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Author: AmestrianWOLF
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2011-07-10 20:21:59
Tags: automail, autowolf, edward, alphonse, elric, fullmetal, full, metal, alchemist, love, story

A girl by the name of Bailey was born, once, with a loss of eardrums and only half a spine. Desperate for help, her Parents, who were in the Military, payed and unknown AutoMail Mechanic to "Fix Her", so she would have a chance to talk and laugh and walk. Though, it turned awful as she was used as an illegal experiment, having instead of a metal Backbone and a type of Hearing Aids, she was given the ears and tail of an animal. Though, even though it was horrendous, they worked. Little Bailey could Walk and Hear, both of these heightened, in a way, while the AutoMailist was prosecuted.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This story is absolutely Chock-Full of Spoilers for the very first Fullmetal alchemist series, as I go by the full English Dubbed script. Original Story, Cast, Characters, and Dialog are completely Copyrighted to Hiromu Arakawa. Bailey Vinez and her history belongs to me and ONLY me. Now that we're done with that... I have fallen in love with this story. I'm only about Five Chapters in, but I'm already at over 22,000 words. So, I advise that, if you enjoy really long stories and Fullmetal Alchemist, that you should read this. Also, ever so slowly, I'm adjusting a few things. I began this story a year ago, so Bailey has a few little things that need to be worked on. Nothing major, though. mostly her height, weight, and anger issues. As of now, She's taller and weight a little more than Ed, and isn't easily angered.
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Name: Bailey Vinez (Vines)

Age: Sixteen, with the occasional time changes for the memories

Gender: Female

Family: Murdered in the Ishval War, Step-Uncle and -Aunt, who she hasn't seen since she was around eight. Her uncle Giolio Comanche, her Grandfather on her Father's side, who is deceased.

Main looks: Dark chocolate-brown hair with rather straight bangs aligned to the center of her forehead, and long locks that go to her shoulders. She has  blue-gray eyes, which are hardly ever seen, that are usually looking off at weird objects. She is almost always wearing this long, black cloak, similar to Edward's in fashion, in a way. Though, it is always closed up to her knees, where is open up and flows freely. It's sleeves have excess cloth at the wrists, and it waves slightly more than the rest of the wear. Her hood is always up, with two small, almost unnoticeable lumps at the side of her head, but no one takes notice. Below all of this, Bailey wears a simple black tee-shirt and comfortable gray-green cargo-like pants (Or, occasionally, poofy dark-blue pants stuffed into her boots), and gray/back combat boots.

Past: When she was born, she was deaf and her spine was deformed. Her parents and all the doctors figured she would die. But then, this man came. He was a technician who specialized in AutoMail. Bailey's mother and father payed the man all that they had, and thus, he took her as a patient. When he did, however, he used her as an experiment. He used the ears and tail of a deceased wolf, added silver, wires, and other mechanical objects to make his new creation... The AutoWolf. Placing the ears to her head and the tail to her spine by silver plates, he attached wires to her brain and Spinal Chord. She could hear and she could talk. Bailey Vinez would live. But, when he was done with the operation, he fled town, expected to have been killed off by military officials for creation of illegal AutoMail. After a couple of years, her mother and father got called to duty. At the age of three, Bailey was sent to her Step-Uncle and Aunt's mansion, where she learned Alchemy and studied, becoming quite strong. She had carved a Transmutation Circle on one of the many silver plates that covered part of her tail, allowing her to use Alchemy whenever she pleased, as long as it used her AutoWolf tail. At the age of 5, her Step-Uncle had found that alcohol could ease his stress, and became a drunk. Bad part is, he was a gambler, also. One night, he was drunk, and was gambling and decided he was going to win this game, so you know what he did? He betted all his money and the whole mansion. Yeah, guess what? He lost. They lost. Everything. From age five to age eight, Bailey lived on the streets with her Step-Aunt and Uncle. Once, when they were walking around in an alley, some thug that was drunk ripped off her black cloak (that she always wears) and saw her silver attachments. He freaked. As a crowd formed around them, Bailey's guardians fled, afraid, cowardly. At that moment, she was glad about her carved Transmutation Circle. Turning her tail into a huge drill, she dug herself out, and ran away from everything, everyone. She kept fleeing, but found that the more places she traveled, the more people she helped, using her Alchemy. When she was eleven, she took down a murderer that had gone on a rampage. At that moment, the military came. When they saw, they reported to Lieutenant Roy Mustang, who enrolled her in the State Alchemist Exams. But also, when she was informed she was enrolled, she was also told that her mother and father were killed on duty by the very murderer she had caught three years before. Of course, she was devastated, but what got to her more was one question; Who did she have left?
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Chapter 1
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