Somewhere Between Hope and Fear - 10
Author: OneAmahira
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2010-12-29 02:10:41
Tags: yu yu hakusho, yyh, yuu yuu hakusho, hiei, yusuke, kurama, second person

Yusuke Urameshi gave up being Spirit Detective after the first Demon World tournament. Now three years later the next tournament to determine who shall rule Demon World is slated to begin and a new Spirit Detective has been sent to observe. Something is awakening that endangers the very existence of all three worlds. Old friends must reunite and team up with new faces to save everything they hold dear. Or die trying.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:

Still preserved in it's original Quzilla form, part 10 of Somewhere Between Hope and Fear!

Quizilla Memo: Thanks to the people who have rated! Somebody read through all of what I have posted and rated each one. ^_^ That made me super happy!

Yu Yu Hakusho is property of Yoshihiro Togashi, Shueisha, Studio Pierrot, Funimation, and several other people or companies that are not me.

Chapter 10
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You've spent the past two days in near isolation, working on the seal you'll need to try and use on the Great Mother. Apparently both Yusuke and Hiei are on their feet, but far from being completely recovered. Also, according to Kin, you missed an incredible fight between Mukuro and Yomi. As it was agreed though, Mukuro advanced to the finals, which are tomorrow.

You've finished designing the seal to the best of your ability, but you'll have to put it on the scroll on site so it is at its most potent. You've also committed it to memory.

Everyone is at Yomi's tonight, and an anxious aura seems to surround the manor. You're sitting outside in the garden with Kin, sharpening a knife you brought with you. Obsessively sharpening.

"Bit nervous, lil sis?" Kin smiles a bit.

"I guess it's sharp enough by now, huh?" You laugh at yourself.

"Yep." Kin nods. "Nice blade."

"No, not really. It was one of the many things besides my mom and me that my father left behind." You close the pocket knife and put it away. "Just thought it might be useful."

"Ol' man left, eh?" Kin flops onto her back and stares up at the sky. "No way to care fer a kit."

"Yeah, I was about ten years old. He can be dead for all I care." You say with disdain.

"Bitter, ain't ya?"

"I hate him." You look up at the sky with Kin, searching out some of the constellations she had shown you shortly after you met her.

"Seems we have something in common." Mukuro has entered the atrium from another door. You look over in surprise and Kin sits up at the sound of the demon lord's voice.

All the guest rooms must open out to this garden. You venture to guess.

"Sorry, did we wake you?" You apologize.

"No." She answers flatly.

"Oh... uh..." You sweatdrop...

Because she really creeps you out.
Finding the extra company uncomfortable.
And wonder if she's nervous too.

"I thought I would ask you about the seal." She sits down on the edge of the wooden veranda. "Exactly how is this going to work?"

"The seal..." You take your knife out again. "When we find the Great Mother, I'll draw my blood and start writing on the scroll. When that's done, it's as simple as throwing it at her."

"Hah, how far can you throw?" Mukuro scoffs.

"I don't have to throw far, or well. It will be drawn to her energy." You explain. "So regardless my throwing abilities, it will go to her like a magnet."

"Very well." She nods.

An awkward silence follows until Kin decides to rekindle her conversation with you.

"So ya hate yer ol' man. Think he'll ever come back?"

"Only when Grandfather passes away, and then only for the family sword." You speak with an uncharacteristic venom as you put the knife away again.

"And if he does?" Mukuro looks at you curiously.

"... He won't get it." You clench a fist.

"Could you kill him?" The question seems oddly personal and you look at the scarred demon in surprise.

"Kill him-?" You frown in thought. "I don't know. I've thought about it before, I'll admit, but... my mother loved him. It would dishonor her memory."

"Eh, wouldn't be worth th' effort, Chiyo." Kin glances between you and Mukuro. You aren't the only one finding the conversation strange.

"I see." Mukuro rises and disappears through one of the doors into a room. You and Kin exchange looks.

"Well that was odd."

"Yep." Kin nods.

"We should get some sleep." You stretch.

"Yeah." The catwoman agrees and the two of you head inside. With the seal finished you've gone back to sharing the one room with the others, as well as Yusuke. Careful not wake anyone you and Kin get ready to go to sleep.

Listening to Kin's familiar purring in the background, you think about the brief conversation with Mukuro.

The way she asked, it seemed retrospective.
That was just way too weird.
It really isn't any of her business.

Seated in the stadium you all wait for the final match, Mukuro versus Ethelred, to begin. You're feeling anxious, and you skipped breakfast because you weren't sure your stomach could handle anything with how ill at ease you feel.

"If th' ass does win, what we gonna do?" Kin's tail lashes back and forth.

"We make our move at the ceremony, to defeat him, and seal the Great Mother. He told Chiyori until tournament's end, so this goddess must be going to show up then." Kurama explains.

"But if he wins, doesn't that make him rightfully king-?" Yukina inquires.

"He can go back to ruling after we seal the Great Mother for all I care." You sigh.

"Today is the day, everybody! What we're all been waiting for! The final match, the right to rule Demon World! It's all come down to this moment, this one fight! Mukuro versus Ethelred!!" Koto gets the crowd motivated. They cheer in anticipation, but the enthusiasm leaves you dry.

The screens light up, all with different camera angles of the arena. Neither opponent wastes time on words. Ethelred unsheathes a large broadsword and makes the first move.

"Ethelred must be taking the match very seriously! He's never made an opening attack before!" Koto makes note.

Mukuro blocks the blade easily with her right forearm, and swings her left leg, kicking Ethelred's stomach. He pulls back out of range, contemplating his next move. Mukuro lets him, taking the opportunity it begin her crafting her dangerous web of distortions.

She's going to have to be careful not to hit those too... You focus closely, although the next few moves elude the capabilities of your eyes. You spot the glint of Ethelred's sword as it's sliced in two and part of it flies off to the side. You can see the two demons again now.

"Damn..." Kin blinks her eyes a couple of times. "Hope she don't accidentally hit those."

"No kidding..." You watch Ethelred discard the damaged sword, then the speed picks up again.

"What's happening?" Yukina asks Kin and Kurama after a few energy blasts going flying.

"He's trying to keep distance, and hit her with energy blasts. It's easier to avoid the distortions when not focused on close quarter combat." Kurama explains.

"Do you think he's pulling it out of his armor-? Maybe that will weaken it?" You ask, almost hopefully.

"Wit' how much energy Raizen's brat threw at 'im, I don't think it'll matter if he is or ain't." Kin shakes her head.

You can see them again, Ethelred seems to be giving up on hitting Mukuro from a distance. He channels some of his energy into his right fist, aiming for her good eye. Mukuro shifts to the left to dodge, when Ethelred brings up his other fist, smashing it into her other eye. Mukuro recoils, just barely missing one of her own razor-like distortions in reality.

You inhale sharply and continue to watch the main display screen. Mukuro and Ethelred weave through a growing maze of distortions. It's only a matter of time before one of them makes a mistake...

As if on cue, Ethelred's arm passes through one of the lines and falls to the ground.

"Wow! This is the first major damage Ethelred has taken in the entire tournament!" Koto sounds excited.

Ethelred stops and looks down at the wound. He doesn't seem to be particularly phased by the loss of his limb. Stringy fibers reach from the pieces of severed armor toward each other. It's a grotesque sight that the camera chooses to focus on, as the armor starts pulling Ethelred's arm back together. Mukuro moves in to attack before it can finish repairing, and you lose sight of the two once again. When you see them again, Ethelred slams the fist of his now repaired arm into Mukuro's ribcage, sending her flying back a ways.

"No fucking way!"
"No fair!"

You stare in shock. One of the other screens zooms in on Ethelred's arm, and you can't even tell it was cut. Sure, you had all seen the armor repair itself after Hiei cracked it, but none of you could have imagined this.

"... Was it such a clean cut... that no cells were damaged? That the organic qualities of the armor could repair the damage? Or does he have enough energy to heal such a wound on his own?" Kurama tries to understand the situation, but seems as dumbfound as the rest of the group.

"How... can that even be possible?" You're glad you skipped breakfast, because if you hadn't, you'd be losing it right about now.

"C-can Miss Mukuro still win?" Yukina whispers.

"I dunno..." Kin gapes at the screen. "Shit, how can we beat 'im!?"

"One person alone can't hope to defeat him." Kurama clenches a fist.

You wring your hands as the fight continues. Unable to keep watching after he crushes Mukuro's mechanical arm, you shut your eyes and turn away until the fight is over. What now? He'll be king, he could order every demon here to destroy us. We can't take on the whole world! More than half our fighters are in bad shape already. What am I supposed to do?

A mixture of depression and anger fills the room over dinner while Mukuro is resting.

"We did not know enough about him." Yomi frowns slightly.

"I don't doubt we will see the Great Mother tomorrow, at the coronation." Kurama looks over at you.

"... I'll seal her." Is all you say.

"Counting on you to, Fujiwara. Then we'll all take Ethelred on." Yusuke punches his palm.

"As if you're in any condition to fight yet." Hiei scowls.

"You ain't exactly in tip-top shape yerself, midget." Kin looks at him. He glares at her but says nothing.

"She's right, Hiei." Kurama sighs. "Nor is Yusuke, or Mukuro. That leaves myself and Yomi."

"Oi! I'm fightin' too!" Kin huffs.

"Yeah, me too!" Shura speaks up.

"I'd like to do what I can as well, even if it isn't much." Yukina offers.

"I will be there as well." Mukuro is in the doorway, exhaustion evident, but on her feet never the less.

"Mukuro-" Hiei stares at her. She silences him with a look.

"... We can only do what we can." You sigh and excuse yourself. You go outside to the garden and sit down, thinking...

"Counting on you to." Yeah, no pressure.
I hope I can do this. I have to do this.
I don't think we can pull this off.

You watch the dusk fade into night. Kin comes up behind you and hugs you tightly.

"Hey, lil sis." She leans her head over your shoulder.

"H-hi." You're a bit startled, you didn't even hear her coming.

"Ya worried?" She asks you.

"Some..." You look down.

"Don't be. Like ya said, we can only do what we can. So that's what we're gonna do." She hugs you tighter.

"What if that isn't enough?" You whisper, feeling your eyes get teary.

"It'll be." Kin frowns a little. "I know it. 'Cause I swore to myself I'd make sure I got ya home okay."

You sit in silence, unsure what to say to Kin. It seems so silly, that she can be so confident, all because of that. You don't understand how or why you mean so much to her.

"Please... just worry about yourself, Kin." You push her away and hurry inside. She's become too close, and it scares you inside. To know, one way or another that you will part ways with her, is something you didn't want to face this way.

Although eventually everyone settles in to bed, sleep is difficult for you all. You don't hear Kin's familiar purring and when you do finally sleep, your dreams are filled with...


In the morning you force yourself to eat a light breakfast, the spend time double checking you have what you need. You've got your pocket knife, your calligraphy brush, the scroll, some ofuda, and of course your cellphone. The rest of your things you'll leave behind. You won't need them to fight, and you certainly won't need them if you die.

Everyone is tense and silent when the group arrives at the stadium. It's packed, to standing room only, and you all force your way through the crowds toward the front.

"Bet the fire marshal would have a field day with this." Yusuke wisecracks.

"Yeah." You mumble, somewhat smashed between Kin and Kurama.

Enki stands on the stadium floor with a microphone, and the displays light up with his face.

"Before we wrap things up, I would like to thank everyone for supporting my tenure, and this tournament, which was first devised by Yusuke Urameshi, the son of Raizen. And I hope that our next king will continue this new tradition. With that out the way..." He clears his throat. "This is the end of the tournament and the end of my reign. It now passes onto Ethelred."

Ethelred emerges and takes the microphone. The formality of it all seems absurd to you.

"Thank you." His lips curl into a smile. "But I do not rule of myself. I rule for another, one who is stronger than us all. One who can truly change the world. The Great Mother, the creator goddess of the universe."

The sky seems to darken, and next to Ethelred as she appears. The Great Mother. Her presence is even more overwhelming and immense than when you first encountered her. As if she were in the very air you're breathing. Surprised whispers fill the audience, but fall silent when she speaks.

"My children..." Her voice is ethereal, disembodied. It fills the entire stadium. "You have suffered. I will release you all from that suffering. Come with me and be saved... but refuse me, and you shall perish with the rest of this broken world."

You start shoving your way through to get to the arena floor while she's speaking.

"I will bestow upon you power with which to serve me, and when the world is reborn, you too shall be reborn with it. In my perfect world, without sorrow, without pain, without suffering."

The others are right behind you as you hop over the wall to the arena floor. Demons are whispering to each other in confusion while those who had aligned themselves with Ethelred cheer.

As soon as your feet touch the ground you unfurl the scroll and make a deep cut across your left palm. Cupping your hand so the blood pools, you start writing. Ethelred is on you before you can even react, grabbing your wrist. The pain, and sickening sound of bones breaking floods your senses and you scream.

"It has been awhile since any of you had human flesh, is it not?" He calls to the crowd. "Why not start with this one? This Spirit Detective?"

Kin is the first one to your side, slamming her shoulder against Ethelred to knock him back. You aren't much aware of the others actions as some pursue him, and others stick closer to you.

"Fools, what can you even hope to accomplish? I am rightfully king." Ethelred snarls. Some demons have jumped on the idea of having you for dinner, and are pouring down into the arena. Others flee the confusion.

In spite of the pain, you dip your fingers into your blood and start writing. Symbols you hadn't thought of come to your mind, more powerful seals, and hurriedly you write.

"Write FASTER!" Yusuke shouts at you. Though not fully recovered he is more than capable of taking on these lower level demons hungry for a bite of your flesh.

You can't feel the pain in your arm any more, and you haven't noticed the bone protruding from your skin. All you think about is...

Finishing the scroll.
Not dying.
Praying it works.

"Done!" You shout above the din of battle and roll the scroll up. With your intact arm you hurl it in the direction of the goddess. Ethelred breaks away from where he is fighting Yomi and Kurama, his aura flaring and a gust of wind scatters the rest of the group. You slam into the wall and slump to the ground.

"Miss Chiyori!" Yukina has made her way to you. She kneels beside you and you feel a cool wind wrap around you. Broken bone and torn flesh begin to mend.

Floating in the air just above the fighting is the Great Mother, and you see the scroll coil around her. Her shriek fills the air, stopping everyone except Yukina, who continues to heal you. A brilliant light flashes and blinds friend and foe alike. It lasts for what seems an eternity.

You struggle up to your feet as the light begins to fade. You make out the silhouette of the scroll, and it vanishes. You drop down to your knees, suddenly feeling all your energy leave your body. When the light finally subsides, the black goddess remains floating there, an angry aura gathering around her. The rage and fury is monstrous.

As you stare down an apocalyptic goddess, her priest, and a demonic army, a single thought passes through your mind...

...My manager is so going to fire me if I get back.
I think I just went from protected species to endangered species.

"I didn't work?" Kurama gasps, halting his pursuit of Ethelred.

"Kill her!" The Great Mother shrieks, and whirl wind forming around her. Ethelred is at her side now, apparently safe from its effects.

A winged demon dives for you and Kin leaps in front of it, dragging her claws across its face.

"Ya gotta get outta here, Chiyo!" She shouts at you.

From where he stands, Ethelred flings an energy blast at you and Yukina. Hiei knocks her out of the way and you barely dodge it, coming out of your shell shocked state.

"Idiot, what are you doing?" Hiei snarls at Yukina.

She would have died!" Yukina protests.

"The seal failed, her life doesn't matter!" If the current circumstances were different you might have something to say to Hiei about that remark. But you aren't thinking about that. You've lost all your energy. It all went into the seal, and it didn't come back to you, so it had to have done something. Or at least, part of you dares to hope.

"You're wrong." Yomi is near you now, demonic energy unable to pass his barrier. "It has sealed something, but not how it seems we intended it."

"Yeah!" Kin shouts. "I felt it pull 'er spirit energy out. If th' seal failed, it woulda come back to 'er! She's connected wit' th' seal!"

"If she dies, the seal will break." You hear Mukuro. Everyone has fallen back around you. The whirlwind of energy turns into a light, spreading forward in a full 360 degrees and vaporizing everything it comes in contact with. A few demons push at it with their own auras, delaying their deaths only a few moments.

"What the hell!?" Yusuke swears.

You fight to keep on your feet, and everyone's words are becoming difficult to understand. They sound distant, like they were speaking to you from far away. Kin tackles you and you smell burnt flesh. The stench brings some alertness back to you. The strange light is coming closer.


Get 'er outta here!" Kin shouts at Yusuke as she gets up, a red aura flaring around her as she thrusts her hands against the light to help hold it at bay.

"KIN!" You shout as Yusuke reaches you. "Kin, why!?"

She looks back over her shoulder at you and smiles.

"'Cause it's what my sister woulda done." She breaks one hand away and unhooks her dagger from her belt. She tosses it to you and you clutch it tightly.

"Give that to my brother, Kane. I was never really worthy of th' Claw of Rekaia."

"And over here is Felidae. This triangle is his head, and those stars in a zig zag make up his body. To the right is his dagger, the Claw of Rekaia. See the three stars that make a curve? That's the Claw."

"I can see it. Who is Felidae?"

"Greatest cat to ever live. He brought together th' five great tribes. The Claw of Rekaia s'been passed down in his line ever since. Was a gift from th' ancestors they say."

"Kin! NO! KIN!" You scream at her. Yusuke tries to pull you away. So much is going on in your mind, it's beginning to whirl. Voices are growing distant again, and your vision is coming in and out of focus as everything goes by so fast, all at once. In the chaos you can hear familiar voices.

"Kurama, take Shura." Yomi kicks his own son away from the deadly light, toward Kurama.


"Please take care of him for me... my friend." Yomi doesn't look back, only approaches the strange energy to help Kin hold it back.

"Father! No! I want to stay with you! Father!" Shura cries out. "NO!"

"Take your sister and go." You hear Mukuro order Hiei.

"Miss Mukuro! Come with us!" Yukina pleads.

You can't fight! Don't be stupid!" Hiei shouts at her. "You'll die!"

"I have lived a very long time, Hiei." Mukuro laughs hollowly as she starts walking away from the siblings. "It's time."

"You don't have the strength to do any good!" Hiei grabs her arm.

"Not all my strength comes from my hatred anymore." She pulls away and looks at Hiei. You catch a glimpse of her face as Yusuke is dragging you away from Kin. She looks like a different person entirely.

"Now go, or I'll kill you both myself." She repeats her order.

Hiei swears and picks Yukina up. He's gone in a blur of speed. Kurama catches up with you and Yusuke, and you can hear Shura crying and protesting as Kurama carries him.

"Come on, Fujiwara!" Yusuke shouts as you stumble. Your vision starts to fade to black, and everything goes silent. As you feel your consciousness leaving you, you think...

I told you to worry about yourself...
I don't wanna die a virgin!

... Yeah. That's the end of part 10. What a horrible place to end it, huh? I really don't have any words to say, and I don't think you want to hear them anyway after all that intense stuff. So, uh, just please come back for next part. I've included the kanji for Chiyori's name in the results.

I'm not coming back.
Oooh, kanji!
How could you do this?

Chapter 10
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