Chāo Mčng - The Ultimate Dream's nightmare (A Mewtwo One-shot)
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Published: 2011-07-10 20:10:51
Tags: pokemon, mewtwo, mew, leaf, blaine, giovanni, rhyhorn

The story of Mewtwo's past, and what he does after destroying the lab he was born in.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This is a combination of events from the anime, games and manga. ^^ Now that I look back this seems horribly cheezy. XD But I love it nonetheless. ^^ Anyway, like most of the stuff I will be posting here, this was originally on Failzilla, but... Yeah, you know the story. I wanted to put my one-shots and fanfics up before starting in on my original stories. =)


That is the only thought that has been clear. 

They tell me that I am not alone; that they are my friends.


I was not always alone. There were once others like me; Ambertwo, Bulbasaurtwo, Squirtletwo, and Charmandertwo. But they died…

I know I am strong. I could crush the humans. I can feel in deep in my soul.

Or whatever it is that I have instead. 

I am physically strong. But I am not strong of spirit enough to use that power. 


That is what they call him.

The one who’s face covers the walls in pictures and carvings. 

The one who’s DNA I, Mewtwo as they call me, was created from. 

I know that he has a soul. He was created like most other Pokémon; naturally. Not in a lab like me.

I hate them. 

The ones who call themselves my 'friends'.


One day, when the lab is empty, leaving me alone in my containment tube, he comes.

"Hi there, frowny face!" he laughs, floating upside-down in the air. "You look lonely." he says more seriously, turning upright. 

"Lonely? What is that?" I ask.

"It’s when you feel bad inside ‘cuz you’re alone." he says softly.

"I am not alone. There are plenty of beings here."

"You know what I mean." he sighs. He looks around, floating over to examine a picture of himself. "I look fat in this." he complains, looking at his reflection on one of the blank screens. "You could escape. You could find a place where you don’t have to be alone." he says to my reflection. "You could do it. You could break free." He whirls around to face me. "You just need to find the courage to do it."

"Courage?" I ask blankly. 

"Put your hand against the glass." He floats over and presses his own hand to the glass. I put my hand on the other side of the glass from his. 

"Now what do I do?"

"Use your mind. Will the glass to break." 

I try. It is the most effort I have ever put into anything. But it is all for naught. 

"I cannot." I sigh, pushing myself away from the glass. 

"Yes, you can!" Mew cries. “Please… I can’t bear to see you suffering like this…” Something makes his eyes blur, and I am about to ask what is wrong when one of the humans bursts into the room, and Mew Teleports away.

"Mewtwo!" he says, turning on the machines. "Time for more tests!" I hate how happy he looks. They always look so damn happy. They love doing tests on me, their most successful experiment ever.

Anger wells inside me, and I curl my hands into fists, planting my feet as firmly as I can on the bottom of my containment tube. The anger grows into hatred as the human readies a series of long needles and test tubes. 

I close my eyes and concentrate. I center the feeling, the power, and a ball of energy grows in front of my chest.

"Mewtwo? What’s wrong?"

I open my eyes to glare at him, and release the ball of energy. 

It rapidly expands, destroying almost everything in its path, only stopping when it reaches the walls of the room. 

More humans rush in, yelling and asking what happened. I step away from the shattered remains of my prison, pushing away the humans as they try to stop me, try to contain me. A human runs over to the one machine still somewhat operational and starts talking into it as I rip away the contraptions and wires that keep me attached to the machines. 

I start smashing everything, tossing the humans aside as I turn their lab to ruins. 

I lose track of time as my rage turns blind, and I simply lash out at everything, turning stone to rubble and rubble to dust as I take out my frustration and hatred on everything around me. 

"You shouldn’t let the anger control you!" I whipped around to find a human. He was not like the others; he wore dark clothes and had something on his head. "You need to learn to control it!" he calls over the sound of the running helicopter behind him.

I growl and lunge at him, my thirst for violence not yet quenched. 

A beam of red light shoots out from his hand and a Pokémon whose name they taught me – Rhyhorn – catches my fist as I try to punch the human.

"You may have been strong enough to destroy this lab, but compared to my Pokémon, you’re still weak!" He holds out his hand to me. "I can make you stronger! All you have to do is help me capture Pokémon and rule the world!" I do not understand exactly what he means; they did not teach me all those words. 

"Will I be alone?" I ask softly. I still have that feeling that Mew described. 

"No. I will always be by your side, helping you grow stronger!" 

Rhyhorn releases me, and I nod, reluctant to take his hand. Something feels wrong about going with him, but Mew is nowhere to be seen, and I am just so tired of being alone…

"I will help you." I agree, the feeling in my gut lessening a bit. 

The red beam of light takes the Rhyhorn away, and I warily follow the human onto the helicopter. 

The human – Giovanni he calls himself – trains me, making me wear a suit of armor while I do so. This suit focuses and controls my power, yet it feels almost as though it weakens it too. 

I fight Pokémon. Sometimes I help Giovanni capture them; sometimes I fight Pokémon who do so for humans. The humans command them like generals commanding soldiers in a miniature war. 

At first, I feel horrible when I hurt Pokémon that I do not believe deserve it, but after a while, I get used to it, and it is not so hard to bear anymore.

One day, I get sick of fighting. I rebel against Giovanni, refusing to help him any longer. 

I rid myself of the suit, and escape from the accursed place. 

But wherever I go, Pokémon treat me like a freak. Some just act like I do not exist.

Eventually I find a cave that is so far away from humans and Pokémon that I figure whatever Pokémon live here are outcasts like me, who are sure to understand and maybe even accept me. 

But they treat me just the same. Only here, some are afraid of me too. 

The farther in I go, the clearer that becomes. 

I find myself at the heart of the cave, alone again.

I hate everything now. I hate humans. I hate Pokémon, especially those who call humans their ’masters’.

I hate this cave. I hate the shadows that mock me with empty promises of an approaching Pokémon or human. 

I hate my past. 

I hate Ambertwo and the others who left me alone in that place. I hate the humans who tortured me with things they called 'tests', then called themselves my friends. 

I hate Giovanni for trying to control me.

I hate my DNA. I hate the human, Blaine, who’s DNA I share along with Mew’s.

I hate Mew.

I am still alone. 

It is better than before, though. No one pretends. No one tries to study me. 

I am not happy, though, not by far. 

They bring me food, the Pokémon here. I think it is only because they fear that if they do not, I will eat them instead. 

I munch on a berry as I watch the Magikarp swim mindlessly around in the water. They are the only ones who come near, if only out of sheer stupidity. 

"Golly!" I spin around to glare at a human as she stares at me, holding her hat on her head. "Well, wha’d’ya know? I come down here to train, and what do I find?" she laughed. The easy, carefree air that surrounds her reminds me of someone. 

"Leave this place, human." I growl, stepping toward her menacingly. 

"Well, someone’s grumpy!" she huffs. “And I brought you a friend, too!” I snarl at the word. 

"I have no friends." I argue.

"So you’re not Mewtwo?" I jump at my name. How did she…? "Aha! You are! Mew-chan has told me so much about you!" Mew? She knows Mew? "It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mewtwo-san!" She grabs my hand and shakes it vigorously. "Mew-chan will be so excited!" She started digging in her bag.

I would have hated her too, like I do all humans, but something about her… 

I realize with a jolt who she reminds me of.

She looks just how I imagine Ambertwo would, had she lived this long, and the way she acts is like when I first met Mew.
"Here it is!" She takes out a Poké Ball and tosses it into the air. "Mew-chan, look who I found!" she chirps, pulling me over. 

"Mewtwo!" he cries, hugging me. "You did it! I told you, didn’t I?" 

"Mew…” I knew as soon as I saw him that I did not hate him, not really. 

"I knew that if I travelled with Amberlina, I’d find you!"

"Amber… lina?" I breathe, afraid yet hopeful that someone will tell me that they are joking.

"She prefers to go by Lina." Mew clarifies. 

I step forward, reaching out to touch her face. Now that I look closer, her eyes are the same as hers. 

"She’s not the Amber you know." Mew says softly, as though he read my mind.

"I know that; there is no way she could be." I sigh, letting my hand fall to my side. "Ambertwo is dead. Nothing can change that." Every friend I have ever had has died. 

I gasp as Lina pulls me into her arms and hugs me tight. 

"You looked like you could use a hug." she whispers.

And as I find myself wrapping my arms around her, and tears start pouring from my eyes, I realize that this kind of hug is just what I’ve needed for a long, long time.

"Hey, how about you come travel with me and Mew-chan?" she asks after a while. "Wha’d’ya say?" She takes a step back and smiles at me, holding out her hand. 

I find myself smiling back and taking it. 

"I think I’d like that." It feels right, taking her hand.

"Great!" She starts pulling me away from where I’ve been living for so long, and Mew floats after us. "After coming here, I was gonna go to Johto; I hear they’ve got some pretty neat towers there!" I grin as she leads me out of the cave.

Fun. Adventure. Silly. Insane. 


Those thoughts swim through my head so much now that I almost can’t remember what it was like without them.

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