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Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines

Postby FirefuryAmahira » Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:24 pm

Rules and Guidelines

The following rules are absolute and are non-negotiable and apply to both the site and the forums.
  1. You must be 13 or older to use the site, regardless of parental consent.
    1. This is because we must comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Collecting identifying information from children under the age of 13 requires verifiable parental consent and we do not have the facilities to do so.
  2. Flaming, trolling, bullying, or otherwise harassing people is not allowed.
    1. There is a big difference between saying “you suck” and “your story sucks.” Don’t be hypersensitive to criticism and if a rude comment is left on your work you are more than capable of removing it.
    2. Bullying is a consistent pattern of negative behavior by one or more persons. In addition, there is a difference between rudeness and bullying. “You suck, your writing is crap” as a one time remark is rude. Repeated remarks are harassment. “You suck, your writing is crap, I hope you get hit by a car and die” is bullying behavior.
  3. Threats of criminal activity, violence, and death will not be tolerated. Neither will encouragement of suicide. Violators will be reported to the relevant authorities.
  4. Summaries must be written at a content rating of T-13 or lower.
  5. Homepages must be T-13.
  6. Forum posts must be kept T-13.
  7. Passwords for EX rated content must not be displayed in the title or summary of said work.
  8. Works written in chatspeak are prohibited.
    1. The only exception would be if characters in said work were using chatspeak to communicate.
  9. Graphic descriptions of non-consensual sexual acts and/or of sexual acts involving minors are not allowed under any circumstances.
    1. For the purposes of this site, a minor is anyone under the age of 18.
  10. Disclaimers are required for all fan works. Specifically, works featuring real people must be disclaimed as being wholly fictional while other works must disclaim who owns the original work.
  11. “Aging up” of characters that are typically portrayed as underage is allowed, but a notice must be in the Author’s Notes/Disclaimer section that says characters have been aged up.
      Ex) Jane Doe is 22 years old in this story.
  12. Pornographic images and video are not allowed. You may not post or link to such material.
  13. Chain letters and spam are not allowed.
    1. Ex) Forward this message to all your friends or your hair will fall out in three days!
  14. Circumventing of the site’s security is not allowed. This includes trying to remove the top menu that appears above all user generated content.
  15. Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to restrict user access for things not necessarily covered in these rules. Please see the Terms of Service for more detail.

The following rules are specific to the forums, and are an expansion on the rules listed above.
  1. Don't spam the forums.
    1. Posts containing only a bunch of emoticons or images.
    2. Posts or forum signature lines containing massive or excessive images.
      1. Images posted in the forum should generally not exceed approximately 900 pixels tall and 900 pixels wide.
      2. Images in signature lines should be kept smaller than that. Recommended maximum for images in signatures is approximately 200 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide.
    3. A one-word post to "bump" a topic. Don't post unless you are adding something new.
      1. The various "Shameless Promotion" subforums are exempt from this.
    4. A one-word post to "tag" a topic. You can easily find every single topic you've posted in using the View your posts link up at the top of the page.
    5. A post containing product advertisements. Accounts found to be posting ads will be deleted outright.
    6. A post containing a block of text copy-and-pasted from elsewhere ("copypasta") and no commentary by the user. (This can also fall under plagiarism, if the text is a story or article and no credit is given to the original source.)
    7. A post that clearly has nothing to do with the topic of discussion. Ex) A post about how much you like a TV show in a topic about favorite foods.
    8. NOTE: The rules about one-liner posts and such are slightly more lax in the Forum Games and Silliness section.
  2. Content in forum posts need to be kept at a rating of T-13 or lower.
    1. This is because unlike entry content, we do not have a viable means of password-protecting specific sections of the forum to prevent minors from seeing it.
  3. Under no circumstances should you impersonate a moderator. The penalties are stiff if you are caught doing so.
    1. Account usernames deemed to be an attempt at mimicking a moderator account will be removed.
    2. A less-obvious form of this is "mods-as-weapons." Ex) "If you don't do x I'm gonna tell a mod!" If you've found a rules violation, don't threaten to tell a mod; just file a report and let the mods deal with it.
    3. Implying that you are a mod or have a buddy who is a mod that will do something if you ask counts as mods-as-weapons.

The following guidelines are here to help you, but you are not required to adhere to them.
  1. Try to avoid using large quantities of punctuation and/or symbols in your titles. Many readers do not find it appealing.
  2. Try to avoid making a clashing layout. The easier your work is to read, the more likely people will actually read it.
      Ex) Neon yellow text on a neon green background is very hard on the eyes.
  3. Decent grammar/spelling/punctuation and formatting will make your work easier to read.
    1. Ex) Double space between paragraphs or indent them to avoid creating a huge wall of text.
  4. People will typically take a well thought out and constructive criticism that offers advice for improving far better than they will take a series of negative remarks only.
    1. Ex) “Your writing sucks, you should stop” is not only rude, but does not inspire change or improvement.
    2. Ex) “Your character development is lacking. I think you should have Jane and John interact with each other more before they decide they are in love” is much more helpful!

These rules are subject to change without prior notification. However, all it really comes down to is "play nice" and "don't be a jerk."
~Firefury Amahira
~Commander-in-Chief of the Forum Defense Forces

"Violence is the last resort of the intelligent, and the first resort of the incompetent."

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