No Such Thing(3) A Yari-what?
Author: Animelove24
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2011-08-07 05:10:03
Tags: vampire

So turns out it wasen't what you expected, which was nothing. Too bad huh? Now you must learn how your life will be from now on from your Saviour who's really more of villan in your opinion. Should you have let him drop you? Well too late now.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
I know it's shorter, I didn't intend for it to be that way.
Chapter 4
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^Ya right I must be frigging high or something! 'Maybe this won't be so bad.'. Please this is like X-Men Origins bad. I'd rather fall again then work for this douche-bag.^ you think as Gabriel starts doing what you assume is landing; he was getting closer to the ground at any rate. By this time blood was starting to rush to head and it felt like it as well as your nose was clogged. You also felt like your insides were now in your throat and you tried your hardest not to throw them up.
"Thanks! I hate you too you stupid bitch."Gabriel smiles down at you with a fake happiness in his voice.
^I'm so glad I wore pants.^Gabriel at that moment gives you a lewd smirk that made you want to punch him in his pretty, porcelain face.

"Like I give a crap if you hate me! Now pull me up; I'm gonna freaking puke!" you demand, a blush starting to creep into your cheeks.
"That might be fun to watch." he says with a chuckle.
"EW GROSS! You're such a guy!" you snap and cross your arms. Just then Gabriel does a sudden noise-dive down towards your new "home". It was actually a nice looking geisha house. Well you wouldn't exactly call it a 'house' since it looked huge; from what you guessed it was about the size of a city block. It was slipt into three parts by from what you thought was a fence and a massive forest surrounding it. The bigger downside besides the supposed fence was you couldn't see a road anywhere.
"AHHHHHH!!!!"you start to scream as Gabriel plummits faster. His arm were still spread wide from before and you couldn't pull your arms up; all you could do was tighten your legs around his waist which was the thing you least wanted to do at the moment because you could feel that it made the "phone" come back. You really start feeling like you're going to throw-up and before you can stop yourself-
"BLLLLLLLEEEEEEEGGGHHHH!"you start upside-down puking and end up getting little bits in your hair.
"Ah sick!"
"Your not the one-blegh-doing it now...are you?" you gasp for air and then continue puking; watching as it hits some tall pine trees.
^Wait a minute? Trees?^You then notice that you are suddenly way to close to the ground for comfort.
"Oh my God we're gonna crash you motherfucking idiot!!!"you scream at him as the ground rushes up towards you. You shield your face with your arms and hold on to Gabriel for dear life with your legs. Suddenly you feel him turn back to vertical, standing position and you feel his legs start bumping along what you assume is the ground. You also start to feel small things start hitting your arms until you suddenly stopped. due to grsvity your back bent at an uncomfortable position and your head smacked against the ground.
"OW!"you whine rubbing the top of your head. You move your other arm away from your face and put it on the ground for better support. You look around and see that everything is topsy-turvy, which results in making you feeling sick again so you let go of Gabriel with your legs."Oof!"your butt hits the ground; not very gently.
"Well at least you're not still up-chucking." He looks down at you with a smirk on his face and an mocking glint in his mesmerizing blue eyes.
"Shut the fuck up! Also, who the hell says 'up-chucking'?"You push yourself up so you're now in a sitting position.
^Ew bad idea!^you think as your stomach starts doing back-flips.
"Need some help?" Gabriel asks kindly, holding out his hand to help you up.
"No thank you!" you say curtly, slapping his hand away. You wait down on the ground for a few more seconds to get your head in order before pushing yourself the rest of the way up. Instantly you got a headache which just resulted in making you angrier. You decide to turn around to look where you've landed. It was a flat grassy place with a little stone path leading up to the walkway around the house.
^What the heck is a japanese house doing in...what I guess is Canada?^ you wonder and scowl at the thought of you being so far from home.
"Its specially made for you yariman."
"You what?" you ask turning around."HOLY CHRIST!"you scream; startled. Gabriel had gone black to his original form. His hair had gone from long and white, to short and black; his eyes from kind and dark blue, to golden and menacing.
"Will you stop screaming! Its giving me a damn headache!"he snaps.
"Well then don't do that! Besides you gave me one damnit, with all your fuckin' upside down shit."you retort."And what did you mean by 'yariman'? Thats a damn slut!"
"Exactly. You as well as my other girls here are all yariman here to please North Americans with a fetish for Japanese woman, and trust me there are a lot more than you'd think. Although you don't look too Asian, plus your boobs are kind of-"
"DON'T YOU DARE YELL AT ME WOMAN!"he face turns menacing and deadly.
"TRY AND STOP ME ASS-FACE! I am NOT being someones whore!"you stna don you tip-toes to look him in the face.
"You are if I say you are!"he screams down at you.
"Who are you yelling at now Gabriel?" said a husky, woman's voice in English from behind you. You and Gabriel both turn to see who had spoken. It was a woman wearing a very revealing, dark blue kimono that bascially showed off half of her chest. She also had dark black hair piled ontop of her head in a messy bun. She was leaning againest a wall with her arms crossed and a long cigerette between her ruby red, painted lips.
^Who the hell is that?^you wonder, trying not to stare at her chest.
"Just a new recrut Ai, nothing more." Gabriel smiles at the woman.
"Oooh. Are you sure about her? Shes kind of flat don't you think?" the woman, now known as Ai, wonders raising an eyebrow.
"EXCUSE ME!?"you screech at her."Just because I don't have watermelon boobs doesn't mean I'm flat!"
"Attitude problem too."she went on as though you weren't there. She slowly walked towards you both.
"Well you had one too if I remember correctly."Gabriel says with a smirk pulling Ai into his arms as soon as she was near enough.
"That was before you 'broke' me though."she said in a sexy voice, slowly moving her hands up his chest and around his neck.
"Yes, and now you're the perfect pet."Gabriel moved his hands from around her waist to her ass.
"Oh my God I'm gonna throw up again!"you sigh in disgust."Thats it; I'm leavin'"you turn to face the woods and start walking. You didn't care if you got lost in there all you knew was that you wanted out and you wanted out now. Besides, you figured it must lead to civalization at some point; no forest goes on forever, atleast not in this day and age.
"Where the hell are you going?"Gabriel snaps, disintangling himself from Ai.
"Not here obviously."you reply; not even turning around. You're about to take your first step into the woods when-
"Oh no you don't."Gabriel says appearing right infront of you. You shriek in surprise.
"CUT IT THE FUCK OUT AND GO AWAY!" you yell in his face. You turn to go around him but he again blocks your way.
"You're not going anywhere."he snarls looking pissed, which made you just cross your arms and glare at him."Now listen here."he pulls you close by grabbing the front of your shirt and starts whispering in your ear."If you don't do what I say I will KILL everyone you've ever cared about. Gerard, Avril, your three friends will all be gone."
"Wha-what!!"you stammer in shock. Your arms instantly drop to your side as your eyes go wide with fear.
"You heard me. Now follow me or else." he starts walking away and you want to follow him just incase he kept good on his promise but... you couldn't move an inch you were so in shock. Suddenly someone grabbed your arm tightly and you looked up to see Ai glaring down at you; since she a good five inches taller than you as everyone seemed to be.
"Ugh! C'mon stupid we have work to do."she growls, dragging you along while following Gabriel. She makes you wipe your feet off on the dewey gress before getting on the walkway surounding the house. You turn the corner and see an even bigger flat space with the some kind of stone path except with a garden with many different flowers surrounding the far side and as you had guessed form the sky, a wooden gate atleast eight feet tall beyond that. After you came out of your stupper you realized Gabriel was talking.
^Not like I care if he is or not.^ you think scowling. You would try excepting everything he wanted, but you wouldn't do it without atleast a bit of a fight. It was just your personality, it wasen't like you took his threat lightly or that you didn't care about your family anymore. He was a deadly vampire, not a Twilight or L.J. Smith one and you loved your family(or atleast the members he had mentioned) and friends; they were all you had.
"These are the Front Gardens. Its where the girls get to relax on their time off as well as where the guests come in." Gabriel explains. He gestures to the expanse of the gardens.
^Oh so he's giving me a tour off this shit hole....lovely.^It justs makes you scowl even more at the thought of living here. Then you realized two things. One was that Ai was still holding onto your arm for dear life and two was that there was no parking lot where the guests came in. To solve the first problem you yank your arm away from Ai and gave her a glare. She didn't even seem to notice. To solve the second problem you just ask.
"How the hell do people get in here if theres not parking lot?"
"Oh so you are paying attention."Gabriel smirks as usual.
"Shut up Vamp-Boy."you snap. All he does is laugh and Ai half-smiles.
"You'll figure it all out later don't worry."Ai says to you without actually looking in your direction.
^What a bitch.^you think, scrunching up your nose. You see Gabriel laugh and know that he read your mind.^Screw off.^ He just laughs more.
"Moving on!"Ai urges, glaring at Gabriel with cobalt eyes.
^Great she knew I was making fun off her! She's motherfucking psychic too!^
"All right calm down."he says."Now this room in here."he gestures to a door which you were standing beside."Is the entrance to the waiting room and all the other rooms inside are for..."work" which is why it is called the Work House.
^EW! This place is fucking huge!^You started to think about all the girls that must live here and it made you physicaly shudder.
"Stop standing there like a space cadet and come on!"Gabriel snaps from way ahead of you. Just to piss him off you shuffled to where he was standing and what would have taken you 15 seconds, actually took you about two minutes.
"Who the hell talks like?"you ask Gabriel as soon as you got there.
"Me. Now move your ass!"he starts pushing you out in front of him. You all head off of the walkway which due to Gabriel's shoving made you almost trip and in through a door in the gate on the right side of the building.
^This gate must be three sided or somethin'.^ Through this door you found a similar buliding but slightly smaller and almost everypart of the walls had doors. It also had much bigger gardens with cherry trees in them. You also noticed it had no walls and was just surrounded by the woods.
"This is Home Base aka where all the girl's rooms are." Gabriel continues with the tour.
^Then where are they?^you wonder. You didn't see one sign of human life anywhere.
"They're sleeping right now since they work nights."
"Stop reading my mind asshole."you mutter.
"And over there in that building is my office. So if you need anything at all just come on over."
^Oh I can think of a few right now.^you think with sarcasim. You look over to the building which was maybe the size of a garage. It was made of dark brown wood and was about 12 meters away from Home Base.
"Joy."is all you say. Gabriel just sighed at your obvious depression.
"Whatever. I have to go work, besides the sun's coming up in a couple of hours. Ai show her to a room 'kay."he walks away towards the office. You both stand there and watch until he shuts the door. Ai sighs.
"C'mon lets go."she says sounding exasperated, walking down the right side of the house. You follow her in silence until you reach the last door down the walkway.
"Tsuki wake up!" Ai snaps knocking on the door. You here grumbling from inside then a very sleeping looking girl in a pink kimono, with long black hair and green eyes opens the door.
"What'dya want Ai? I'm tired!"the girls whines while rubbing sleep out of her eyes.
"Tsuki this is...."
"Elise. My name is Elise."you tell her. Atleast here you could have the name you liked and not the one you had.
"Well for now anyways."Ai mutters. You give her a weird look."Anyway this is Elise. She's your new room-mate. Have fun."
"Wait what!?"Tsuki protests waking up."I don't want a room-mate!"
^Great me nether. Just send me home right now and we'll all be happy.^
"Too bad."Ai snaps over her shoulder as she walks away. You both stand there awkwardly for a minute or two.
"Ugh. Oh well."Tsuki sighs."Sorry about that. I'm not usually this cranky. But, you see, I hate being woken up so...ya. Anyway, my names Tsuki and its nice to meet you Elise."She holds out her hand for you to shake but you just look at it until she puts it down. you didn't want to get so friendly with anyone here.
"No offense Tsuki but its not so nice to meet you."you state.
"Thats fine. We all say that when we're brought here but you'll get used to it." She puts her arm around your shoulder and pushes you inside, then shuts the door.
"I DON'T WANT TO GET USED TO IT!"you scream at her, frustrated that she was taking your kidnapping so lightly.
"Ya well you don't really have a choice now do you?" Tsuki points out with a yawn. You look down at the floor in defeat.
"No...I guess not."you grumble; still not looking at her.
"Good! Now thats your bed there."she points the a mattress on the floor with a dark purple blanket and one white pillow. Next to it was similar bed except that one was a complete mess.
"Comfey."you snort.
"Whatever Downey Downerpants. I'm going back to bed. So talk you in the morning."she walks over to her "bed" and curls up under the blankets. She almost instantly falls asleep leaving you standing there alone in the extremely small room. You stand there for a few minutes unsure of wether you should try running away or just curl up and sleep. You choose the later after considering that running through the woods at night would be a terrible idea. You walk over to your "bed" and get as comfortably as you can under the blanket. You lie there and listen to Tsuki's light breathing for a bit. Suddenly you start to cry silent tears as the events of the day finally catch with you.
^This place fuckings sucks! I wanna go home!^ You turn over and sob into your pillow.^I want Gerard! I want Alex! I WANT OUT!!!^
"God why don't you help me?"you ask muffled into your pillow."Out of all these times, just this once please help me, get me out of here!"you turn on your side and stare at the wall; still crying.
^Please get me out of here. I don't want this!^The walkway outside of the door creaks and then stops infront of your door. You suddenly start to feel very sleepy. Not like you were drowsy and starting to fall asleep but just suddenly on the edge of sleep. Your eyes almost instantly close and your brain is suddenly emptied of all thoughts.
^Just sleep now Elise.^soothes a male voice in your head.^It will all turn out alright.^
^Thanks....God....^are your last thoughts before the weird sleep overtakes you.
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Chapter 4
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