Somewhere Between Hope and Fear - 1
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Published: 2010-12-20 01:48:25
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New Spirit Detective, Chiyori Fujiwara, has just received a new mission directly from the prince of Spirit World, Koenma. There are concerns about the possible outcome of the coming Demon World tournament and rumors are brewing about a new threat. Chiyori is ordered to observe the tournament and to act if necessary.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:

Welcome to my first ever second person fanfiction. This story was originally posted on Quizilla and I have preserved it for you here, complete with original memos and closing notes. Please enjoy!

Quizilla Memo:Thank you very much for being interested! This is my first time writing a story here on Quizilla, but definitely not my first time writing so don't run away in a newb fearing panic please!

Yu Yu Hakusho is property of Yoshihiro Togashi, Shueisha, Studio Pierrot, Funimation, and several other people or companies that are not me.

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While many of these stories seem to take place within an ambiguous time frame of after the Dark Tournament, the time frame for this story is three years after the first Demon World Tournament, meaning three years after the Three Kings saga. Thus the start of the second ever Demon World Tournament to determine the ruler of Demon World. So, if you haven't actually finished the entire series you may face spoilers or not know who people are or even what's going on. So please, if you haven't actually finished either the anime or manga don't read this.

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Name: Chiyori Fujiwara
Gender: Female (obviously)
Age: 23

Ethnicity: 3/4 Japanese 1/4 Caucasian
Height: 5'
Weight: 103 lbs
Build: Small
Skin tone: Olive
Hair: Dyed green, naturally black. Parted bangs, extends midway down your back.
Eyes: Hazel
Background: You are remarkably normal person all things considered. For the past 23 years of your life you have lived at your (paternal) grandfather's shrine. Your father you have neither seen nor heard from since he left you and your mother after an ideological parting of ways with your grandfather. You also don't happen to care to hear from or see him either. When you were 15 your mother succumbed to an illness and passed away.

Going further back into your family history, you are descended from long lines of demon hunters through your father's side as well as your mother's, via your maternal grandmother. You are skilled with ofuda (paper talisman/charms), seals, wards, enchantments and the like. These were skills taught to you by your mother and embellished on through your own learnings.

It is for this reason you were an ideal candidate to replace Yusuke Urameshi as Spirit Detective when he permanently quit/was fired following the conclusion of the first Demon World Tournament. You accepted the job, though given the current laws and stability in Demon World created by Enki's rule, it's been pretty easy to handle. The few demons who violate his law and find their way into Human World are of little wit or strength. You track these violators down and turn them over to Spirit World authorities who handle things from there.

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And finally, just some random information for your benefit. As of the start of this story I haven't sat down and watched the Yu Yu Hakusho movies, but I have seen the entire TV series and am currently reading the manga. Some information mentioned in the story may have been in the manga and not the anime. I have watched the TV series both dubbed and subbed, and I like it either way, but because I am a native English speaker, I intend to refrain from mixing in Japanese words where it can be avoided which means no -chan, -san, -kun, -sama, kawaii, ara, eto, kisama, and so forth. Certain things will be given their proper Japanese names, like "torii" (the Shinto gateways) and "ofuda" (paper charms) and so on. These terms fit better in such a context since your character is living at a Shinto shrine and has served in the capacity of a miko (shrine maiden). Don't worry, the first time any Japanese terms appear in the story, a translation will be provided next to it. I think that about covers everything so I hope I haven't scared any of you away! Thanks for reading through all this!

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But I like random Japanese!

Somewhere Between Hope and Fear - 1

You've been working at a restaurant since you got out of high school, saving for a trip to Europe. After all, being a Spirit Detective offers no financial support. With your shift ending you bid your manager farewell and step out the back door. A late afternoon sun hangs in the sky and you ponder on what to do with the remaining daylight. Before you have a chance to decide however, your thoughts are interrupted by the loud ring of your cellphone. Digging through your purse bag you find the silvery device and flip it open. Dangling from a cellphone strap is a little super deformed figure of Koenma which enables Spirit World to contact you and vice versa. Things have gotten a bit more technologically advanced since Yusuke Urameshi's tenure. Looking at the caller ID you realize any plans will have to wait.

"A case I assume?" You don't bother to say hello. This is how you usually get your cases. The answer surprises you.

"Lord Koenma wishes to meet with you at Fujiwara Shrine."

"Koenma wants to meet me at home?" You blink, slightly confused. You haven't had very many personal meetings with the prince and find this unusual. "Well all right. I'll be home in a little bit."

You end the call. Curious, you wonder...

Is this a really big case?
Why would Koenma want to meet suddenly?
Will he be in baby or teen form?

Stepping out of your shoes as you enter, your grandfather, Susumu Fujiwara greets you by the short hand of your name.

"Welcome home, Chiyo." He smiles. That's what people close to you call you. Or they would if you were really more than acquaintances with anyone.

"Hi Grandfather." You smile back. "I'm expecting someone to come by."

"Ah, Lord Koenma arrived just before you." Your grandfather is well aware of your other job besides waiting tables. You nod and hurry into the next room. Sitting at the table sucking his trademark pacifier is a teen aged Koenma. You sit down across from him and pour yourself some tea from a small ceramic teapot. Koenma drinks from own cup.

"I'm sure you're here for more than tea. What's going on, Koenma?"

"Well yes, but how are you doing Chiyori?" Koenma inquires.

"I'm good. Same old, same old. So why are you here? You aren't going to fire me or something are you?"

"Of course not." Koenma laughs. "I have an important job for you. Out of town you could say."

"'Out of town'?" You raise an eyebrow, thinking this sounds like it could be...


"Yes" The Prince of Spirit World suddenly looks serious. "The time for the next Demon World Tournament is fast approaching. We were very fortunate with the outcome of the first tournament."

"You're concerned about the outcome of the next." You set your tea cup down.

"Your reckless predecessor's solution to Demon World's rulership crisis may or may not be as fortunate this time around. I also have reason to believe a threat is stirring that may have a negative effect on the tournament. I want you to monitor the situation for me- if anything is going to happen it'll be there."

You stare at Koenma, who continues.

"I believe Yusuke will be in the tournament again, so I imagine he'll pull something crazy off and things will work out." Koenma scratches his head and laughs. Seeing your slightly stunned surprise he's trying to downplay things. "I really would just like you to observe for me Chiyori. Will you do it? I really need you on this one."

Coming out of shock you answer...

"Sure thing! Not a problem!"
"All right. I accept."
"Like you'll really let me say no."

With your confirmation Koenma rises to his feet.

"Thank you. You'll have a couple of days to take care of things before departing. Oh, and be sure to take this." Koenma hands you a scroll. "If Human World or Spirit World is in danger, I'm sure you'll know what to do with this. Hopefully you won't need it."

You take the scroll and open it a bit. It's completely blank.

"What exactly is it?"

"An ancient scroll of sealing, dating back to a time when the worlds were one. You should be able to write on it and use it like your ofuda, only it will be far more powerful than anything else you've made before." Koenma explains.

"The worlds... all used to be one?" You blink and roll the scroll back up.

"Yes, you humans recall it only in myth." Koenma departs, leaving you to contemplate what you must do to prepare for your trip to Demon World. You decide that first you should...

Get your things packed.
Call your manager to beg for time off.
Inform your grandfather of the news.

A bit short, and a bit slow of a start, but I hope you enjoyed! Next is your arrival in Demon World. Will you run into any trouble? Or will everything go smoothly?

I have over 300 pages of handwritten draft as of today, so you have lots to look forward to. See you in the next chapter!

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