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NEW FEATURES: New Search and New Topbar

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:49 am
by OneAmahira
So, you'll notice a few big changes! First is the beta of our new drill-down search. Next is the new topbar menu that appears on your content. It's thinner, simpler, and you can now pick between a dark version and a light version to better match your custom layouts!

Speaking of layouts, we've set default style for work so things look cleaner. It won't affect already published work or change any custom layouts you've already done. We've also switched the entire site's main font from Arial to Verdana because we think it's easier to read.

So how does the new search work?

There are 2 sections: the filters (tags, ratings, etc) and the list ofentries. As you make change your filters, the entry list will refresh.

Let say you want to read a Yu Yu Hakusho fic that is rated GA to T-16. you can uncheck "EX" and that will remove all the EX rated entries. Then you can either scroll down the tag list and find the Yu Yu Hakusho tag and click the plus, or you can start typing Yu Yu in the tag search and it will shrink the tag list to something more manageable.

If at that point, you you want to add another filter, lets say Kurama, you can click the plus next to that tag to filter the entries even more. If your looking at the tag list and decide you don't want the entries to include anything on Hiei, then you click the minus next to the Hiei in the tag list to add that tag to the Exclusions.

At any point, you can remove a filter by clicking the minus in the filters you are using so if I want to remove Kurama, click the minus and that will remove the tag and refresh the list.

It'll make more sense once you start messing around with it. Let us know if you have any problems with the new search or topbar menu. It's best if you tell us what you were doing when the error happened, tell us any error codes that pop up, and/or include screen captures!