Crystal - Dawn of a new Champion (Pokémon WWFFY) [1]
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2011-07-10 09:44:51
Tags: Pokemon, Pokémon, Wally, Brendan, Silver, Crystal, Dawn Pokabu, Tepig

Crystal Dawn(you) is a 14 year old girl who lives in Vermillion City, Kanto, along with her three childhood friends. However, she soon meets three boys from Pallet Town who will change her life forever. She journeys to foreign lands, where she meets many new people, friends and enemies alike, and learns startling secrets about her past.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This was originally on Quizilla, but they fail epically so now it's here. ^^ Anyway this is what the original said; (Watching the newest Pokémon movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions. Shiny Raikou = awesomeness. =D Oh yes and if anyone has suggestions for any guys I can add to this WWFFY, feel free to message me! Constructive criticism is also welcome. ^^) The first nine chapters will be done as close to their original forms as possible, but after that the formatting may change. Also "Ra" is short for Raven(aka me)! ^^ Enjoy! :)
Chapter 1
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Okay, so your name is Crystal, you live in Vermilion City, Kanto, where you've lived for 14 years with three close friends. Your father, Looker, travels around, solving crimes, bringing justice, and sending you gifts such as your Tepig, Pokabu.
Okie-dokie! ^^
Sweeeet. :3
........... (Ra; Oh, a silent type, eh? I'll make you talk... >:3) O.O ..........
Cool. Let's go.
"Pokabu! Ember!" you call, pointing at the Bellsprout. Your Tepig flares its nostrils and sends sparks at the Grass Pokémon. It goes up in flames, then faints shortly after.
"Good job, Pokabu!" ^-^ *hugs Pokémon*
"Hmph. Nice job, I guess." :/
"Good, but you need to be better." >:(
"..... Nice job...." -_-
"Awesome job, dude!" =D *high five*
"Nice job, Crystal!" Wally says, running up to you. "You did good too, Pokabu!" "Yes, you did nicely, friend." Wally's Ralts, Erlade congratulates your Pokémon, clapping softly.
WOAH I can understand poke-talk? Flippin' sweet! =D
^Of course I can talk to Pokémon; I'M THE MAIN CHARACTER.
^Hmph. Just because you're the main character doesn't mean that you're all knowing or have epic powers or anything.
^...... You're all idiots.
Graaw, Erlade is the cutest! X3
"Guys! Hey! Lookit this! I caught a Meowth!" Brendan yells, running into you. "Ow! What the heck, Brendan?!" you ask, trying to push him off.
Get off me, man! D:˂
Dude! Sweet! XD High five! *holds hand up*
Yay! Go Brendan! ^^ *claps*
Dude, get off. NOW.
....... Get off me.
"Get off of her. Now." Silver growls, pulling Brendan's head band and letting it snap back. "Ow!" Brendan complains, dropping to the ground. "That hurt, man!" he says, rubbing his forehead. "Well, then, don't climb all over Crystal." "Oh, you're just jealous!" Brendan laughs. Silver's face turns a shade of red similar to his hair as he stammers; "I-I am not!" He turns to you. "I'm not!" he insists. He glares at Brendan. "Stop laughing, asshole!" he snarls. "Guys! You're upsetting Erlade!" Wally whimpers, holding his Ralts in his arms. She was shivering, clutching at his chest. "Aw, gee..." Brendan sighs, rubbing his neck. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you, Erlade." "Yeah... Sorry." Silver mumbles.
Aw, sorry, Erlade! DX
......... Sorry.
Ahh... D-don't cry, Erlade... D:}
Sorry.... I guess.... {:\
^WTF do you mean, "sorry"?! THEY'RE the ones who upset her! D:˂
You walk over and stroke Erlade's head. "You okay, Erlade?" you ask softly. She shakes her head and mutters something to you. "She says that it's Silver's jealousy that's affecting her." you relay, looking pointedly at Silver. He shifts uncomfortably under your gaze. "Anyway..." you sigh. "Let's get Erlade to the PokéCenter so she can rest up." Wally nods. "Yeah." "Come on, Pokabu, let's go!" "Right!" Pokabu jumps into your arms and you and Wally carry your Pokémon to the PokéCenter. ~*~*~*~ Aaaaaand.... Cut!!! So, how was it? :)
Awesome! BD
....... It was okay.... ( -_-)
It was all right, I guess... :\
Eh. It wasn't that great. >:|
It was awesome! ^o^

Chapter 1
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