so you dispute it being broken in any way.
The second story outdoor walkway has been damaged by water. The floor sags and a dangerous hole has formed. What is the best solution?
Have it inspected immediately for other damage and contact the managing company about fixing this liability.
Ignore it until a tenant actually reports the problem. Then throw a caution sign over the hole.
Have maintenance put some plywood over it. When the plywood gets water damaged, just put a new piece over it.
You are showing a vacant unit to a potential tenant. The tenant smells natural gas and informs you of this. How do you respond?
Tell them that the gas to this unit is shut off, they must be imaging it.
Make an excuse about the odor being from the recent fumigation.
Contact maintenance or the gas company immediately to examine the unit.
A tenant demands the name and phone number of your immediate supervisor. What do you do?
Comply and give them the information.
Refuse, even when they ask multiple times.
Refuse at first, then comply later after you have already spoken to your supervisor.
A tenant informs you that there air conditioner is malfunctioning. What do you do?
Not even bother with it while weather is still cool enough.
Procrastinate getting it fixed in hopes they will move.
Have maintenance look at it and fight the company to replace it if need be.
There's an awful lot of screaming, crying, and banging around from the children in one of the apartments. Nobody has complained about the noise, but it sounds like abuse. How do you handle this?
Call the police or child services with your concerns and ask for an investigation.
Ignore it until a tenant complains, then try and convince the tenant this is normal noise for young children.
Ignore it until a tenant complains, then give lip service to the complaint and continue ignoring the issue.
Someone has reported your building to the housing department and an inspector is coming. What must you do?
Rush to try and get some passable repairs done before the inspector is scheduled to arrive.
Try and determine which tenant made the report so that you may evict them at a later date.
Nothing, because everything is up to code and the inspector will not find any violations.
At least half of your apartments are vacant, and some tenants are fighting for repairs to be made and asserting their rights. What is the best course of action?
Address the tenant complaints first and do what can be done to rectify the situation.
Occupy yourself promoting the vacancies to bring in new tenants.
Evict the tenants who are complaining when their leases are up.
A tenant consistently pays their rent two weeks early, every month. What do you think about this?
Don't care as long as it isn't late.
It shows they are responsible tenants.
They should just go buy a house then.
Despite the apartment pet policy allowing only for indoor cats, many tenants let their cats roam free. What should be done?
They should be informed this is not allowed and given fair warning.
Nothing unless somebody complains about the cats.
Nothing, even if somebody does complain about the cats.
A tenant complains about another tenant's dog crying. What do you do?
Ignore the tenant's complaints.
Threaten the dog owner to get rid of their dog.
Explain the situation to the dog owner. Advise them politely of the consequences should they not address the problem
A tenant's gate key does not work on all the entry gates like it should. They discuss this with you. What do you tell them?
That you will have maintenance look at the locks or get them a new key.
Apologize, saying the management company is too cheap to replace the locks.
That as long as the can get in and out of the building you don't see a problem.
When a female tenant comes to speak about a problem, how do you handle her?
Talk down to her, even if you're the same gender.
Treat her like the intelligent adult she is.
Only treat her respectfully if another, male tenant, is with her.

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