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Author: HatedLove6
Tags: ohshc, ouran high school host club, kyoya otori, kyoya, kyouya, otori, ootori, ohtori, oc, fc, kyoyaxoc, one-shot, oneshot, one shot
Content Rating: T-13
Summary: If I win, I get the easel, and you‘ll be my slave until I graduate college. — K.O. And if you give up, my identity, for as far as you got, remains unknown. Deal? — o02o22o10o Let the game begin. — K.O Kyoya x OC

What Ghatrows Dorm do you belong in?
Author: MusicEmo
Tags: Ghatrows, Ghatrows Wizardry University, dorm, personality quiz
Content Rating: GA
Summary: This is actually for a group I founded on DeviantART, but anyone can take it!

Can he understand love?- 02
Author: Salya
Tags: Final Fantasy 7, FF7AC, Yazoo, Kadaj, Cloud
Content Rating: T-16
Summary: ...

Can he understand love?
Author: Salya
Tags: Final Fantasy 7, FF7AC, Yazoo, Kadaj, Cloud
Content Rating: T-16
Summary: He's a clone of Sephiroth. She's a girl that was sortof raised by Sephiroth. He fights Cloud. She lives with Cloud. He dead once but 'Mother' sent him back with one of his brothers. She works with Tifa and helps Leena.
Two different kind of people... pulled together by one person?
What with happen with those two ?

Wishing...doesnt work...with Saints..
Author: Salya
Tags: Saint Seiya, Saga, Kanon, Gemini, m/f/m
Content Rating: T-16
Summary: Alemia noticed things changed after Saga's twin brother 'disappeared'. She didn't ask anything yet when the Gemini Saint disappeared, she knew what was happening... blah. This is my first Saint Seiya fanfic. So things are going to be 'wrong' which I don't care. Pairings are Saga/OC/Kanon. Rated higher then pg-13 because of Saga and Kanon's mouths. lol