Chapter 1
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Published: 2011-07-09 22:54:22
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Solar Academy is a private school for all careers. We have the best of the best teachers, and teaching program. Even though the teacher are the best, if they need to they will stop and help out a student if they are having trouble. The academy is broken down in to different sections corroding to the major.

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Chapter 1
First Chapter

Solar Academy, that the name of my new home and school and Iĺm not lying either. An uncle of mine that I didnĺt know died leaving Me, Mother and father all that he owned. He was building a school called Solar Academy, which he left Mother; she was to become the Headmistress and father the Headmaster. As for me I was to go to Solar Academy. That meant leaving my school, friends, everything that I have known for 16 years. I had to beg my mother to let my friends come to the academy, after hours of begging she let me bring 2 of my friends and only 2, but my other friends could come and visit all they want just not during classes course. After getting the ok to bring 2 friends, I had to beg my 2 best friends to come to Solar Academy. How I got them to come? Well I told them that they didnĺt have to pay it entrance fee or all the other fees, it was all pay by me.

Map of academy áPhotobucket ;

Key: History= Yellow, Science= Blue, Arts= Orange, Math= Red, English= Lime Green, Office= Light Gray, Sports= Dark Gray, Cafeteria= Purple, Library= Pink, Garden= Forest Green, Farm= Brown, Animals= Sky Blue, Hang Out= Dark Purple, Dorms= Dark Blue.



Name: Angel Louis Stockwell

Nicknames: Ang, Dance girl (By Kyle and Tyler only), Music princess (By everyone else)

Age: 16

Birthday: January 13

Appearance: Photobucket

áPortrait by: Jenna Dewan Tatum

Personality: Sweet, smart, talkative when you know her, never gives up on what she believes in, caring about friends, is scary when she mad, takes lot to get her mad, calm

Family: Mother- Cary RenÚe Stockwell, Age-42; Father- Steven Greg Stockwell, Age-45

Friends: Tiffany Lola Star, Stella Emily Walls

Major: Music and Dance

Dorm room: 216

Dorm room looks: Photobucket

Roommate: None

Name: Tiffany Lola Star

Nicknames: Tiff, Any, Lo, Curly girl (by Kyle and Tyler only)

Age: 16

Birthday: April 23

Appearance: Photobucket

Portrait by: The girl in picture

Personality: Calm, hard worker, helps friends when they need it, stands up for her friends

Family: Mother-Tina Abigail Star, Age: 40; Father- David Leon Star, Age: 43

Friends: Angel Louis Stockwell, Stella Emily Walls

Major: Undecided

Dorm room: 217

Dorm room looks: Photobucket

Roommate: Stella Emily Walls

Name: Stella Emily Walls

Nicknames: Stell, Ella, Art girl (By Kyle and Tyler only)

Age: 16

Birthday: June 9

Appearance: Photobucket

Portrait by: The girl in the picture

Personality: Crazy, loud, funny, anime crazy, gives it her all, not really well with school work

Family: Mother- Jul Summer Walls, Age: 38; Father- Mike William Walls, Age: 39

Friends: Angel Louis Stockwell, Tiffany Lola Star

Major: Art

Dorm room: 217

Dorm room looks: look under Tiffanyĺs dorm room

Roommate: Tiffany Lola Star

Name: Kyle Zachary Jones

Nicknames: Hip-hop dance king, Zack, Sports star, Stalker (by Angel only)

Age: 16

Birthday: January 2

Appearance: Photobucket

Portrait by: Channing Tatum

Personality: smartass, think he better than everyone else, charming, will protect what he loves, if you get past his smartass personality he quite a nice guy

Family: Father: Alex Turner Jones, Age: 46; Step-mother: Lillian Rachel Jones, Age: 28; Step-sister: Tammy Paige Jones, Age: 6

Friends: Tyler Dylan Tuner

Major: Sports, Music and Dance

Dorm room: 300

Dorm room looks: Photobucket

Roommate: None

Name: Tyler Dylan Tuner

Nicknames: Ty, Dylan

Age: 16

Birthday: June 30

Appearance: Photobucket

Portrait by: Alex Evans

Personality: funny, charming, smart yet not bright, what he want he gets

Family: Mother: Bella Rose Turner

Friends: Kyle Zachary Jones

Major: Sports, Dance and Art

Dorm room: 301

Dorm room looks: Photobucket

Roommate: None

ę HaraUmeko

If you want to join, my story I would love to enroll you to the Solar Academy.

Note: If you do enroll you can't have Kyle for your love interest, he going to be with one of the girls well Angel. Look under for you enroll slip. Fill it out and comment here or my email-

for enrollment i need

Name: (First Middle Last)

Nicknames: (If have any)

Age: (this is a High school so 14 to 18 or if you skipped grades)

Birthday: (Month Day)

Appearance: (Picture)

Portrait by: (Who is the person in the picture for real. Ex- look above at mine)

Personality: (What are they like)

Family:(Any family they have need first middle last name, age and who are they)

Friends: (Can be friends with my Character or other peoples Characters- of so others give description of what kinds of friends your character has)

Major: (what are you studying look at the map and key to know what is given)

Dorm Room: (# of dorm room -cant be a # that is all ready taken)

Dorm Room looks: ( picture of dorm room)

Roommates: (one other person, can buddy up- if you want to buddy up i will put you with who you want. Note- there dorm room has to have 2 beds to buddy up with them. if not then it just them. Cant buddy up with my characters. if you want to room alone tell me if not put waiting for roommate)

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Chapter 1
First Chapter
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