Crystal – Dawn of a new Champion [16]
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2011-12-25 01:25:48
Tags: Pokemon, Pokémon, Crystal, Tepig, Striaton, Cress, Chili, Cilan, Panpour, Pansear, Pansage, Pikachu, Eevee, Quilava, badge, Gym

Crystal and the boys have finally reached the Striaton Gym, but what trials await them there? And how will Crystal face up to the 'Triple Trouble' Gym Leader?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Thanks to Kaorun on DA for letting me use this terrific drawing of the Striaton Gym Leaders! ^^ Oh, I just LOVE the cliffhanger in this one! You're going to hate me for sure! ;) But on the bright side, you finally get to see the Pallet Town boys fight in a Pokemon battle! Also since I haven't hear back from my Beta yet, I'm not gonna lock this chapter! ^^ Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! Though sine it's Christmas Eve, I guess it's okay to just go with Merry Christmas... Ah, screw it. Merry whatever everyone! =D I'll probably take January off for Crystal Dawn and focus on finishing the story of 18 and getting the next few chapters after that outlined more clearly. In the meantime I'll resume the Platinum Hiro weekly updates so you won't be left with nothing to read. ^^
Chapter 16
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"Fennel said the Gym was around here…" Gold says, messing with the map on his PokéGear. You couldn't find the Gym yesterday, so right after breakfast you headed out to look for it again.
"We're never gonna find it, are we?" Brendan groans.
"Don't worry, we'll find it!"
^Yeah, no sweat! ^^
"Relax. I'm sure it'll turn up!"
"Dude, we're gonna find it, and it's gonna be AWESOME!!!" ˃:D
^Well YOU'RE awfully chipper today, Shiori. [4; Yup! You know why? Because I've had SUGAR!]
^Arceus help us… ^^''
^Why, what's the worst that could happen? [6; You obviously weren't here the last time she had sugar.] [5; I envy you, Rokura.] Why? [5; Ignorance is bliss, my dear Rokura. Ignorance is bliss.] Okay…?
"I'm sure we'll find it! ……Eventually." ^^''
"You're looking for the Gym?" a man in his early twenties with pastel green hair asks. He's coming out of a grey building with a flag pole featuring Unova's flag planted to the left of its stairs. On the face of the building it says; Striaton School, Home of the Mighty Musharna! "Lucky for you, I was just on my way there!"
Well THAT was convenient…
^Raven's just getting lazy, isn't she?
^I'm afraid so.
STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!1!q1!1!
^Aaaand it begins! -_-;;
^What begins?
^Weren't you listening, Rokura? Shiori's gonna be a mass of hyper, sugar-fueled craziness all throughout this chapter. [5; I already have a headache! DX]
 "So what's the Gym like?" you ask.
"Hm? Oh, well… I, uh…" he stammers nervously then clears his throat. "The Gym leaders prefer that challengers don't know too much about their Gym, because if they did… Well then it would be much too easy to beat them." He tosses a small smile over his shoulder.
"How so?" Red asks.
"Oh, you'll see." You can't see his face, but there's a mischievous tone in his voice.
"So who are you?" Silver asks warily.
"Call me Dent." he says mysteriously.
Raven, you're making it too obvious.
^Making what too obvious? [1; *pats 2's head* Oh, you poor thing.] Hmm? =3
Dent? Seriously? You couldn't have been any more original.
Oh! I know who it is!
^*smacks* So does everyone else, dumbass!
^What do you mean by that? [5; *smacks* Dumbass.]
Dent, hmm? That's a weird name.
^You're actually surprised by that? It's Pokémon, of course his name's weird. [7; True…] [5; Dumbass.]
"Here it is!" He spreads his arm to showcase the regal building, and you notice the waiter's outfit he's wearing. "The Gym doubles as a Café when there's not a battle going on, and I work as a waiter there. Maybe I'll see you when you come for your battles." He smiles warmly before disappearing inside.
"That guy was weird." Red states, walking to the door.
"Well, who have met in Unova that isn't?" you laugh.
"Anne was pretty normal…" Wally comments.
"Yeah, but she drinks Scolipede milk!" Red sticks his tongue out in disgust.
"So?" Gold asks. "Not like they have many other options. I mean there aren't any Miltank in Unova."
"Wow." You bump into Red as he stops just inside the building.
"What's up?" You peer around him, and your eyes widen. "Wow. He wasn't kidding about the Café."
In front of you is a large Café, with formally dressed waiters and waitresses serving mostly female clientele. Two male servers seem to be getting the most attention, which is understandable because of their handsome looks and their strange hair; one has dark ocean blue hair covering most of the right side of his face, and the other has wild red hair styled in flames.
"Ritzy!" Brendan comments.
"You can say that again." Blue mumbles.
"Rit-" Silver slaps a hand over Brendan's mouth.
"It's an expression, dumbass." he growls.
"Guys, please don't-"
"Hello!" you're cut off as a waitress greets you, a business smile painted on her lips. "My name is Cyndi, and welcome to Café Trío! We have a variety of specials available today, as well as a completely clear battle schedule before four P.M."
"Well the four of us-" Gold wraps his arms around you, Blue and Red, "wanna challenge the Gym leader!" The waitress snickers a little at the last word.
"Well then, step right this way. Your friends may accompany you if they chose."
She leads you into a reception room at the back of the Café, and you notice the blue-haired waiter eyeing your group curiously as you pass him. You stare back, and he gives a dismissive scoff as he returns to his work.
That jerk! Why I oughta-
^C-calm down, Shichi! It wasn't THAT rude!
^Uh, I don't know what story YOU were reading, Godek, but even /I/ thought that was rude.
^Yeah, he totally just blew us off! Ooh, I can’t wait to kick his ass…
^Who said we're going to be fighting him?
^Are you stupid? That's- [Ra; *SR K.O.!*] [6; ???] [Ra; Pay no attention. *shifty eyes* She tripped.] [6; Oh, okay! ^^] [4; But… but you just-] [Ra; Oh, clumsy, CLUMSY Rokura… Be careful you don't trip on your way to the next question. ^^] [4; O.O Uh… Okay…]
^Oh, Raven, how I've missed your thinly veiled threats… [Ra; Shut up, Hachi. ^^]
"Let's see…" The waitress takes out a large sign-in book and opens it, flipping to a page with the current date on it. "Your names?" You give her your names and she jots them down. "All battles here are one-on-one. Which Pokémon will you each be using?"
"I'll be using my Eevee." Blue tells her.
"Pikachu." Red adds.
"I'm fighting with my Quilava!" Gold chimes.
"And my Tepig is my partner." you finish.
"I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with the types of your Pokémon, boys." the waitress says.
"Well, Eevee are Normal-Types, Pikachu are Electric, and Quilava are Fire." Blue explains.
"Then…" She points at Blue. "You'll fight Chili," She starts pointing to you, Gold and Red as she speaks, "you two are fighting Cress, and you're fighting Cilan." With that, she turns and goes back to the Café.
Uh, hello? Where do you think she went?
^Hopefully to get the Gym Leader.
^By the way what do you think is up with the guy? Cyndi made it sound like there's more than one.
^There very well may be, Shiori. Remember the Hoenn twins? They're both the Leaders of the same Gym.
^Yeah, but you fight them both at the same time in a double battle. Which, if you ask me, is kinda unfair.
^*smacks* No one asked you, Godek.
^Shichi stop hitting Godek! [6; MAKE ME, ROKURA.]
^Oy, here we go again. [6 & 7; Fuck you, Hachi!]
She returns after a few minutes with a waiter by her side.
"This is Derek. He'll show you to the bleachers. Red, please follow me to the battle field. Master Cilan will arrive in just a minute." She leads Red through a door, and you follow Derek up a flight of stairs into the overhead bleachers, where plush chairs and a tray of fresh tea is waiting. You find this odd, as you didn't see anyone come up here, and the door you just came through is the only one up here.
But as you sit down between Wally and Gold, you barely catch three monkey-like Pokémon as they hop down over the railing.
That's weird…
Oh, that is TOO obvious. Are you even trying anymore, Raven? [Ra; Hey, I wrote this part before I had the order of events figured out, and I didn't feel like changing it!]
^Excuses, excuses… [Ra; Wanna be stabbed by the Plot Fork? ˃:3] Uh, no thank you. ^^''
^Ooh, I haven't seen the Plot Fork in a while!
^I doubt anyone gets that reference anymore.
^Yeah, that was kinda a Quizilla thing.
^Shh! Guys! This is blasphemy! If the Plot Faeries catch us, we're screwed!
^Oh, Rokura, you and your silly superstitions. I laugh at your pitiful existence. Ha-ha, ha! [7; Oh you are SO screwed, Shichi.]
Red steps out onto the rocky battling field, looking around for the Gym Leader. After a few minutes, a man with familiar green hair stumbles in behind him, a stream of apologies leaving his mouth as he hurries across the field.
"…and then there was a fire in the kitchen – nothing serious, one of the waiter's aprons caught fire a little – anyway it's fine now and I'm here to battle you!" He twirls around at the other end of the field, and one of the monkeys you saw earlier hops onto his shoulder. "Huā! I was wondering where you were!" He grins at the green Pokémon.
"Dent?!" you gasp, standing to get a better look. The boys follow your lead, squinting down at the battlefield.
Saw it coming a mile away.
Wait, what?!
^Yeah, I'm really confused.
^Really? I mean, Shiori I get, but Sanae?! I didn't think you were that stupid. [4; *whisper* Don't worry, I'm just acting so she doesn't feel like a complete moron.]
^A-HEM! ˃:* [4; What?] I didn't get it either! DX [4; Oh… Sorry, Godek.] [3; Sorry for what? =3] [4; Oh, nothing.]
^Yeah, Raven really is getting lazier. [Ra; *Plot Fork jab*] OW! Fuck! Okay, I won't call you lazy anymore! Jeez! [Ra; Good girl. ^^] *mutter* Slakoth. [Ra; Batter up! *Plot Fork whack*] [3; Woo! Homerun! \(^o^)/] [Ra; Game, set, match. ;)] [2; Uh, I don't think that's the right analogy for this game.] [Ra; Shiori.] [3; Yes, Ma'am! Kick in the pants… Go!!!! *kicks*] [2; Son of a Bidoof! You could have just told me to shut up, you know!] [Ra; Meh, I feel violent today. =3]
"It is!" Wally exclaims.
"Hey, man, why you didn't tell us you were the Gym leader?" Blue yells.
"Sorry!" Dent nervously puts a hand on the back of his neck. "And actually, my name's Cilan." He smiles apologetically.
"So you lied to us." Silver clarifies.
"No, I said you could call me Dent. I never said it was my name." He flashes an innocent smile.
"Look, can we save the chit-chat for after the battle?" Red asks impatiently.
"Right! Let's see, um… What was I supposed to say?" Cilan takes out a notepad and quickly leafs through the pages, apparently finding what he was looking for after a few moments. He puts the notepad away, and clears his throat. "Welcome, challenger! My name is Cilan, and I will be your opponent today." He gives a small bow, then extends his arm as his Pokémon crawls down it and leaps onto the field. "Meet my Pansage, Huā. He'll be your Pokémon's opponent."
"Hey, that's a Pansage like Yanappu!" you say as the other two elemental monkeys pop out of their Poké Balls.
"Oh, yeah! I've heard of him; he's pretty popular around the forest." Baokkie says. "Hey, Hiyakkie, it's Huā!"
"Really? Oh no, I must look terrible!" Hiyakkie starts worriedly smoothing his fur.
"You look fine, Honey." Baokkie insists, a small smile on his face as he shakes his head at his lover.
"We can take him. Right, Chewie?" Red glances at his Pokémon, who smirks.
"Of course." Chewie hops down off of Red's shoulder, and gets ready to fight.
Ooh, this is going to be exciting!
^Yeah, finally we'll get to see Red fight instead of getting stuck with just the results.
I wonder if any of OUR boys will get to fight?
^You mean Brendan, Wally and Silver? I doubt it. Brendan and Silver MAYBE, but I don't think Wally's the fighting type. [3; True…]
Awesome, let's get our fight on!
This should be awesome…
No, don't fight!
^*kicks* Dude! You're being too obvious! [7; Sorry, but I can't just stand by and let this happen!] Fine. Just know you forced me to do this. [7; Huh?] *SR K.O.!* [3; That… seemed a bit harsh. ^^'']
"This is a one-on-one battle!" Cyndi announces, standing midway between Red and Cilan. "Items are not allowed! The last Pokémon standing wins! Begin!"
"Good luck, Red!" "Beat him down!" "You can do it!" you all cheer.
"Chewie, Quick Attack!" Chewie charges the green Pokémon.
"Huā, use Bullet Seed!" Huā spits seeds at Chewie, who quickly uses his tail to block. "Now, use Fury Swipes!" Huā bounds over to Chewie, swiping at his face.
"Chewie! Thunder Wave!" Chewie's cheeks light up with static, and he releases it as Huā makes contact with his face.
"Huā!" Cilan gasps, watching anxiously as his Pansage his propelled backwards. "Are you okay?!"
"I'm fine." Huā says, standing. He looks back at his trainer and gives him a reassuring smile. Cilan nods.
"Then use Vine Whip!" Vines sprout from the bush on Huā's head, and they lash out at Chewie.
"Electro Ball!" Chewie holds out his hands, and electricity from his cheeks accumulates between them, forming into a ball of static. He tosses the ball into the air, leaping up and hitting it with his tail.
It slams into Huā, making him skid backwards. As he tries to get up, Paralysis kicks in, making him cry out in pain.
"Huā! Hold on!" Cilan encourages him, looking worriedly at his Pokémon. Huā struggles to stand, but manages to get up. "Good! Think you can use Work Up?" Huā nods and takes a deep breath, holding his hands together at the center of his chest. He meditates for a moment, then as he opens his eyes, a red aura envelops his body, making his eyes glow red. "Excellent! What a spicy flavor! Now use Lick!"
The red glow disappears as Huā leaps into the air, hopping across the rocks to reach Chewie.
"Chewie, watch out! Get ready to use ThunderShock!" Chewie nods, and charges up his cheeks.
But Huā bounds right past him. Startled, Chewie's electricity stores disperse as he whirls around.
"Chewie, Behind you!" Red yells. Chewie freezes as Huā's tongue runs up his spine. He shivers in disgust and glares at the Grass-Pokémon.
"Now that's just gross." he spits. Huā shrugs.
"It's a Pokémon battle. Sorry."
"Wait a minute…" Silver stands. "That Pokémon just used a fifth move. I thought Pokémon could only know four at a time."
Yeah, I thought that too.
^Me too!
^Oh, you're just agreeing to seem smart, Shiori. BUT NONE OF US ARE BUYING IT.
^Guys, calm down. I'm sure they'll explain…
That's odd… Okay, Raven, what's your explanation for THIS one?
This should be interesting. ^^
^You're an optimist, aren't you, Godek? [2; What does an eye doctor have to do with-] [3; *smack* That's not your line, dumbass! We already used that joke before!]
^It's not her fault Raven hasn't come up with any new material lately. Give her a break. [3; NEVER.] *sigh* You're hopeless.
"Well, there IS this one technique…" Gold says, cradling a cup of tea in his hands. "Not all Pokémon can master it - or even USE it for that matter - but there is a way for a Pokémon to simultaneously know more than four moves."
"Really?" Silver asks skeptically.
"Yeah! Mags knows six different moves right now!"
Wow. That's a lot.
Man, Mags is pretty awesome, huh?
SIX moves?! Holy crap, man! How does she remember all those?!
Okay, that is badass. Think you could teach Pokabu how to do that? [Gold; Sure! I think Pokabu could learn it, possibly even master it! ^^]
^Sweetness! That would be awesome!
That's amazing.
^*smacks* Don't call Gold a liar! [7; Why not, bitch? You got a crush on him?] Well, yeah! That's why I'm here!
"Chewie, use Quick Attack!" Chewie shakes off the spit on his back, and chases after Huā, who retreated to the other side of the field while Chewie was stunned. "Ready? Now attack!" Chewie hops onto a rock, then leaps up and dives at Huā.
"Huā, stop him with Vine Whip!" Cilan commands. Vines shoot out of Huā's head, and they wrap around Chewie's body, stopping him in midair.
"Good, now use ThunderShock!" Smiling, Chewie releases the electricity he's been storing in his cheeks since he started charging at Huā. The electric currents travel down the vines, and Huā tries to get rid of them by loosening the vines. Chewie hops away from Huā as he's released, and Huā falls to his knees as the electricity hits him.
"Huā!" Cilan calls, inching towards the battle field.
"Huā can no longer battle! Victory goes to the challenger!" Cyndi announces, holding her hand up toward Red. Cilan runs to his Pokémon, cradling him in his arms.
Great job, Red!
You go, man!
I knew you could do it!
Ooh, I can't wait to get my hands on one of those!
^Yeah, you can't. ;3 [5; I- I didn't mean it like that! ˃///o///˂]
^Jeez, Shichi, get your mind out of the gutter. [6; MAKE ME.] That's your new catch phrase, isn't it? [6; YES.]
"Whoo! Go Red!" you cheer.
"Nice job, man!" Blue calls.
"I knew you could do it, bro!" Gold yells. Red starts to give him a dirty look, then glances at you, sighs, and sends a small smile back at his brother.
Derek leads Red back to your group as Cilan leaves with his Pokémon, then takes Gold down for his Gym battle.
"Good luck!" you tell him.
"Yeah, man, do your best!" Blue adds.
"Good luck…" Red mutters after you step on his foot.
The blue-haired waiter from earlier steps out onto the field, going over to shake Gold's hand before walking to his place on the field.
"My name is Cress." he informs Gold, giving a small bow, then sweeping his hair back to get a better look at his opponent before it falls back into place. "And this," he sweeps his hand to show his Panpour, who has suddenly appeared at his feet, "is Shuĭ, my Panpour. She will be battling your Fire-Type Pokémon."
"All right! I love a challenge! Ready, Magmarashi?"
"As I'll ever be!" She smiles at Gold, then runs out onto the field to meet Shuĭ at the center. "Good luck." she says, holding our her paw. Shuĭ shakes it.
"Same to you. But don't think I'll hold back." She smiles evilly.
"Good. I wasn't planning to, either." Her smile is more mischievous.
They both hop back as Cyndi announces the rules of the battle.
"I think this is the first time I've ever seen Gold battle." you say, leaning excitedly against the railing. Pokabu nods, sitting on the railing next to you.
"I haven't seen him battle either - not since he left Pallet Town." Blue says, leaning against the railing on your other side.
I find that hard to believe.
^Well, Gold DID leave a long time ago… He probably didn't even have Magmarashi yet.
^Huh? You mean Mags wasn't his starter?
^Maybe not. He might've started with a Kanto starter, then taken it off his team once he reached Johto.
^It might've been sooner than that. Elm might've run into him somewhere in Kanto and given him Mags.
^Or maybe Oak asked Elm if Gold could have a Johto starter to start his adventure with! =D
^Guys, this is all just speculation. Let's just get to the actual battle! [All; Right!]
"Mags, use Quick Attack!" Gold yells. She shifts her weight to her hind legs, then propels herself forward.
"Shuĭ, Double Team!" Cress commands. Copies of the Water Pokémon span out on either side of her, then all jump up at once, mixing themselves up in mid-air before landing in a circle around their opponent.
"Smoke Screen!" The flames on Mags' back and head turn off, and smoke pours out of the spots they came out of. The Panpour cough, disoriented, as they look around for their target. "Now!" Mags hops in the air, her flames re-igniting, and summersaults into a wheel. She barrels through the horde of Panpour, knocking them down like pins in a bowling alley.
Dang, Gold is GOOD!
Go Mags!
Ha-ha, Mags RULES!
Go Fire-Types!
Awesome job!
You go, girl!
Yaay generic encouragement blah, blah, blah… [1; *smacks* Just shut up and play along!] Woo…
"So why didn't you go with him when he left?" Blue looks over at you curiously. "Gold, I mean." you say.
"I was worried about Red. And besides, Gold asked me to look after him while he was gone."
"Wow… Gold's… a really great guy, huh?" you breathe. An odd look takes over Blue's face for a moment, then he changes the subject back to the fight.
"Mags is a good fighter, huh?" he says, pointing to where Mags is looking around for her opponent.
"Nice try!" Cress says as the real Shuĭ hops out from behind the rock she's been hiding behind since she sent her clones after Mags. "Shuĭ, Aqua Tail!"
"Swift!" Mags hops into the air and spins, firing glowing stars at the oncoming Panpour. Shuĭ dodges, then leaps into the air herself, twirling to smack Mags with her tail as she covers it with water. Mags hops back at the last second, causing her opponent to miss and hit the ground instead, and blasts Shuĭ with another round of Swift, this time from her mouth.
The attack sends Shuĭ flying, landing hard against a rock. She slumps, panting hard as she tries to catch her breath.
"Shuĭ is unable to battle! Victory goes to the challenger!" Cyndi announces.
"Damn…" Cress curses, walking over to check on his Pokémon. Gold runs over to high-five Mags. "Congratulations, Gold. You are the first to beat the strongest of our trio in a long time." He reaches to shake Gold's hand as Cyndi comes over with the box from before. "Take this badge as a symbol of your victory." Cress opens the box and hands the badge to him.
"Awesome!" Gold yells, holding his new badge high in the air.
Great job, Gold!
Yeah, man, that was an awesome battle!
Go, Gold!
Congrats, man!
Ha-ha, I knew you could do it! ^^
Awesome job!
Yeah! Go Gold! You rule, man!
Well THAT was a piece of cake! Ooh, I can't WAIT to get down there!
You all applaud and cheer as he's led back up to your balcony.
"C-congrats, Gold." Red says shyly after you give him a shove towards Gold.
"Thanks, bro." Gold grins at him, then sends a small grateful smile your way.
"Blue, you're up next." Derek informs him, ready to lead him down to the field. Blue nods and follows.
You glance down at where Cress is exiting the field, and catch him staring at you, sizing you up.
"Looks like I'm last…" you breathe. "I can’t wait." You grin, gripping the railing tightly.
"Hola! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Hello, Challenger!" The red-haired man from earlier speeds across the field, spinning around at the other side to grin at Blue. "Gym Leader Chili at your service! I specialize in Fire-Types! This is my Pokémon, Bŕo!" A Pansear lands on his head, then hops to the field with a flip.
"That's great! I'm planning on evolving my Eevee into a Fire-Type." Blue says as Booster runs out onto the field.
"Sweet! Then as one Fire-Type Trainer to a future one, let's have a great battle!"
"Begin!" Cyndi shouts after announcing the rules again.
"You can have the first attack!" Chili says.
"Thanks! Booster, Sand-Attack!" Booster sweeps up dust with its tail and throws it at Bŕo. It hits him in the face, and the Fire Pokémon pauses to rub the dust out of his eyes. "Tackle!" Booster rams into Bŕo, slamming him into a rock.
"Bŕo! You know what to do!" Booster's eyes widen at the glow coming from Bŕo's hand. "Fire Punch!" Booster is sent flying as Bŕo punches him in the gut.
"Damn!" Booster spits, wiping his mouth with his paw.
"Use Growl!" Booster grits his teeth, letting out a fearsome growl.
"Ooh! I have just the thing to counter that! Bŕo, Work Up!" The Pansear glows red after meditating a moment, and begins stalking towards Booster. "Now! Fire Spin!" Bŕo hops in the air and spins, flames lighting up his body as he speeds toward Booster.
"Booster, dodge!" Booster leaps into the air, but so does Bŕo and they collide, causing them to both fly away from each other, Booster gasping for breath. "You okay?" Blue asks worriedly. Booster looks at his Trainer and nods, standing. "Okay, then. Use Tackle!" Booster runs at Bŕo, his ears flat against his head and a determined look in his face.
"Bŕo, counter with Fire Punch!" Chili commands, pumping his fist into the air. Bŕo smirks as his paws glow silvery-white.
"Do it, Booster!" Booster dons a smirk of his own, jumping and spinning in the air to land a Tail Whip. After he lands, he starts a series of spins as he continues a chain of Tail Whips. Bŕo tries to dodge, but Booster's too fast.
"Yeah! Go Jolly Natures!" Gold cheers.
"What?" you ask.
"Booster has a Jolly Nature, so he's naturally pretty fast." Red explains.
"Cool!" You grin, leaning over the railing. "Go, Booster!"
"All right, I think we've lowered his Defense enough, Booster!" Blue calls. "Let's finish this! Tackle!" Booster leans back on his hind legs for a moment, then charges into Bŕo, knocking the breath out of him.
"Bŕo is unable to battle! Victory goes to the Challenger!"
Nice job, Blue!
Dude, that was a lot better than your fight against Surge! *mutter* Not like we've actually SEEN it or anyth- [Ra; *smacks* SILENCE!]
Yeah! You da man, Blue!
Okay, that was cool.
Dude, you're amazing!
Awesome job!
Wow... That was amazing…
I knew you could do it!
"Go, Blue!" Gold cheers.
"That was way better than your battle against Lt. Surge!" you laugh.
"Nice job, Blue!" Chili congratulates him, meeting him at the center of the field. "You managed to beat me with only one damage-dealing attack! What do you say we have a rematch once your Eevee's evolved and learned some Fire moves?"
"Sounds like a plan." Blue says, shaking his hand. Cyndi appears with the Badge box, and Chili hands one to Blue.
"You've earned this, Blue! Good luck training your Fire Pokémon! They can be a handful!"
"Thanks." Blue smiles at the Gym Leader, then returns to the balcony as Chili goes to rest his Pokémon.
"Looks like I'm up!" you say excitedly, skipping over to stand by Derek.
Yes! Finally!
Time to kick some Unova ass!
Come on, Pokabu, let's go beat Cress DOWN!
All right, time to fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Yeah! Let's kick some ass!
^Guys, slow down! There's no guarantee we'll win!
^Of course we will! We're the main character! The main character never loses! NEVER! [7; Isn't that what you said last time?] I, er… [7; And also; ASH LOSES ON A REGULAR BASIS. He lost to Lenora, he keeps losing to Trip, AND HE CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER HOW TO CATCH A FUCKING PIDOVE!!!] O.O Point taken. And I must say it's nice to hear you swear for once, Godek. ^^ [7; What?] Yeah! You just said 'fuck' not ten seconds ago! [7; O///O I… I didn't mean it! What I meant was… that is… Waaaahh!!!! DX] Hey guys! I made her head explode! =D
"Crystal." You look with surprise to Gold, whose tone and expression are like none you've ever seen in him before. "Be careful. Cress is tough. It may not have looked that way from how quickly I beat him, but that's only because Mags and I have had years of experience against people much tougher than him. He's a lot stronger than Lt. Surge, and he also has a Type advantage against you. Just… Make sure you know when it's time to retreat." You nod solemnly.
"I will." you promise, then turn to Pokabu. "Ready, buddy?" He takes a deep breath.
"Yeah." He hops into your arms, and you follow Derek down onto the field.
As you step into your place on the field, you can feel your heart beating rapidly. Being there on the field, just seconds away from your first Gym battle in Unova… it's exhilarating. For some reason the excitement of the challenge didn't really sink in during your battle with Lt. Surge. But now… Your blood is pumping, your brain is whizzing through thousands of battle combinations, and part of you wants to run onto the field and be a part of the fray.
"Crystal, hm?" You jump a little as Cress walks past you. "We don't usually get female challengers; girls usually just come to eat and stare at us. I must say this is a refreshing change. In fact, this day is full of surprises. Never before have me and my brothers all been defeated in a row."
"Let's see if we can keep that losing streak going." You smirk at him.
"Hmph. We'll see. Shuĭ." The Panpour appears out of her Poké Ball next to her trainer.
"Ready to fight!" she announces, looking around for her opponent.
"All right, Pokabu, let's show 'em what we're made of!"
"This is a one-on-one-"
"Yeah, Cyndi, we get it!" you groan. "Can we get on with the battle already?"
"You shouldn't be so quick to rush things, Crystal. This won't be your typical battle." Cress narrows his eyes at you.
"I hope not." You smile devilishly.
"Double Team!" Cress says right away. Copies of Shuĭ spread out on either side of her. You smirk.
"Pokabu, Odor Sleuth!" He starts charging up the attack. But as he gets ready to fire-
Your hands fly to cover your mouth as you watch Pokabu land hard on the ground.
Shuĭ lands, the water around her tail going back into the tuft on her head.
"Water Gun." Cress commands coldly.
"Gah!" Pokabu coughs as he's propelled another few feet across the ground.
"Pokabu! Get up! Please!" you plead, holding on tightly to your locket and trying to keep yourself from running onto the field.
Finally he staggers to his feet, breathing heavily as he does so. "Okay… Let's do Flame Charge." He scrapes the ground with his foot for a moment before flames engulf his body.
"Shuĭ." She nods at her trainer's command.
Shuĭ leaps into the air, dodging Pokabu's attack, and your eyes widen as water starts to cover her tail.
"Pokabu, look out!" you yell, trying your hardest not to run out onto the field.
Shuĭ flips, bringing her tail down to crash into Pokabu.
^O.O Wow. You were right, Rokura. [1; Of course I was fucking right! They're the fucking PLOT FAERIES! What did you think was gonna happen if you pissed them off like that?!]
^Calm down, Rokura. I'm sure everything will be- [1; No! It's not gonna be all right 'CAUSE YOU PISSED OFF THE PLOT FAERIES.]
Yeah, we're totally screwed.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!
We're up shit creek without a paddle, aren't we?
^Yup. [1; I told you! I told ALL of you, but none of you listened! None of you EVER listen to me!]
^I- I listen… [1; Shut up, Godek, I'm in the middle of a rant.] Uh… okay… ^^''

Chapter 16
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